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  1. lppd4

    Ron Avery

    I had the privilege of taking several classes from Ron over the span of the last 20 years. I still use techniques he taught me and teach the same stuff to our officers today. He was one helluva instructor that broke things down so that it would be impossible not to understand his reasoning behind his theory. Even if you couldn't pull off the exercise you came away knowing what you needed to work on to accomplish the task. Ron was also a friend/adjunct instructor for the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. It was easy to see his enthusiasm and his passion for the shooting disciplines when you were around him. I have been to many shooting based courses over my 36+ years in Law Enforcement but his classes were at the top of the list. The guy could just flat shoot like few on this planet can. I took a 1911 class from him at the Houston police departments range many years ago, he put a paster on a target stood about 10 yards away, drew and fired a shot and hit the paster at just under 1 second. Then he faced up range and on the beep, spun around drew his pistol, fired and put another shot on the paster at 1.01. He certainly had our attention now. He also did it with a borrowed gun. RIP Ron you will be missed my friend
  2. Looking for a new red dot for my AR and have narrowed my choice to a trijicon MRO or an Aimpoint Pro. What are your thoughts? price point between the two is not significant
  3. Unless money is no object I would look at a CRP pistol from Dawson or look at an STI from Brazos. Either one will take to you the top level if you are capable. https://dawsonprecision.com/sti-2011-edge-40-s-w-competition-ready-pistol-hard-chrome-finish/ http://www.brazoscustom.com/Home.htm
  4. Beau enjoying some time around the pool
  5. Why did you go to a non SV? Great looking FGW
  6. I have 45's, 40's and a 9mm, the only pistols that will eject a partial mag reliably are my 45's. I have heard it said by several well known gun guys that you give up reliability if you have anything other than a 5" gun in 45acp. My guns run and are very accurate but occasionally I need to eject a partial mag and usually have to pull it out by hand. I think the issue stems from the cartridges easing forward in the magazine and hanging on the feed ramp. This is the main reason I prefer 45's. Would be interested to know if anyone else experiences the same the thing a recommendation for a cure
  7. A Baer premier II is a pretty good buy. The only thing I don't like is the 30LPI frontstrap checkering. But add a magwell and it would be good to go
  8. I bought a brand new edge in 2000. Had feeding issues, I took it to a local guy and he lowered the barrel into the frame and that gun ran with anything I put in it. I also had other work done to it. Blended the beavertail better, serrated the rear of the slide at 40 LPI, new hammer and the trigger lightened up, STI magwell and a hard chrome job. That gun shot way better than I could. I'm sure it was capable of a national championship if I could do my part. Sold it about 2 years ago and bought a basically new ground up build on an SV frame from a friend. The guy I sold it too has had 0 issues with it. STI makes great guns and their customer service is also great.
  9. We made 3 shooting boxes and set them up in a triangular array such as 2 at 7 yards 10 yards apart then 1 at 10 yards between the 2. We would set 1 target basically in front of the 10 yard Box at the beep 2 shots from each box. You can vary the start box, the direction you go etc. I don't know if it helped us but it certainly didn't hurt us. We focused on getting out of a box and being ready to shoot as soon as possible upon entry into the next box. Of course your shots had to be there also.
  10. Received a package in the mail yesterday, curious because I hadn't ordered anything. Opened the box and Winchester had sent me a brand new butt stock. They told me they would put me on a waiting list in April and they delivered. Great customer service from Winchester new fore end was already installed so I have a like new shotgun that is no longer sticky.
  11. You have to give us details. Who built it? parts used etc.
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