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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Very helpful! I have just ordered an EGW tungsten guide rod along with a PT Evo grip.
  2. I manufacture jewelry, I enjoy challenging projects. As this is bigger in Phillipenes, its only done here by a few and the data is limited. Im familiar with sleeving, tapered and straight, curious if there are more companies offering this build.
  3. Does anyone besides Akai and Limcat make tungsten Barrels? Can I acquire on without buyig a custom gun?
  4. @PatriotDefense great work guys, never understood why no love for he stock 3, i like a longer barrel
  5. Thanks for everyone help and schematics etc... Did a tear down and minor polish. Replacing the trigger spring was a major pain and we ruined it, another is on order with a Flat trigger, Ill get some pics next time.
  6. Thanks guys...I have my eye on a used Edge, should close the deal this week hopefully. Sub 1500 rds sounds like a low count to me. Once I get her, fingers crossed, I will report back then see about tuning.
  7. Im about to move my Glock 17 CO gun to fund this move, this news is great to hear. Looking forward to a heavy gun and going back to iron sights
  8. I had it happen in a match and almost got DQ'd for a ND, I actually have a video of it doing it. I have the stock connector in now and it works flawlessly. Before me polishing it to death, it worked great.
  9. Did you polish the Zev connector, i overpolished mine and had the same issue.
  10. What a gorgeous piece, if I had the extra coin id be calling Adam.
  11. Thanks man, I know hes itching to order that Henning!! Hopefully he will get up to my shop so we can do a tear down soon.
  12. Not a big fan of those barrels, when I changed to my Bar-Sto barrel it was dead nuts on, hands down the best mod ive ever made.
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