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  1. @RAP @HesedTech Thanks for your replies. I am using a Dillon 1050, loads shoot with no issues out of a PO-7, Shadow 2 and a SP 01, only those 4 out of my Tanfoglio. I have 250 Flat Nose left that I was able to plunk/tight spin at 1.11 which surprised me, but they are snug Im not gonna lie. I may try those today, or look for a different manufacturer.
  2. 147grRN BB 3.4grTG CCI 1.09 OAL Shadow 2 Tanfo Limited My buddy and I shot our very first loads in a match. Were were blown away at how accurate and soft the rounds were. We made about 200 rounds and all shot flawlessly, except for about 4 total rounds. Only out of my Tanfoglio Limited, I had 4 total rounds that had a slight tumble, 2 in practice and 2 in last nights match. I was going to lower our powder but worried about the bullet not stabilizing. Any feedback?
  3. its the baddest gun I own, selling my 2011 and looking for a second upper for my Tan Limited
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Very helpful! I have just ordered an EGW tungsten guide rod along with a PT Evo grip.
  5. I manufacture jewelry, I enjoy challenging projects. As this is bigger in Phillipenes, its only done here by a few and the data is limited. Im familiar with sleeving, tapered and straight, curious if there are more companies offering this build.
  6. Does anyone besides Akai and Limcat make tungsten Barrels? Can I acquire on without buyig a custom gun?
  7. Def user error, now i see why the tool less guide rod is popular, good to go now thanks guys
  8. Just did a trigger job on my STI Edge 40 CRP, it came out super crisp. I bought it lightly used, and shot it once before opening her up, id say it has 700rds thru it. After reassembling I noticed the guide rod would not stay seated on the barrel lugs, consistently, now it wont stay seated at all. I was contemplating getting a tungsten guide rod to add some front end weight, but dont want to mask a problem. Ill add some detailed pics later. Any thoughts? J Wade
  9. I have the gun pretty slick, per your tips on other threads thanks for that, running a 6# was way too slow and didnt feel right and gave me 2 FTF, 8# has been perfect running factory ammo.
  10. Just got an Edge, going thru this whole metal grip predicament as well, leaning towards PT.
  11. Just picked up a Dillon 1050, Titegroup, CCI primers and 147gr blue bullets. Need a 9mm minor load for USPSA Limited. Does anyone have a good load for their Limiteds that's soft and accurate?
  12. LDC and Slab mono look front, I love the fat square look.
  13. was way too slow for me, upped it to an 8lb and its working well Thanks, I wish i had a whole top end in .40 for this gun, but thats what I have an STI EDGE for
  14. @MemphisMechanic thanks, oh and thanks for your tuning tutorials as well man, my Tan Limited is running so nice
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