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  1. SMSI

    SIG 365

    What are the best holsters? inside and out.
  2. Thanks. I guess I need to re-set the swager and learn how to take the priming system apart. There is a lot of small primer 45 brass out there.
  3. What is the most effective efficient procedure when a primer is smashed (or something just doesn't feel right) in a 1050? especially when a small primer 45 case gets thru and the primer is stuck in halfway and prevents rotation of the plate. Assuming the primer has not ignited at this point. I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but I cant find it. Thanks. the more detail and pics the better. I am new at this.
  4. what single stack pouches are available bullet-out?
  5. what is the best for replacing front and rear sights on a 25-2? front base is a spring load weigland. front blade and rear sight are broken. something simple - I'm, no gunsmith.
  6. thnx! more suggestions welcome, in case that aint it.
  7. single stack 9mm custom gun. new or nearly new mags. both wilson and Dawson. magwell is a new Ice. using both no-gap insert with no-gap mags, and using the regular insert with other mag pads. sticking occurs only after ejecting a round and then slide lock. the empty mags dont always stick but usually do. they stick at the top - not at the magwell. very tight stick. it seems the ejection of the round or casing and then the slide lock pull the mag body up and into the top of the gun, but I am not sure about this. thanks for input.
  8. What is the new hot ticket for SS competition holsters? If there is such a thing. Uspsa and/or idpa.
  9. SMSI

    New reloader

    What bullets, primers and powder for 45 SS? And what powder charge? Want to make major but not much more. 1911 5". I do not intend to use uncounted lead. Otherwise I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks!
  10. Other than the STI DVC classic, what are the top custom, semi-custom or very high quality single stack pistols for competition? Major only - 45 and 40.
  11. new to the FART, but I like it so far. Question: can you just let the pins air dry in a plastic box? they take up a large area if you spread them out on a towel to dry and it takes a long time. Hint: dont tumble different calibers together. My first test run was a bunch of assorted brass of various calibers. the different sizes insert themselves into each other like drunken teenagers and have to be pulled apart manually to get the pins and water out.
  12. 223 from Atlanta Arms is on backorder. any suggestions for loaded practice ammo?
  13. Armeggedon Gear makes a great arm board. the marker is water tight, but wipes off easily with an alcohol wipe (readily available at any drug store). so you can easily clear the board for each stage.
  14. I may try Lucas. a friend of mine is sponsered by them. however, my real problem is with the solvent cleaners, not so much the lube. Break free does not bother me much, but I cant stand Kroil or Hoppes #9 anymore. so I might stick with the Frog lube cleaners until I run out, anyway. Any comments on using a non-petrol natural cleaner with a petrol based lube?
  15. I am getting the tacky/sluggishness on my pistols and Benelli shotgun with Froglube. no problem on rifles. however, I am very sensitive to at least some petrochemicals (such as hoppes #9 and Kroil). What are the other non-petrol choices?
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