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  1. Does anyone other than Briley make a Benelli mag tube extension with matching camo finish?
  2. I use a 9# in my custom STI 5" (same as Eagle). I shoot either Federal AE 115 or Atlanta Arms 115
  3. Unfortunately they now say "out of stock - no backorder"
  4. Been trying to stock up for the upcoming 3-gun season and I have everything I need except slugs...anybody have a source ?
  5. I have used Federal Gold Medal Match in the past - 168 gr out to 600 yards and 175 gr at 1000. I haven't done much precision rifle work for a while but just picked up a new bolt rifle. I have tried some Hornady TAP FPD (168 gr A-Max bullet and Nickel plated case) and I'm getting true 1 MOA at 200 yards with it. I have "heard" that the nickel case TAP is not as accurate as the brass cased ammo. Anyone with comparative experience between the TAP FPD and the Hornady Match Ammo with either the 168 gr A-Max or the 168 gr HPBT? I'm hoping for 1/2 MOA without resorting to reloading. I'm likeing the A
  6. Explain your situation to your Doctor and Physical Therapist and then do EXACTLY what they tell you to do - no more, no less. They will tell you when it's OK.
  7. I used a Nowlin barrel in an almost identical build in 40 cal about 10 years ago. They make fine barrels and I loved that gun too. The KKM has emerged as the most accurate 9mm barrel around today and that was why I used it. Others are plenty accurate, I just wanted all I could get.
  8. You will be unbeleivably happy with your project! I chose the std frame for my 9mm ESP/3-gun pistol build. If you haven't already chosen all your parts, may I suggest: KKM .355 bushing barrel chambered for 9x19 Ed Brown bushing, grip safety and wide ambi thumb safety - all stainless Wilson Bullet Proof slide stop and pin/spring set - all stainless Colt stainless 9mm extractor Dawson Precision adjustable rear and .100 wide fiber optic front sights C&S fire control group Dawson Tuned mags with spacers Grip color and configuration that suits you. I like to show off a bit Hard Chro
  9. I don't shoot the 627 but when I had a 610 I used 40S&W instead of 10mm even though I loaded then and could have loaded both to the same PF. Reasons: 40 was shorter so easier to positively eject and the shorter case has less volume (closer to full when loaded) to cause potentially erratic pressures with light loads. I also feel the shorter round is easier to load into the cylinder.
  10. There's a difference between "legal" and "allowed"...Even at a local match it is still "illegal" (against the rules) but many local clubs will "allow" someone to participate with what they have, as long as it is safe, until they decide they want to really compete.
  11. If this is a non-sanctioned club match then the local club can handle it pretty much as they wish. If this is a sanctioned or "official" IDPA match then the shooter is warned about illegal equipment or equipment placement. If they persist after warning it is a Failure to do Right or FTDR and another warning. If they still persist, or in this case if the appendix carry position causes them to sweep themselves or others during the draw, then it is a match DQ and probably an invitation to not come back. There is usually a good reason for rules but even if the reason is just "that's the rule" yo
  12. OK...so this Grasshopper walks in a bar and the bartender says "Hey, we have a drink named after you." and the grasshopper says "You have a drink named Bob?" So that's why I named it Bob
  13. The Apex requires the older style sear which requires fitting. If you currently have MIM parts you will need the "kit" from APEX with the sear, pins and springs required for installation. It's not expensive at all.
  14. I sometimes have this trouble after a reload. I notice you said you are moving while holding the gun strong hand only which is also how I do it when moving more than just a step or two. I believe my problem is I am failing to re-establish a proper grip after removing my weak hand for the reload. I get a good grip out of the holster but fail sometimes to establish the same grip after the reload.
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