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  1. My buddy has a similar program on his phone. You mound a laser on your tac trail and once the buzzer goes off, you pull the trigger. After you do this 4-5 times, you look at your phone and see where the little dots are on the bullseye. This is suppose to help you train to pull the trigger straight back to the rear.
  2. Wow. I just dropped this in my rifle about 3 days ago! Lol I haven’t had the chance to shoot it yet. (Headed to the range probably tomorrow ) but I will give you feed back once I do. Just dryfiring it feels AWEXOME! I had a Timney in it, which is a great trigger, but my buddy won this as a door prize and didn’t want it. This trigger has zero creep in it. I don’t have a trigger gauge but if I had to guess it’s 1.5 pounds to set this off. im working up some loads for this rifle for 3G and will give you a report back by the end of the weekend
  3. I’m with sarge. It’s my understanding that you want to “race” in USPSA. guns are made heavier and hold more rounds than a “carry division” would hold. The division you’re talking about seems a lot like BUG in idpa. I also agree with sarge that there’s at least 1, possibly 2 divisions in uspsa that should be done away with.
  4. Wait till we get a liberal in office wanting to start banning everything. Lol
  5. I bet that’s real. I sure I’d the gun is really tight but fit properly then it will cycle. I bet the key is proper fit. My buddy built a 2011 and the fit is terrible. The slide to frame fit needs 1k+ rounds just to free up and make it slide better. I bet if his gun was used in this test it would fail.
  6. Elcroless nickel would be a great option. Might be expensive. Why don’t you just leave your mags in a bag with a. Little oils on a patch? That might be a little cheaper
  7. I practice indoors and it’s tough. First and foremost is the noise. Getting fimilaoar right the noise and concussion I’d hard to get comfortable with. Another is footing. I’m worried about slipping on a brass! I’m not a fan of shooting indoors but if it’s cold, you gotta go what you gotta do.
  8. Not sure why you would want to do this. This would hinder you sliding mags in and out of your gun. Don’t forget to wipe them down man! Lol your giving up reliable dropping of the mag either way. If they rust, that’s bad. If you paint them, that’s bad.
  9. I fell on a stage and managed to not drop my gun and keep it pointed in the right direction. I was retreating and hit a patch of grass that was wet. Down I went but managed to keep my gun points down range. I think it’s good to put a “if this happens” in your head just Incase. Obviously the first reaction is to put your arms out and stop your fall but if that means pointing the gun at people, that’s bad. Put a “if this happens” moment in your brain. Can’t hurt.
  10. Perfect. Thanks for the info!
  11. What are you looking for when you “tune” them spring wise?
  12. Gun on the table. Hammer down with mag inserted, laying flat on table, ejection port on X. BOOM. Lol that would be an interesting WSB
  13. I didn’t think about doing that. That’s a great idea!
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