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  1. How do you know if you’ve taken off enough material?
  2. Do you have any other fitting to do with the brazos ejector?
  3. I feel comfortable doing the work myself and am probably gong to go with Dawson precision. Just drift out the old pin to pop the old out and drill a hole for the new pin and ejector right? My my question is this, what are you “fitting” the ejector to? Are you just making sure that the rounds don’t hit the bottom of the ejector when fully seated? Any suggestions would be great.
  4. This is my first time going to LIMITED nationals. Not so much the shooting part but dealing with everything else. I’ll be Shooting an incredibly reliable 2011. I got got the ammo shipment squared away but wanting to learn from others. I know the utah range is dusty dusty so I’m planning on keeping everything covered. Mags in ziplock bags, oil handy etc. what else?
  5. 4.3 of Promo pushing a 180 grain bullet @ 1.175ish usually gets me 170ish PF. Anyone who says they have a “soft” major load is blowing smoke. It’s physics, you have no comp on the gun to direct gasses. Get a powder and stick to it is my advice. Just switched powder cause I got it cheaper but this is my second powder ever used. I’ve been playing the game for almost 5 years and been reloading for 7.
  6. Title says it all. Buddy has one and couldn’t believe how clean it got everything. Wouldn’t mind getting one but don’t want to pay for a name if I can get one from HF for half the price.
  7. Yes it happened once, But I couldn’t recreate it.
  8. I’m able to move the safety into the safe position when the hammer isn’t cocked back. Any idea what the issue is? Gun is 3 years old with thousands of rounds thru it. This is not an Atlas issue. Something is worn and needs replacing.
  9. I need a stiff or incredibly strong safety plunger spring. My hand and keeps bumping the safety up just enough to lock the gun up. It’s been 3+ years since I changed the spring so I’m pretty sure it’s shot. Been searching around and haven’t seen one.
  10. I shot an edge for about a year and loved it. Then I got a steel framed high emend gun and I noticed a big difference for the better. I kept my edge for my back up and I’m getting ready for area 8 so I checked the zero on my edge just Incase. I did notice a difference but it wasn’t as “ah ha” as it was the first time. I would prefer a steel gun but I also feel I wouldn’t be at any disadvantage shooting a “plastic” gun.
  11. I carry a SW shield that I absolutely love. I started reloading about 4 years ago and I started out loading 9mm. So needless to say I had a lot of cheap range ammo to run thru that gun and it’s never malfunctioned! There’s been times where I’ve played with the loads and not put enough powder in the case so it didn’t cycle all the way but that’s me and not the gun. I compete in limited so it’s the exact opposite of that I carry but I love that little gun. I don’t know how many rounds I’ve put thru it but it’s well into the thousands for sure!
  12. Im not a top GM by any means but I am a limited GM. I’ve always shot with my finger on the trigger guard even before uspsa. I feel it gives me a higher grip and I don’t have to lock my wrists as much to fight recoil. Try it out. It works for me and as of now I don’t intended on going back. If I taught a brand new shooter who knows nothing about shooting, I would show them both ways. I would tell them the pros of both and show them how I hold the gun. Let them decide cause in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it matters. USPSA# A-94001
  13. You must be such a good shooter. I wish you were in my squad.. for life!
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