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  1. Im not a top GM by any means but I am a limited GM. I’ve always shot with my finger on the trigger guard even before uspsa. I feel it gives me a higher grip and I don’t have to lock my wrists as much to fight recoil. Try it out. It works for me and as of now I don’t intended on going back. If I taught a brand new shooter who knows nothing about shooting, I would show them both ways. I would tell them the pros of both and show them how I hold the gun. Let them decide cause in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it matters. USPSA# A-94001
  2. You must be such a good shooter. I wish you were in my squad.. for life!
  3. Training for a major and there’s a lot of “hands on marks” stages. These are at eye level and hands on barrels. As of now I give myself a little pinch on my side so I know where my thumb needs to be to get a proper grip off the draw. I just did some more experimenting and still did this along with making sure my elbow hits my side to properly grip the gun. Whats your PROVEN technique to Insure you don’t miss your grip?
  4. I pride myself on shooting the past 3 matches clean but I was leaving a platform and smoked the hardcover as I was leaving. I saw it and kept going cause it would have been to much to get my fat ass back on a wobbly platform to take a accurate shot. I tried my hardest to block it out and just shoot my sights but I shot 2 more! These were On different stages after I tried to block the first out of my mind! Better mental conditioning is what I gathered from this past Sunday and how to prepare for a first stage MIKE! Don’t let it ruin your day! Shoot when your sights are telling you to and throw a makeup at anything that’s not acceptable.
  5. I know for the past couple matches I’ve spent 200 rounds or so the night before ONLY in match mode. I’ve set up a small stage and started in different positions every time BUT I’ve always shot in match mode. I think this works cause it kinda calms my jitters before the match. Take it for what it’s worth!
  6. IVe been writing down everyday how I am going to perform at my next match and my goals for the upcoming shooting season. I also am a firm believer of AT LEAST 2a days. This way I’m nailing home the process of what it takes to do something correctly every time. Also, if doubt wants To creep in, it’s met with me saying “I’ve put the time in this week and either met or exceeded my dry fire and live fire training. It’s go time.” Then on match day I’m telling myself WHAT IM GOING TO DO. I AM going to call every shot in match mode. IAM going to watch the entire sight picture to ensure speed. I AM going to win today because I AM going to exicute everything perfectly. I’m also a firm believer in not analyzing how I’m doing during s match. I’ve got the entire week to be thinking about that s#!t until next weekends match. This is whats helped me.
  7. I have worn a spot on my slide where my support hand thumb rides the slide. I’m not a fan of nitro fins but a lot of people like them as an index point. I also grip over the trigger guard because I can get a little higher on the gun think. Grip the gun as hard as you can with both hands. Trigger finger hand go 95% strength on. If anyone says otherwise, run and here’s how you know they are full of s#!t. Go to the range and grip the gun as hard as possible and pay attention to how little the sights move. Then do it some other way and you will notice the sights move a lot more when you’re not gripping the gun like you’re trying to break it. Think of gripping the gun like you’re trying to avoid it from recoiling. This will in-turn keep the sights from lifting as high as it could with a weak grip. Watch jerry miculeks video with iraqvwteran8888 on YouTube. Grip as high as possible and hold on as tight as you can.
  8. I would highly suggest to get Steve Anderson’s books and listen to his podcasts
  9. Ah..if i could go back in time to tell my past self some things I would be SO better off. 1. The guy who told me to “go fast on classifiers” I would punch him square in the dick. 2. Dude, just see your sights and let that determine how fast you can go! 3. Go as fast as you can when not shooting. 4. Don’t be such a cheap ass and get training and books from guys who are nationally known. No, not everyone can “teach you” USPSA. “Bill Belichick couldn’t play football, but he’s a hell of a coach!” That’s a load of BS and run when someone tells you that. People have a pedigree and just don’t wake up one day and think they can teach USPSA. Get training from champions. Stoeger, Racaza, Anderson. 5. Get quality gear! Top 5 things I would tell my past self! Made limited GM about a year ago! Be be safe and have fun man!
  10. Ben Stoegers dry and live fire books got me to GM. He really makes the goals seem achievable. Also, “with winning in mind” is a must. Gets your head right for not only practice, but game day. Steve Anderson is legit also.
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