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  1. Now there's a name I didn't expect to see on this thread.. been a while since I've seen Cody, seems like every time he has a show in DFW I'm busy.
  2. A couple questions: 1) What are the weights of the two springs? 2) What are the units of measure on slide travel? It looks like the softer spring had about 5% more travel than the stiffer spring, that might not be enough to affect feeding, but an interesting thing to watch for. edit: using letters for outlining doesn't play nice with emoticons
  3. Awesome thread, as I'm currently looking into building a small-framed open gun as a backup to my Czechmate. Should I decide to go with a Czechmate comp (also considering some of the Witness comps), what is involved in fitting the comp? What about the concealed hammer? My understanding is the TS frame hammer is a bit wider than the 75 frame hammer, what would be involved in getting the concealed hammer to work? Last question I have is the big sticks. Is there anyone out there with a history of welding those up for the small framed mags? What kind of capacity can you expect from the smal
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