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  1. I think so, but I'd need several more fridges to fit all that beer.
  2. There's a post somewhere in this forum that has pictures demonstrating the process, but essentially you need to compress the top of the mags along the ribs where it converts from double to single stacked. As they come from the factory this area is too wide leading to nose dives when the mag's full. I've done it to two of my big sticks and they both work 100% with cz custom guts, 28 rounds reloadable.
  3. For the racker, try the EGW Sidewinder. On my CM, it fit rather tight in the dovetail, no issues with it moving during firing. I have it set up on the left side of the gun and it curves up high enough that there's no concerns with it hitting my hands. Not sure how it would work with a 90 degree mount however, I run the CZ Custom RTS2 mount myself.
  4. Now there's a name I didn't expect to see on this thread.. been a while since I've seen Cody, seems like every time he has a show in DFW I'm busy.
  5. If one division has been completed, it stands: 6.2.6 A match disqualification incurred by a competitor, at any time during a match, will prevent the competitor from further participation in the match including any subsequent attempts in another Division. However, this is not retroactive. Any previous and complete match scores from another Division will be included for recognition and awards in that Division.
  6. http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-NROI-production-gunlist.php It's not on the list yet, but I'd imagine it will be once they've got 2000 units shipped.
  7. The weight difference between the two really isn't noticeable. The main reason I went to the RTS2 was for the reduced height over bore. Initially I was using a sideways mount, but I found myself having to always go left to right on short transitions. I wanted to go with an upright dot so that right to left was as good of an option, and the RTS2 was a good middle ground between both desires.
  8. Here's the EGW racker installed:
  9. I can post one once I get home.
  10. I use the same thumbrest you have and like it. For a racker, I use the EGW sidewinder, it fits right in the dovetail for the rear sight.
  11. jdd817

    CZ TS Orange

    It's not a shim, the thumbrest is a single piece.
  12. jdd817

    CZ TS Orange

    Personally I find the thumb rest a bit small. It's better with the pin vs the slide stop as you can get more meat on it, but I still find my thumb hanging off it. Feels fine in dry fire, live fire is a different story. Have one of these on my czechmate, have one on the way for the TSO. Not 100% sure it will fit in the inset on the frame, and really don't want to take apart my scope on the CM to find out. https://cpwsa.com/collections/pistol-accessories/products/cz-czechmate-and-ts-thumb-rest
  13. jdd817

    CZ TS Orange

    My Orange is a bit loose with the Racemaster I use with my Czechmate. The bottom of the trigger guard is a good deal thinner top-to-bottom on the TSO as compared to the CM.
  14. A couple questions: 1) What are the weights of the two springs? 2) What are the units of measure on slide travel? It looks like the softer spring had about 5% more travel than the stiffer spring, that might not be enough to affect feeding, but an interesting thing to watch for. edit: using letters for outlining doesn't play nice with emoticons
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