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  1. I won't miss the old holster position, but there's not really a lot left differentiating Single Stack from L10. Sure there is, the fact people still shoot single stack:) I can't believe L10 is still a division.
  2. wow small world, i guess im not the only one that left R/C and got into USPSA.
  3. I did not. I was going by the light rifling marks on the .356. the .357 looked normal to me.
  4. Mine loves 135gr .357 Hitek bullets. the .356 had super light rifling marks that i recovered, the .357 sized look great when recovered and are crazy accurate. this is an option i think to many people overlook. 9mm barrels could run best with anything from .355 to .358 usually.
  5. S&B primers. its all i use, i buy as many as i can afford on black friday every year.
  6. DsWright

    X5 Blue bullets

    @Dasniper X5, Manufactured april this year. 3.5 Titegroup, 1.135 OAL. 1093 avg FPS, ES 5, SD 2 from same headstamp brass, 5 shot string. after those numbers i didn't feel the need to keep going. this puts me @147 power factor, which is higher than most like. But it is super consistent and super accurate with this recipe. i could probably play with OAL and drop to 3.4 or 3.3 and drop that some, but don't feel the need to. With this load the gun cycles fast, and is not snappy, i can very easily keep the 6MOA romeo dot in the window with this. Also the .357 show land/groove marks clearly on recovered lead, the .356 was super light but visible. Edit: For the record i shoot this out of mixed brass for matches, i only sort by headstamp for load development to reduce variables.
  7. DsWright

    X5 Blue bullets

    This. when i changed to .357 135gr bullets my groups got better and SD/ES improved SIGnificantly. I also have a cleaner barrel than i did even shooting .356. I see no reason to shoot anything else.
  8. the metalform .45 follower is TRASH. I have mecgar mags that have been flawless for 8+ years, the stupid metalforms like to tip, and not lock back after like 8 months of use. I wish they made Dawson baseplates for mecgar mags. My next mags will be wilson or tripp. There is no reason IMO to use anything but a tripp or wilson mags if you have a dawson magwell IMO.
  9. I had the same results on 230gr bullets. 200gr left much more case volume and i had significant velocity loss with small primer in that instance. I also noted that since there are only 3 major SPP brands i ever find, that my SPP is much more consistent with mixed brass than my LPP is. Some of the LPP brass i pick up could easily be decades old.
  10. They should be getting it at least downrange before sweeping it off, if they do it before fully clearing holster, that is a terrible habit. I don't care how "in control" they are, it can fail them. Much like the people who swear serpa holsters are fine for competition, until they end up with serpa leg.... Sweeping it off any sooner than pointing it down range is not going to make you draw faster, and a terrible habit. Will it be ok 99.9% of the time? of course, but why risk it for something that isn't saving you any time? Most of us SS guys do it very similar to what MM showed in the video, around the time weak hand makes contact and getting sight picture. That is the point where you are establishing the correct grip.
  11. If you know anyone who has tried these, they are AMAZING! Fat in all the right places and skinny in all the right places. As soon as a local GM had me grip his single stack with them on it, i ordered them immediately. Wish i had gotten them sooner, my grip is much more comfortable and consistent now. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Techwell-G10-PosiTec-Grip-P4465.aspx
  12. Im a lowly B class single stack guy, not sure your skill level, but regardless of skill level there is probably many places you can gain that miniscule amount of time difference (shouldn't be any IMO) during the draw that won't add to the possibility of a ND or DQ. Even at my current skill level, my draw to acceptable sight picture in dry fire is about .6, and that's not disengaging the safety until just as you describe. Hand position, shoulder position and arm position, as well as eliminating any extra or extraneous movement will safely gain you a faster draw, without the risk.
  13. Summers enterprises, .452 200 gr RNFP, Hitek coated
  14. I need to amend my previous post. With 230 grain rounds this is true, however today i tried 200 gr RNFP which leave much more case volume than 230 grain or even 200 gr SWC. I had a massive FPS loss with the 200gr and CFE. Haven't tested this particular bullet with large and TG yet.
  15. I literally just did this today with 200gr Round nose Flat Point. Large primer and small primers noted. I typically don't see a difference in FPS with primer size change, However the CFE really doesn't like small primers. I gave up trying to get a good major PF load with CFE and small primers. Small primers and 5.0 Gr titegroup is an EXCELLENT accurate and soft shooting load. The CFE made major, but was very harsh, and had to much of an FPS spread. Also the smell of CFE is repulsive to me when shooting a ton.
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