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  1. Had 2.5 now using a 5. Much better.
  2. I’m in the US so we shoot USPSA, an offshoot of IPSC. Shadow 2 is a great choice and should take you a long way in the sport. Frankly, they’re the best money you can spend. As to a press, 500 rounds a month would be fine on a square deal b. 650/750 will demolish that in no time if you can find a deal. If you decide to load several calibers a 650/750 has much more utility.
  3. Set of Allen wrenches, hex heads, Phillips and flat head screw drivers, gun oil. If that can’t fix it it’s time for the back up gun or an early lunch.
  4. On my walkthrough I count targets. Then I’m only counting make-up shots to my reload point for the run.
  5. So far I've never needed my back up gun but it's probably because I have one. Absolutely worth the money.
  6. As a 2011 shooter basically from go, the TSO is hard to beat. The price is right and it's competitive. Watching a good friend of mine run past me and my glorious 2011 made me kinda sad. Get your hands on both and make sure you like the fit. You can't go wrong with either one.
  7. I'm also a fan of buy once cry once. If you won't miss that cash place the order and rock on. However, the Titan is single stack not double. For the double it's a Nemesis. That's a different game in USPSA and I'd not recommend that gun for 3 gun. Having said that you've got a lot of options within that price range. Even though I'm an atlas fanboy there are other builders out there. Freedom Gun works, Matt Cheely Customs, Limcat, Infinity, to name a few.
  8. Atlas makes an excellent open gun. Frankly at the price you buy an open gun, any of them should run great. As to loading 9 major it's no big deal. I jus started reloading myself last year and am pretty comfortable doing it. I cheated a good bit and asked Adam for a recipe and worked my way up to it. Originally I went 9 major because I was shooting Atlanta Arms and that what they make. The reloading adventure has been pretty fun so far and it's way cheaper than Atlanta arms.
  9. We’ve got a couple super seniors locally and they run some crazy good stages. The only concession some of them make to age is running CO or Open guns because they can’t see the sights and the target.
  10. Started in production with a glock 34. Hated it. Went directly to limited major shooting 2011s. Dabbling in PCC and CO. I’m C in both PCC and limited and will likely die a C class shooter.
  11. Currently I’m running N320 and Ramshot Silhouette. Sportsman had the Silhouette but the N320 was out of stock.
  12. I started with a Gock 34 in production. Not realizing limited minor was a thing I jumped to a 2011 for USPSA and 3 gun. If you’d like to kill two birds with one stone, kind of, get a .40 and run it in both 3 gun and USPSA. You'll lose a couple rounds of capacity but not n ought to matter in 3 gun. You could also go an entirely different route and build a PCC. In 3 gun it takes the place of a pistol meaning less stuff and PCC in USPSA is amazingly fun.
  13. Hey folks, I’m in Columbia SC looking for places to buy powder locally. So far I’ve only found Sportsman’s Warehouse. PSA doesn’t apparently do much with reloading anymore. Am I best off going online?
  14. A good friend of mine diagnosed that same thing. I’m not pushing off hard enough and I do apparently have a very very pregnant pause before I get moving. I feel like I’m got good planning for a stage but it doesn’t seem to stick in my head. My current style is post and blast to try and remove some of the movement in a stage.
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