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  1. Started in production with a glock 34. Hated it. Went directly to limited major shooting 2011s. Dabbling in PCC and CO. I’m C in both PCC and limited and will likely die a C class shooter.
  2. Currently I’m running N320 and Ramshot Silhouette. Sportsman had the Silhouette but the N320 was out of stock.
  3. I started with a Gock 34 in production. Not realizing limited minor was a thing I jumped to a 2011 for USPSA and 3 gun. If you’d like to kill two birds with one stone, kind of, get a .40 and run it in both 3 gun and USPSA. You'll lose a couple rounds of capacity but not n ought to matter in 3 gun. You could also go an entirely different route and build a PCC. In 3 gun it takes the place of a pistol meaning less stuff and PCC in USPSA is amazingly fun.
  4. Hey folks, I’m in Columbia SC looking for places to buy powder locally. So far I’ve only found Sportsman’s Warehouse. PSA doesn’t apparently do much with reloading anymore. Am I best off going online?
  5. Thaunk


    A good friend of mine diagnosed that same thing. I’m not pushing off hard enough and I do apparently have a very very pregnant pause before I get moving. I feel like I’m got good planning for a stage but it doesn’t seem to stick in my head. My current style is post and blast to try and remove some of the movement in a stage.
  6. I’m not sure this counts as a shooting technique but it’s like shooting adjacent. I can’t seem to run during a stage. No matter what I think I’m doing it’s an inelegant trot at it’s fastest. When the 35 year old loses a stage to the senior citizen with two bad knees it’s time to start asking questions. So I’m summary what did you do, if anything, to get comfortable running with a pistol?
  7. Hit up taccom as he makes a carbon fiber extension tube. I have a +8 on my 1301 and it weighs like 6 ounces or something.
  8. Limcat also does an open shotgun. Any particular reason they haven’t come up?
  9. Seems like I'm in good company then. My eye sight hasn't gone yet, but it will. I do love gadgets and the guns do look awesome. With the Atlanta Arms making 9mm major now that hurdle is taken care of. I'm not expecting to win any matches. I'm a C class shooter in Limited and I run like Hans from the Simpsons. It just looks like fun. Going to shoot the same buddy's open gun in a rifle/pistol match this weekend and see how I do. Won't be the same as USPSA but it should be pretty close. If I do like it, then it's time to get an open shotgun.
  10. Shot a buddy’s open gun a few weeks ago and it’s had me thinking since. Currently shooting limited and PCC. Loving both but it almost always fun to lose in a new division. For those of you who swapped into open what was the deciding factor?
  11. To me, the combo of box and red dot make open. That’s likely too simplistic a view. I enjoy trying to load my shotgun with fast doubles. However, tech isn’t static and if a box fed semi auto shotgun becomes commercially viable for Mossberg, Beretta, etc. we may have to adapt. Or we say those aren’t what we want and we move forward. I like my gadgets and gizmos but I’m good either way. My 5 foot long shotgun I find hilarious and entertaining.
  12. I'd also say buy any gear you need and just get out there. As long as you aren't unsafe or unpleasant to your squad mates the day will go fine. Pack a lunch because you'll be there a while.
  13. I’ve been using Harris and Sons ear pro and been very pleased with them. Great customer service and fast turn around. I got their mid level option so “only” $1500 for the pair.
  14. So quick update. Shot my first match on Saturday and placed 37 out of 49 or 50. I managed to hit a target on every stage. I did end up buying an MPA bolt action in 6.5m and it's been flawless. I gotta say, love not having to reset a stage as everything is steel.
  15. I've got the cart for $40 from Amazon and it works pretty good, Had I been able to do it again I'd get the Sam's club cart as I feel like the table would be helpful. UFO does the cart fold up at all?
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