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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all, wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rick and I am new to competitive shooting recently becoming a member of USPSA. I have been shooting competition leagues at my local gun club and will test my abilities in more competitive arenas. I plan to shoot is Carry Optics Division and Minor. Looking forward to learning from y’all.
  2. "Standby..." After shooting my first 6 stages at the WNPL I feel like getting pie somewhere. My friend who is a Grand Master talked me into this new adventure believing i was a good fit. James walked me through the different divisions landing me in carry optics. I loaded up some nice light 10mm using a 40cal recipie that chrono'd out at 1090fps with 180gr fmj's. I had to buy a non ported barrel for my 20c, and some mag pouches but ran "newbie" with a LAG holster and single piece gunbelt. in the end, i only had three goals.. dont get DQ'd, dont loose, and have fun. Im hooked. Finished 58th out of 63. New holster acquired for the next match. I need more practice on finding my dot, and counting shots so i dont run dry. shooter ready...
  3. DowTom

    Epoxy + grit

    New guy here. Question, I know stippling bumps you out of ssp. But does adding the epoxy and grit from hobby lobby do the same? Or is it considered like grip tape
  4. Hi there. Just joined site, looking to enjoy some decent topics, light hearted humor and maybe even contribute a thread or two myself? I'm ex.military//retired LEO, travelled quite abit and well versed in most aspects of Small Arms but have always enjoyed a personal preference for Handguns. Historically, and in books or film but ofcourse best of all using them... in an enjoyable friendly competition or just on the range keeping personal abilities and life skills up to date! Am currently overseas based outside the States... though my wife is from St. Louis and currently resides there. (She's a better natural shot than me.. But don't ever tell her I said that! Lmao ?) So look forward to getting to know people on here online as time progresses. Regards G. ??
  5. A friend of mine invited me out to a PRS competition a couple weeks ago. I wasn't able to go but I did start looking at the rules, at Youtube, etc. I'm interested in giving it a try. I'm torn between production division and the gas gun series. I already shoot 3 gun. Would shooting the gas gun series on an AR platform translate somewhat well as practice for 3 gun? Is the bolt gun more fun? What would be a good build for a gas gun and what would be a good setup for a bolt gun? I've got a 16 inch Noveske that I was shooting in 3 gun that's now a backup gun since I built an AR for 3 gun. I see Christensen Arms listed as legal in production series and I've always wanted something from them. Lastly, any and all advice that I haven't asked is most welcome.
  6. Just received my USPSA ID to shoot at the NM sectionals. Whats pretty hilarious is that it will only be my 3rd USPSA match. My first one was an all classifier stage. Second, I shot one stage due to a holster malfunction. And i plan to shoot one last one before the sectionals. Why am I feeling ballsy to shoot it? Well, I deploy 3 days after the sectionals to the gas box in the middle east and would like to do something memorable before i leave home. Coming from IDPA, I prefer this side of the line way more. Too much rules in IDPA. However, i will stick to both. Idpa keeps me focused on accuracy, USPSA trains my speed, stage prep, and more. Any advice on level 2 matches?
  7. just wanted to introduce myself, and thank you for having me.
  8. Hi all! I'm a NoOb to USPSA (5 matches so far) and new to the forum as well. I've fallen in love with the sport, even though I'm really stinkin' it up right now... ha. I finally got a CR Speed double belt, CR Speed mag pouches, and am trying out a Blade-Tech Pro Series Speed Rig Belt Holster for my M&P Pro 9. With my 6th match coming up in a couple of days, I'm excited to try a new method... SLOW DOWN and focus on Alpha hits. I've been producing decent times, but double tapping... resulting in first shot A/C and second shot D/M. I watched the Matt Burkett's first DVD set recently and found a few things I need to work on! This forum has been a wealth of info so far as well! Ok, Enough for now, maybe? Hope everyone has a most excellent day! baldpriest
  9. I just joined this forum after learning about it from a friend. I plan to start 3-Gun competition soon...after I learn my way around the rules better. I am a long time shooter, but new to competition shooting, and hope to learn a lot from the experienced competitors.
  10. So I have been looking moving into a Stock II from the world of Glocks. I have read a bunch of posts on here about people buying two of them. One serving as a back-up for matches, it is also used as the dry fire gun. Do the Stock II's go down that frequently that I should worry about buying two of them? I am not a gunsmith and some of the disassembly and reassembly video's have scared the crap out of me. Can some of you that have covered to the dark side please advise? Thanks, Matt
  11. I am new to reloading. Purchased a RL550B. Starting out with 9mm. Guess I am doing things backward. Thinking that components, powder & primers were hard to get, I purchased 3 lbs of Titegroup as one of the employees at Dillon suggested Titegroup would be a decent powder as I plan on relading .380 ACP, 9mm Luger & .40 S&W. I purchased some remington 115 gn fmj rn and some Hornady124 gn fmj rn. I purchased an old Hornady reloading manual, a Lyman Pamphlet for load data covering .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W & .45 ACP. I purchased the Hornady 124 gn as I received some 124 gn projectiles that are no longer produced and was hoping they'd be similar. Ended up not being similar. Upon researching load data for these I am having a hard time finding data. I guess I should have bought more load books up front. Such as new Hornady 9th edition Lyman 49th edition and maybe a Speer or Nosler. Then researched all the load data and bullet combinations prior to purchasing powder and bullets to load. This is getting way more confusing where and how to start than I imagined. I am not looking for load data here. I am looking for advice concerning most common bullet weights, styles & powders that have supporting load data for them and which manuals have similar information so I can make good informed choices prior to pulling the trigger.... LOL. Any advice would be appreciated. I have never reloaded before and just want safe good reference data to learn how to use the equipment and make safe loads.
  12. Hello from the rainy west coast (though wonderful weather currently) in British Columbia. I picked up shooting three+ years ago and have been shooting IPSC for the past two years. Thought I should try to get better. I've been an active organizer for my local club, designed stages and even been a match director for a couple. Now I want to do better for myself by learning from others. I would like to get more into 3-gun/multigun but there are few matches locally so am trying to develop it at my home club. I shoot Production IPSC with a CZ SP01. I also shoot AR and have a Mossberg 930 JM Pro that I have been struggling with as far as getting it to work right. I've read a few posts already here about it.
  13. Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. US Army '66-70, Vietnam 8/67-8/68 last unit in 'Nam was 335th RRU attached to 9th Info Division. Retired from RSC Equip Rental (30+ yrs) and just got into gun collecting. Look forward to learning from the more experienced and maybe contributing in a small way. Thank in advance for letting me aboard.
  14. Hi all. As a newbie, I am looking forward to learning and getting up to speed in short order. I am not a high volume shooter (yet) and am interested in this as a hobby. My better half is thinking to contribute monies for the upcoming Father's Day. ;> I am starting from scratch. One of my other hobbies is wood working. I have a saw dust collection and air filtering system installed. Are there any concerns with a "dual" work area for reloading? Will dust throw off powder charging? Electronic scale? I keep my shop pretty clean. After a couple months of research on the web, guns shows and seasoned reloaders, I have landed squarely on the Dillon 650 XL. My journey is just beginning..... Good to be on board! Bruce
  15. Hey guys what's up. I new to this forum and am hoping to get some good advice and info on the new Tanfoglio witness elite limited I picked up. Im gonna be shooting limited with it so any tips or advice you have let me know. Thanks Drkinzenbaw.
  16. Hi all, Trying to learn a whole bunch so that I can start participating in competitive shooting but just for fun. I currently own one gun, a Ruger 22 single action 6 shooter. I'm not expecting to participate in anything with this though. Not sure though what I want to pick up for use in competitions yet.
  17. Hello guys and girls, wana introduce myself name is mike, been shooting on and off from my child hood days and had a buddy recently introduce me to USPSA and im hooked! he told me about this website and its great with all the info that is available. I hope you guys dont mind questions haha
  18. Hi everyone! I just joined this site. A friend of mine referred me to this resource. My name is Eli and I live in Austin, TX. I like competitive shooting and so far participated in USPSA matches only. However, my real interest is in multigun competitions. I shot rifle competitively as a kid while growing up in Ukraine. I decided to pick back up where I left off. Eli
  19. I am new to your forum, I have had my CC permit since the 90's. I carry every day now because I don't want to be a victim. The US Constitution is the greatest document for the liberty man in the history of man. If our Jug Headed polictians would embrace this fact we would all be better off. Forums of any kind are a wealth of knowledge, I use them for just about anything I cant fix or find. I currently reloading new ammo, I joined a local gun club, with my wife. I suggest that all of the like minded join a club. The Politctians in this country WILL make our hobby less enjoyable in the future unless we band together and fight for our rights. The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. PTVolkmar
  20. Shot my first IDPA match today and I had a blast, pardon the pun. The match was made up of only four handgun stages (a few more were done with shotguns, but I could not play along there yet) and talk about being thrown in at the deep end: moving targets, moving shooter and shooting from the prone position. But it was all great fun, I did not shoot anybody and I will most certainly be back at the Johannesburg Defensive Pistol Club. Things to remember: 1. Sunscreen ... it's still quite hot here in the south (29C/84F) 2. Chair ... 17 shooters in a group sometimes make for a long wait. But I made up for that by being the chief-sticker-of-stickers-on-bullet-holes
  21. Hi, I'm a new handgun owner from Seattle. Once upon a time I hunted semi-regularly and have long since ignored my firearms. Then all of a sudden the news media went crazy and guns guns guns was all they could talk about. I started thinking about my little arsenal of family weapons and decided to start shooting once again. I purchased a Sig Sauer P250 in .45 ACP and am getting used to that. I have an assortment of long guns including shotguns and hunting rifles. I have some vintage guns fromt the Civil War era but I don't imagine I'll be shooting those. I'm waiting for Brian to ship me a Dillon RL 550B and a metric sh@t-ton of accessories to make all of this more affordable. Cheers, ~Doug
  22. Just sayin hey all. I was told that this is a good place for information on reloading and I am a newbie in it. Thought I would come here and leech information so I dont blow myself up. Own several handguns and afew rifles. The plan for me at the moment is to begin reloading 9mm, 38 spec and .357. Doing this mainly because I like to shoot and I am too poor to buy all the ammo needed for my hobby.
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