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  1. I have both also and prefer to shoot steel grip when shooting matches. The soft grip with silicon carbide installed is a fantastic grip. steel grip gun absorbs the recoil better., hope this helped.
  2. Great luck with Johnny Glock trigger in my 34!
  3. Have several JP’s and they all shoot great, worth the money in my opinion. Customer service is there also if needed. They are happy to answer any questions and easy to reach.
  4. I own both models in question, 14.5 ultra light and 14.5 light contour JP rifles. Both rifles are set up identical. On the bench the light contour out shines the ultra light due to easier to hold. The ultra light is capable of great groups, but not it’s main objective. Carry rifle, hunting rifle and love it for hoser type match. I shoot it out to 400 yards with 4 power scope no issues on steel. I find my self grabbing the ultra light more when hunting or as a ranch gun. Both guns are great! For shooting matches, I would use the ultra for shorter range type matches and light for matches with greater distance because it is easier to hold or lock into position. Both have JP heat disapators and have not experience any heating issues during practice. I hardly ever use my 18 inch light model unless my goal is shooting long range since I have purchased these two rifles. hope this helps, cannot go wrong with either.
  5. Please report on the performance of this shotgun, I have been debating on purchasing one. thanks!
  6. CK arms would be my choice, my experience guns are built tight and have good parts. Hearing long wait times on warranty work if needed at STI, have a friend waiting over 6 months on warranty work on new DVC. CK arms responded quickly when had small issues and explained to me how to resolve issue, very helpful. Good luck with your decision!
  7. Would change front sight to a fluorescent tube first. Shoot Limited 10 to start and gun would be perfect. Then you can decide what you would want to do after some experience.
  8. Please send me more pictures to 504-382-9009


    do you have any room on your price


    very interested

  9. Wheelsonly, Johnny recommended me to build my 9mm minor using a conventional barrel. You only have to make minor power factor. When you use HBAR, you have to increase your load to work the action. My 40 has the HBAR feature and love it, but did not go with it on 9mm minor gun. I love my 5.5.s but would not pay $800.00 additional funds. Hope this helps.
  10. Nightforce scopes are great! Durability, outstanding turrets and reticles. There 2.5 x 10 x 42 through the 5.5 x 22 are great. I shoot steel out to 500 yards with with 2.5x10x32 with ease. I have had great service with all of my Nightforce scopes. Good luck!
  11. Not trying to insult you, but would give $4,000 for the pistol only. You could then sell the mags. I live in Luling and could do a ftf in cash. 

    If you are not interested, I understand.




    1. whitea87


      No thanks. Duy just gave me a 1000 dollar deposit on the gun yesterday.

    2. Hunter1998


      Thanks for replying!  Happy to hear you have a deal on it.

  12. The Limcat in the classified is a fine pistol, I saw the gun perform at local match last year. Gun looks new. Johnny builds great guns!!
  13. Limcat Customs installs silicon carbide onto standard STI 2011 grip, by far my favorite grip. Very aggressive finish.
  14. Presently own (4) 40 sw mags and (4) 9mm mags all with no issues. Just bought two additional 9mm mags, one dropped free with no issue. Second one would not drop easily and when I tried to work the slide it was rubbing mag causing tension. Emailed MBX and same day they replied with a call tag and new mag already shipped. Very good service! i am impressed on how they handled this transaction.
  15. Another vote for gold pro ears have had great service
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