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  1. Night sights of your choice and mount a light. practice with pistol, very shootable out of box. I don't recommend altering a self defense weapon, just my thoughts.
  2. What are the pros and cons of a Cmore slide ride on PCC? this would be for shooting matches only
  3. JP’s reputation and reliability is 100% Resale value is extremely high on these rifles I love my GMR 15 !
  4. I have great luck with 9mm MBX mags but not with 40sw. I decided to try tuned Gen 2 STI mags by Brazo,s with gram springs and TTI baseplates. This has been 100% in my pistol. Priced very similar to MBX.
  5. Any advice on 3 gun carts? presently looking at Rugged Gear and Range runner carts to carry rifle, shotgun, pistol bag and ammo.
  6. I have a Limcat Battlecat with HBAR barrel and very satisfied with performance. They are great people to do business with and stand behind their product. Personally never dealt with Atlas but have only heard great things about them. Pick whichever one you prefer, both are great pistols.
  7. Arnzen Arms is a JP stocking dealer that usually has inventory. Great service and I was recommended by JP rep to contact them.
  8. Not sure what distances you will be shooting and how serious you are in winning. The 223/556 with 77 grain TMK projectile are very accurate and I have no Problems making consistent hits out to 600 yards with 18 inch JP rifle. Make sure you have 1-8 or 1-7 twist to shoot heavier Bullets. You can build this rifle much lighter than any of the larger calibers and not have any felt recoil and see your hits. This is a great combination for your requested criteria. Ammo is available on shelf and inexpensive in comparison to larger calibers. Good luck
  9. Steiner 1-4 is a great scope for the money. Reticle is easy to use and clarity is well above most scopes in this price range.
  10. Nightforce 1-4 FC 3G reticle make it easy to make hits at 300 yards on smaller plates and 400 yards on steel silhouette targets. Kahles clarity and field of view are supreme to the Nightforce and all other scopes that I tried. Especially when you consider its weight. Good luck with your decision
  11. Great scope, lightweight, amazing FOV and clarity, reticle is crisp and very easy to use.
  12. 1-4 will work out to 200 yards with ease, had a Nightforce 1-4 and made 300 yard shots with no problem. In the 1-6 range, Kahles with 3GR is hard to beat. Amazing FOV and clarity, reticle is very easy to use. Scope is also lightweight on top of Carbine. Recommend that you try to actually look through your top choices side by side.
  13. Kahles 1-6 with 3gr reticle has been a great scope. I was very hesitant to commit to that much in funds but very happy I did. the scope’s FOV and clarity is phenomenal and reticle is easy to use. Zeroed my load at 170 yards and was almost dead on at 300 and 400 yards. Great choice and has great resale value.
  14. Have 4 of Johnny’s guns, 3 have ran perfect from day one and one had an ejection problem that has been resolved. Great customer service!
  15. Great guns and great people to do business with!! if you have an issue, they will resolve your problem. Johnny and Julian have been great to deal with.
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