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  1. Your style jam has been the bane of my existence. Been dealing with it for years. I installed an Aftec which made no difference. You're truly lucky yours fixed your problem. Did you shorten the OAL of your cartridges down to 1.15" as well as install the Aftec? Thanks.
  2. STI DVC Open jammed again (same FTF problem) and cost me yet another match this past weekend. And now I have a new problem. The compensator has cracked on the right side:
  3. I do not have spacers in my mags (I have MBX mags). Are you saying the STI's with spacers are a good thing or bad thing? What is the difference? Thanks.
  4. I have since solved my ejection problems. The feeding problem is the only problem I have left. I am still struggling with it.
  5. As for my ongoing, never ending feeding problem. Do you think a longer OAL would help/hurt the situation or shorter OAL to improve feeding?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion Peter! I never thought of that. How much did you have to remove from the bottom of the ejector? How much clearance should be there? PS: Great seeing you at a the match. Also, to jstagn, What would the Brazos do that the Aftec extractor doesn't? (and why would the extractor cause the FTF? The round never has a chance to reach the extractor...)
  7. Tried RN bullets. Same jam exactly. Here are some pics from today of the actual jam as it happened:
  8. Update: Thought I had this problem fixed, sent it out to gunsmith to get worked on, and ran perfect for about 600 rounds but the jams have come back. This gun ruined another 2 matches for me. Same jam as always. Cartridge noses up into the top of the chamber and the rear cartridge rim doesn't go under the extractor. Because the extractor doesn't catch the rim it results in a devastating jam. No amount of racking the slide clears it. Cartridge just hangs there laughing at me. To recap, extraction and ejection is always perfect with this gun. Failure to feed is THE only issue. Maybe loading the bullets out to 1.20" will help?
  9. Vote for Leupold LCO. I play 3 Gun as well and it is one tough optic with a clear, wide field of view.
  10. What thumbrest is that on the middle gun?
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