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  1. Why yes.... How did you know?
  2. For once this happened at the perfect time when I needed powder.
  3. You've got me curious... what did the overzealous competitor do? This is shocking. No competitive shooting scene in Texas?
  4. Just obtained a Stoeger M3000 with the MOA Lightning Lifter and it's awesome. Works great! I see MOA closed down their facebook page. This might not bode well for future orders from them. Glad I got one when I did.
  5. I recently acquired a stroked Akai Middy with the tungsten sleeved barrel and PT evo grip in 9mm major. Let me tell you the dot does not move compared to what I was used to shooting. It's amazing. Worth every penny in my opinion.
  6. Also tried it in a Safariland 014 holster last night. This one was worse than the CR Speed by far. Held on to it even more tightly. Might have to invest in a new holster altogether and hope something like the Everglades gives a smooth draw.
  7. Been using CR speed holster with SVI and STI polymer grips for years with no problems. Upgraded to a Phoenix Trinity metal grip and the holster doesn't want to let go of this thing! Very hard draw. Took all the shims out of the trigger guard adjustment (to the point where gun was flopping around) to no avail. Is there any other adjusting I can do to fix this? Measuring, the metal grip even has a thinner trigger guard than the polymer grip, so I don't know why the big difference in retention (maybe the metal trigger guard is more "square" compared to the polymer)?. Polymer 2011 grips come out of the holster smooth as silk. Metal one comes out so hard it feels like the lock is on.
  8. Do they still give out President's Medals?
  9. Loved 3 gun. It used to just be a niche sport. Then 3 Gun got organized. The explosion was 3 Gun Nation TV. (How great was that seeing competitive shooting on TV every week?) The show and the pro series made 3 Gun wildly popular and big matches were selling out in minutes. NBC Sports covering 3 Gun really legitimized it. Advertisers were jumping on board. Then Newtown happened. NBC dropped it shortly thereafter. The FNH match at Peacemaker folded (loved that match) as well as other big matches and it's been downhill ever since. It's headed back to where it started, being a niche sport. It would be interesting to see where 3 Gun would be today if Newtown never happened.
  10. Had an STI DVC Open in 9 Maj (My first open gun) and it was a jam-o-matic. Nothing but problems. What a nightmare. Then the comp cracked. STI agreed to replace it with a new DVC-O. Still waiting for it... Don’t have much confidence that the new gun will run right. Fingers crossed.
  11. Your style jam has been the bane of my existence. Been dealing with it for years. I installed an Aftec which made no difference. You're truly lucky yours fixed your problem. Did you shorten the OAL of your cartridges down to 1.15" as well as install the Aftec? Thanks.
  12. STI DVC Open jammed again (same FTF problem) and cost me yet another match this past weekend. And now I have a new problem. The compensator has cracked on the right side:
  13. I do not have spacers in my mags (I have MBX mags). Are you saying the STI's with spacers are a good thing or bad thing? What is the difference? Thanks.
  14. I have since solved my ejection problems. The feeding problem is the only problem I have left. I am still struggling with it.
  15. As for my ongoing, never ending feeding problem. Do you think a longer OAL would help/hurt the situation or shorter OAL to improve feeding?
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