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  1. I would find a gun that fits and not be concerned abut the porting one way or the other,
  2. Definite plus on the A400 light recoil.

    Trap Gun

    Bt99 with adj stock. easy resale also
  4. CHeck out Hornady. they are back in production of their shot shell reloading machines.Ihace the 366 model in 12, 20 and 28 gauge. I couldnt get a 366 in 410 2yrs ago and bought a new Pons.
  5. I've seen 1 or 2 at both the last 2 gun shows here in DM iowa.
  6. Colt makes the new competion model in 9mm single stack. shoots great right out of box. about $900.
  7. only a few shot bulls eye in our club when i started some years ago. Most of them are gone now. I enjoyed the hell out of practicing with them. NO shoots close anymore. Its great fun if you can hook up with some shooters


    First bird shoot it when u see it.use very little movement.look for 2nd bird. first bird mod to IM. then lf to full
  9. hard to beat the faster reloads of the 625 moon clips.
  10. take a look at the HOgue big butt grips. originally designed for Bianchi cup shooting off the ground.
  11. with 2days prices. i load a box of 12ga using AA hulls,700x,Fed primers,claybuster wads for $5.50 a box.
  12. Will replacement triggers for the Ruger 10-22's work in the Pc9?
  13. I googled about this gun. U-Tube video reviews showed very good accuracy and very decent trigger pull. I'm looking real hard at this one. Sheels has them on back order. thinking $550.
  14. mine fell out the 2nd stage of a local fun match. I just figured i didnt have it in all the way after cleaning. I will watch this very closely now.
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