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  1. for my S&W 929 loads i put the m die in station 2. removed the failsafe arm and added the pwdr bar springs sent by dillon and moved it to station 3. polished all the contact points and dry graphite lubed them. put the DAA pwdr funnel in the pwdr meas. on the other tool head in station 2 for my CZ 9mm shadow loads. all is working great now. thanks everyone.
  2. getting new Dillon xl 750. any thoughts on best add on options would be appreciated. thinking hard about the ergo roller lever from inline fabrications for one.
  3. i would like to purchase a XL 750 to utilize 5 stations. Lee U die in station 1, then a lyman M die in station 2. moving the powder meas. somehow to position 3.then seating die in hole 4 followed by Lee fcd in station 5. I am loading 122 gr. II alpha tc in .38 cal. for my 9mm S&W 929, right now i am using 2 tool head to get this done but very time consuming.
  4. i Settled on using 2 different tool heads in my dillon RL550. using all win. brass tumbled/polished. tool head 1 has lee U die 9mm in station 1. .38 M die in station 2. then i change to another toolhead with auto pwdr. set up in station 2 , bullet seat die in station 3 and lee FCD 9mm . i had to use the crimper from a spare .38 fcd die. I eventually will purchase a Dillon 750 with the 5 staion toolhead. Dillon says the powder station can be moved to slot 3 with a different type of pwdr delivery that they can provide or recomend. i am getting good accuracy using 122g lead TC head with 4.2 gr. Unique using this process.(Fed primers)
  5. The only thing that interested me in this model was that with a 4" barrel I could shoot IDPA. But then i was the only one shooting revolver. No fun. I would check on new gun prices and go from there.
  6. i had BB rubber with finger groves and loved them. I ended up with BB ruber without the finger grooves on my newest 929 and like them just as well. You might get the one with finger grooves and dremel them off if they bother you.I think you will be happy with either one.
  7. the northen mt. product is perfect for any shooting needs. Plus he''s a one per center when it comes to a great guy to rely on to do business. I fear he may be turning into a bass fisherman though.LOL.
  8. using Win 9mm range and only fired 1 time brass would u recommend a Lee carbide u die or Lee carbide full length sizing die. will be loading .357/8 122 tc bullets . I have both the lee 38 and 9mm fcd dies.these are for my S&W 929.
  9. Are you going to Ankeny iowa for their Big Dawg match n June?
  10. I plan to shoot revolver in steel plate matches with my S&W 929 9mm. will be reloading 125-135 coated lead 2 alpha bullets seized .357-.358. will be using Sport Pistol powder. wondering how others are setting up their dies . crimping, 0al , etc.I am loading on a Dillon 550.
  11. just got the 929 back from TKC today. had everything done except the Adj.Main Spring. Everything exactly as i expected... PURRRRFECT. cant wait to put some rounds down range.
  12. Rick is excellent. He fine tuned a couple Smith revo's for me that I truely wish i still had.
  13. My 929's have never shot factory 115"s or 125's worth a darn. 4-5" groups at 25yds. handloaded .357-8 heads showed good accuracy/
  14. do you recomend a LEE FCD and if i use .357-8 coated bullets , would use a 9mm FCD or .38 FCD.
  15. mainly the asthetics. the hump at the top of the grip.The barrel shroud is really neat but the half cut outs on the cylinder look cheesey to me.Good single action pull and D/A was ok but you would want to clean it up for competition. not sure if Hogue is making many grips for it. I did go back to the gun show this am and they were both sold if that tells you anythinf.
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