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  1. Gun ran perfectly fine today at a match with the 140’s so thats good. Lol
  2. Well i guess ill find out at Nationals if my new big sticks work LOL. Atleast then i can eliminate the root of the cause. I didnt get my new gun in time of me shipping the ammo and mags to see if it works. Bad timing. Oh well
  3. Shay is telling me its not the extractor bc it would do it with all the mags. Plus the same mag s#!t the bed on my original gun a few weeks before getting the new one and has been having issues since. Then i get the new gun and the same thing.
  4. I understand what you are saying now. But you dont find it strange at all that this only happens with this particular 170mm magazine?
  5. It was .348 in the back and .355 in the front. I was always told it needed to be a little wider in the front.
  6. Would i be here asking questions on a forum if i could? Ive tried everything i could myself and from suggestions and im still having the issue. Im not an expert on 2011’s so here i an trying to learn about s#!t i never encountered. Thats what these forums are for right? Learning? But thanks for your input.
  7. Why would my old gun work perfectly fine the whole season with these loads and then all of a sudden have this issue with the same magazine and in a new gun?
  8. MBX with grams guts. Did the same thing with MBX guts
  9. Check the most recent update. The brand new gun is having the same issues as the original gun. Same mag and everything
  10. It doesnt appear to be. Heres a pic. But on the contrary some interesting marks on the disco rail that werent there before: Also i was able to replicate the issue by hand cycling a full mag. Heres what it looks like: The 2 dents appear to be from slamming mags in but the uneven corner gouges gotta be from cycling and the mag hitting or no?
  11. Ok so i got my brand new gun in. Same builder same gun just black. Right from the rip, same exact malfunction with the same 170mm mag. Ran fine with the 140’s. Got all new grams springs and followers, same issue so it wasnt that. Doing some measurements, the 170 from front to back is .348 in the back and .355 in the front
  12. 300 rounds down the pipe today no issues. Extraction was a little weird so i switched the one aftec spring from back to front and it was better. Lets hope this isnt a fluke
  13. Yeah im gonna play around with the original to keep as a backup to the aftec. Prob throw some more rounds through the aftec with 1 spring to see if that was the culprit. 2 stages it ran fine so i dont wanna judge it by that
  14. Thats a thought, i havnt changed my grip that im aware of in the past year but when i hit the range i will see if i can recreate the malfunction with a perfect grip
  15. Grip screws are tight and the grip doesnt appear cracked that i can see. I’ll take it apart and check inside. There are no strike marks on the comp
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