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  1. Bravo_Victor

    New P-10 F CR

    At Nationals right now the CZ booth is there. Gun is def heavier with the longer slide and barrel. Larger slide release was really nice too and was smooth unlike the original P10C that was hard to press. Mag release didnt snap out of place like the C. The barrel has a wider cut feed ramp to accept diff bullet profiles and the throat was longer than typical CZ’s. Trigger was basically the same as you would get by putting an HBI in any other gun. Over for the price point (under $1000) it was pretty nice.
  2. I run all grams guts in my 140’s and 170’s. All i did was cut the slide lock tab and ive never had any issues
  3. Here is my P-01 with milling done by Fire4Effect
  4. I shot his open gun recently. It was interesting to say the least but i personally dont think its comparable to a properly built custom 2011.
  5. I mean i prob shot like 50 rounds before that. I shot like 100 the other day before it happened and then it happened twice in 2 different mags changes and then again a few mags later. I cant say for sure that this issue was present before i sent it to him.
  6. So this gun i recently got back Limcat to fix a bushing issue. When i got it back it started having this issue but i also didnt shoot it much before i sent it back. That being said, ive taken it apart several times, the grip didnt appear cracked in any way but i will check again. The overtravel screw no matter what position did the same thing. The grip screws are tight. The trigger bow didnt seem to touch the mag with the slide off and the bow didnt appear to cracked but both those i will check again. Ill take a look at the sear spring and beavertail as well and see whats up.
  7. SV plastic grip, older Limcat Steelcat. Only happens during live fire. Ive looked carefully and i cant recreate anything that would have the trigger bow hitting the mag.
  8. However a buddy of mine suggested he had the same issue and it was remedied via an extended EGW sear spring. He had the same brand of grip and said the slot for the spring was cut too low and could cause the spring not to engage properly.
  9. As stated in my post, overtravel screw or no overtravel screw, it does the same thing.
  10. Ok so the issue is lets say i shoot about 2-300 rounds, every so often i will have this issue. I will pull the trigger and it wont fire. When this happens, without releasing the trigger, If i put ALOT of pressure on it, it may or may not go off. However sometimes if i release it, the hammer will drop into half cock. Only thing i attempted to do was back the set screw out all the way to prevent it from hitting the mag release and possibly causing something to hit the trigger. I cannot recreate this through dry fire. Everything else in the gun functions just fine. I dont get the common hammer follow issue of the hammer falling as the slide goes forward. Before i start messing around, id like to see what everyone says. Im assuming its something with the sear/sear spring tension?
  11. If anyone was curious, with a sigh of relief, Limcat finished the gun, made a new custom bushing and replaced the slide stop and its on its way back. Didnt cost me much and they say its MUCH more accurate. Thanks everyone for the help. Now to test it out when i get it
  12. Ive used the engraving bits to take off the hard chunks before, particularly the ones shown below. It’s not the cleanest looking job but it def works well. D521353D-8762-4163-BF2B-4484E0D004B0.webp
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