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  1. Heres a good reason to have a backup: Today i noticed the inside of my barrel cracked, a few days before a Level 2 sectional. Now i have to shoot a completely different platform im borrowing from someone.
  2. Well for me it was maybe 1-2 rounds out of 300ish and with an upright Cmore slideride. Mine wouldnt eject straight out and would get caught in between the mount and the ejection port. I had bought all extra parts before hand and just slapped it in there. Why send it back and wait 3 weeks for a simple fix?
  3. Thanks, wonder why the stock front is so damn short. Ugh
  4. Anyone know if the cutout for the rear sight/racker on the CM is the same as the other TS models? My stock sights shoot high like 4-5” and it seems like the rear sight is way too tall for the front, or vice versa. Someone suggested .205 fiber from dawson with the rear sight, so i got one and its no s#!t 8” high at 20 yards. I think the stock is .240 which is still too low. Kinda just want to replace them both and get a set but i wasnt 100% sure its the same cutout as the other TS.
  5. Yeah once i put an aftec extractor in, it was fine.
  6. I have an Akai V6, i use 9.9gr of AA7, no powder spillage and it reach 170pf. Super flat but very concussive. I was using 8.1gr of HS-6 with the same PF but the AA7 worked better imo.
  7. Have you tried major loads or were they all minor? Mine was super tight at first too but i was also shooting 173ish PF from the rip with the factory 10lb spring. Id clean the hell out of it, and then lube up the rails and any contact points. Maybe watch TV and cycle the s#!t out of it for a while.
  8. I agree, if i wasnt super anal about certain things this post wouldnt exist. Most importantly this post is reassurance that its the brass and not my press, althought ive read the same thing about mixed brass 100 times. I figured maybe there was something i didnt realize and i can fix it. Either way i chronod the real short ones today and they barely made a difference and there were no overpressure signs. Now my only concern is the longer ones with them chambering. Worst case scenario if i dont wanna sort brass is find the longer ones in the bunch and cycle them back after adjusting the die. Luckily i have the redding comp die lol
  9. I might start sorting a little bit. I have 5k brass ready to load. So far ive noticed blazer brass being on the higher end of the spectrum but RP being kinda wonky.
  10. You are correct. It’s slightly compressed. Minor i have no issues with. But i find it strange that i had barely any OAL issues with all Hornady brass but with same headstamp of other brands i have much more of a variation. It is what it is. I already have to load short bc my barrel isnt reamed so my worry is getting a long around that wont seat all the way.
  11. I figured that. Guess i just gotta live with it. Thanks guys
  12. So let me start by saying ive been loading 9 major with MG 124JHP with AA7 and strictly Hornady brass for some time. Ive been loading them to 1.140 and the only deviation ive been getting was 1.142 on the high end and 1.138 on the low end once in a blue but everything usually seems to stay around 1.139-1.141 for the most part. Never had any crazy oal issues. Now i moved to mixed brass and all of a sudden im getting crazy OAL issues. If im loading 1.140 i will get 1.147 the highest and 1.136 the lowest on average but ive noticed theres been a couple 1.125’s, 1.130’s, 1.132’s. Nothing has changed on my 650. Everything is cleaned and tight. Same batch of bullets as well. Theres no particular headstamp that is causing the issue except for Blazer usually being on the high end. The rest of the headstamps seem to be back and forth. Any idea?
  13. Lol sometimes it feels like that. I’ll get a case where the bottom end is slightly bulged enough to not fit the Hundo all the way, but my single gauge AND my barrel drops in perfectly fine. Im reading bc the hundo is reamed out for minimum saami spec while most barreled and gauges are reamed for maximum
  14. Funny bc the ones that dont fit my Hundo perfectly flush will fit my single case gauge perfect.
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