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  1. SRO on my open gun has been fine after using it regularly since the 5moa came out. My only gripe is that if you have popple holes it can be annoying to clean bc the optics curved and you need some thin qtips to stick in there with a lens cloth to get the inner edges.
  2. Ive tried HS-6, Autocomp, AA7 and Major Pistol. Hands down AA7 and MP. Dot barely moves.
  3. I have an Akai middy V6 with tungsten sleeve, Titanium comp and PT EVO. All i can say is that the dot barely moves and the balance is great. Ive had open shoot who have all kinds of non tungsten guns shoot my gun and the first thing they say is Wow.
  4. People go with whoever offers them the most. Theres usually no commitment
  5. Im also going to take the optic and optic mount off to see if thats the issue
  6. Ok so i put in a new 10lb, tried an 11 and for shits and giggles i tried an 8lb and came up with the same result, this: im somewhat convinced its just the load im using. I tried some of my production loads and it didnt seem to yield the same result. Still doesnt explain why the first shot is always so off and the rest are 3-4” groups at best. Im using RMR 124gr JHP which worked pretty well in my 2011 Open gun. My 2011 loads with this bullet were 9.9gr of AA7 @ 1.110 yielding 168pf and the CZ loads are 9.2gr of AA7 @ 1.080 yielding 168pf. I know it seems short but thats just how these bullets are. This is all off a rest at 20 yards, dot is perfectly still with no movement. The CZ is usually a tack driver.
  7. Negative, the 95pf loads used an 8lb spring and the Major loads use the usual 10lb factory spring. I’ll toss a cajun 10lb in there and maybe an 11 to see. Just weird bc the same factory spring didnt have these issues.
  8. Ok so i have a Czechmate, which always shot fantastic. Moved to a 2011 and havnt shot it in a year with major. Shot some light steel loads at a few steel matches, then converted it to Iimited and shot some 95pf loads at a few steel matches using 100gr plated Berrys bullets. Now my 2011 is out of action so i converted my CZ back to open and began to zero it at 20 yards. Heres the issue. Every single time, in a 3-4 round group after i load the mag and chamber a round, the first shot is like 4-6” high and slightly to the left. Everything after that is POI/POA to some extent bc even those rounds are 1-2” apart but atleast its still hitting where its supposed to. I can replicate this every single time. What could be the issue? Ive read all kinds of theories like barrel lockup, extractor, barrel fit etc but why would this be such a sudden thing? Any idea?
  9. Heres a good reason to have a backup: Today i noticed the inside of my barrel cracked, a few days before a Level 2 sectional. Now i have to shoot a completely different platform im borrowing from someone.
  10. Well for me it was maybe 1-2 rounds out of 300ish and with an upright Cmore slideride. Mine wouldnt eject straight out and would get caught in between the mount and the ejection port. I had bought all extra parts before hand and just slapped it in there. Why send it back and wait 3 weeks for a simple fix?
  11. Thanks, wonder why the stock front is so damn short. Ugh
  12. Anyone know if the cutout for the rear sight/racker on the CM is the same as the other TS models? My stock sights shoot high like 4-5” and it seems like the rear sight is way too tall for the front, or vice versa. Someone suggested .205 fiber from dawson with the rear sight, so i got one and its no s#!t 8” high at 20 yards. I think the stock is .240 which is still too low. Kinda just want to replace them both and get a set but i wasnt 100% sure its the same cutout as the other TS.
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