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  1. If anyone was curious, with a sigh of relief, Limcat finished the gun, made a new custom bushing and replaced the slide stop and its on its way back. Didnt cost me much and they say its MUCH more accurate. Thanks everyone for the help. Now to test it out when i get it
  2. Ive used the engraving bits to take off the hard chunks before, particularly the ones shown below. It’s not the cleanest looking job but it def works well. D521353D-8762-4163-BF2B-4484E0D004B0.webp
  3. I went from a Victory to a decked out ruger to a Scorpion and never looked back. The VQ works with everything ive tossed in it and have zero issues thousands of rounds later.
  4. Well this doesnt sound good. “we have done the inspection on the pistol and it is definitely an older gun. It seems as if the lower and slide are still original, but the barrel and comp have been replaced. Other small parts seems to have been replaced as well. May I ask who you purchased this gun from?” Considering the seller said everything looked original, wasnt alot of wear and was an accurate pistol, i guess i got robbed. Hopefully Limcat can do something to it that isnt going to hurt my wallet even more.
  5. I just sent it out bc i was away from home for a few weeks. From our phone convo, he said its definitely an old gun bc its an STI frame but from what i described to him he said the issues could definitely be causing accuracy problems. It could be something as simple as the bushing or more complicated. Hes gonna look over the whole gun and try to bring it as close to factory specs as possible
  6. What type of bushing is this? Ive never seen a completely cylindrical bushing like this with no guide rod hooks. It goes inside the frame and rotated into a slot and theres a little spot weld that keeps it from rotating too far. Doesnt seem to be modified at all.
  7. I appreciate your input. I bought it off a guy who is a sponsored shooter and even has his own company selling retail parts. He said it had 20k sub minor and minor through it and while the tolerances were loose it WASNT worn out and function perfectly fine and was accurate. Guess this is the last time i do that. Im gonna send it to Limcat to see what he can do. or first ill try heavy recoil springs and see if i can get decent enough accuracy out of 145-150pf loads
  8. Thats surprising, i find CZ’s to be relatively simple and 1911/2011’s complicated lol
  9. Yeah i think im going to send it to him. I can work on CZ’s all day but 2011/1911 work is out of my realm of expertise. I appreciate all the info.
  10. Ok so heres me pressing on the hood. There is a slight dip and it stays that way when you press it. Doesnt really seem to move much and i wouldnt call it “loose” also pics of the barrel and bushing. The bushing locks in by rotating into a slot cut into the slide IMG_2826.MOV
  11. Original dot was a RTS2 that came with it that i put on my pcc as a 45° optic. If the recoil spring test doesnt pan out i could always throw a Cmore slide ride and mount on that i have laying around and try that.
  12. Here is some video. Ignore the pajamas IMG_2814.MOV IMG_2809.MOV IMG_2815.MOV
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