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  1. Good work. I did my CM and it made a huge difference
  2. You’re lucky the CM doesnt have staked pins like cheaper CZ’s bc that s#!t is a pain in the ass sometimes. Everything comes apart so smooth on the higher end ones. My only grip with the CM is how the magwell isnt blended with the frame. Theres an obvious lip that sticks out and id often get snagged when doing fast reloads. So i ended up doing it carefully by myself and now everything is super smooth.
  3. Like he said check the overtravel screw. Theres a chance it moved while dry firing. Hold the trigger down and losen the screw at the same time and it should drop. If thats the issue make sure to loctite the screw in the appropriate place. Also like i said above, ive had the same issue with the hammer pin. CGW recommended if that keeps happening to go back to the factory pin, which i did and worked fine.
  4. I do have brand new BIP lenses myself i use for everyday usage but i like the contrast the Prizms give me for shooting. I just dont know how BIP would look with a dot
  5. Never tried the 45’s only the 22’s but from what i understand arent the 45’s more for low light and/or indoor? I primarily need something for outdoors.
  6. Yeah ive been using them for years. Im looking for the Flak 2.0 XL lenses. They have regular Golf but i might give them a call.
  7. I wasnt aware they were a thing. Im trying to get lenses off OakleySI website and they dont have TR22 as replacement lenses but they have the regular Golf. Everything they have is limited and dont carry every Oakley Product. Only way i can get the Tr22 or 45 is if i buy all new glasses but my frames are fine.
  8. Has anyone compared these 2 for shooting outdoors? My TR22 lenses pretty much got destroyed and im looking for replacements. Ive see a couple guys here say they use the Prizm Golf lenses over TR22 and 45’s. FYI I shoot Open for the most part.
  9. I put my gauge right in the center of the trigger and thats what it read. I know alot of people like to measure towards the bottom to make it seem lighter but thats.not realistic imo.
  10. I have zero experience with STI but with the amount of slides and comps ive seen crack on their guns with low round counts, i dont think ill ever buy one.
  11. I wouldn't be either if it wasnt for deployments lol
  12. Approximately 7.5 months. Not too bad.
  13. They do make V8 9mm. The first one they did was back in 2016. When i placed the order on the phone and in the invoice they didnt correct me on it being a V6. Theres a video of one on their IG in action. I could be wrong but either way, is has as much into it as he could put on
  14. I use an AlexIPSC thumb rest on mine. Also my trigger weight was 1lb 14oz out of the box but i got a flat trigger from Armory Craft and when i dropped it in with no modifications, i went down to 1lb 4oz. My buddies regular CM did the same with the same trigger. I also added the sidewinder slide racker and the S2 thumb rest. I have the czcustom extended thumb rest safety at home and will be putting that one as well. My only grip was the lack of blended mag well. There is a lip inside that can get the mags caught so i blended it and smoothed it out myself.
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