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  1. Lol sometimes it feels like that. I’ll get a case where the bottom end is slightly bulged enough to not fit the Hundo all the way, but my single gauge AND my barrel drops in perfectly fine. Im reading bc the hundo is reamed out for minimum saami spec while most barreled and gauges are reamed for maximum
  2. Funny bc the ones that dont fit my Hundo perfectly flush will fit my single case gauge perfect.
  3. Mine an Akai. Whats interesting is that the MG CMJ max OAL is over 1.2 yet the JHP seems so short.
  4. Whenever i see load data for 9 major MG 124gr JHP, i notice people are loading out to 1.160 up to 1.170. However with my KKM barrel my max seems to be around 1.146”. I get different barrels vary in dimensio but do KKM’s have a shorter throat?
  5. Is your gun a full length? I had to use 10.0gr of AA7 @ 1.160 with 124 MG CMJ out of my V6 Middy Akai to get 170PF. It wasnt as flat as my HS-6 loads at 170pf and it was more violent upon the slide returning.
  6. Already did, worked out just fine. Thanks everyone for the advice
  7. Maybe try RN bullets? Ive also loaded 95gr JHP at 1.030 with 8.0gr of HS-6 for steel using MBX mags and never had a feeding issue. Then again im not using an STI so idk
  8. I tried running buffs in mine, up to 3 and to ME, it actually felt like the recoil hit harder and the dot jumped more. I then tried 2 and then 1 and recorded all in slowmotion as well and it seems to me no shock buffs worked the best. I had no issues with barrel lock up at all with or without buffs.
  9. They are MBX 10 round mags. Whats interesting is i dont see any damage at all on my standard capacity mags or my big sticks and i use those just as often. The 10 rounders have a different follower and the top end seems to be shaped a little differently than standard mags. Here is a pic of where it looks to be hitting: and here is the barrel. Doesnt really have an significant damage other than a scuff mark. Should i be worried?
  10. Ive used Tr45 with success but now im using Prizm Golf and im liking them better.
  11. I noticed today i had a strange dent on all my mags, some worse than others. They are MBX 2011 mags. So far no feeding or reliability issues but i noticed it while loaded at a match. I took the slide off the gun and it doesnt appear to be contacting anything. Looked at the slide, barrel and feed ramp and there doesnt appear to be any obvious spots it was hitting. Did a search and didnt find anything. Take a look and let me know what you think. FYI: this mag below is the worst of them all. Either way ill just end up deburring it.
  12. My Akai has a full length DC and Tungsten sleeve with a Titanium Comp. She def is a tank but it is very well balanced.
  13. Right now the CZ is my dedicated Open steel challenge gun. Not ideal i know but thats all i have until i decide to build one. It will also serve as my backup gun at majors. I’ll forever love the CM. Might even lose the optic and comp and shoot limited steel one day with it.
  14. Yeah no kidding. Someones always got some s#!t to say. Im not made of money and this came from deployment money so i wanted to treat myself nicely. While i do put money into my pension, i live in the present since im only 31. People have a tendency of dying within 5 years after retirment in my profession so i want to live a good life while i have it bc who knows what will happen. I also prob wont be shooting Open when im 60, and will probably be slow and fat haha.
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