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  1. Interested in the responses. I like my DPP, but it sucks that I have to have a spare for when I send one back.
  2. about every 1000rds for me, but could probably go longer.
  3. LMS

    Nationals Promo

    Just used it - still working!
  4. Watched the video at the link above - seems like you'd need to be in a spray booth wearing overalls and a mask. Still might be faster than the traditional way though.
  5. LMS

    Thickest CZ grips

  6. FWIW, I no longer have this issue. When an RO saw it he was asking if I was crimping too tight, but I told him it was factory ammo. I've shoot a couple thousand rounds since then with no issues, so I am wondering if it was just that batch?
  7. LMS

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    I had one. They are awesome. Do it.
  8. So your early post said a good group for this gun was 3" at 10 yards off a bench, but stuart was able to do less than 1" at same distance. Maybe you and this gun just don't agree with each other. I had a high end trap gun and had a similar experience - I and several others shot it and all of us saw it shooting way low and way left. I sent it back to where I bought it, and he shot it perfectly. So what then? Rather than dive further into the quicksand, I ended up sending it down the road and getting another one that works great and I still use. Sometimes it's just easier that way.
  9. 4 grand and you still get a plastic trigger...
  10. This is great advice. At my first match I knew no one. I told the folks at the sign up table that it was my first time, and they made sure someone looked after me. Many many people at my local matches will go out of their way to help a noob.
  11. My friend and I took up USPSA shooting a couple years ago. I'm in my early 60's and he's in his early 70's. We are having a blast! The younger folks are better than us but it's still fun to compete and to watch ourselves progress. Additionally, brainpower is pretty important when deciding how to take a stage - it's not just about how fast you can run. DO IT!
  12. I did it, and you do need a drill press and the right drills. You'll also need to put some wood inside the mag to support it. The whole thing is not terribly difficult.
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