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  1. I have one (not for a glock). There is some benefit in using it, at least to help get your sights back on target after a shot and better practice for reloads, but it is absolutely not the same as live fire. The recoil changes as you shoot and the gas depletes - at first it's more than what I feel with my ammo, then around the same, then way less. Just set your expectations for what it is and isn't.
  2. Are you saying you have zero variation now, or it's within some acceptable tolerance? If the latter, what would that be? I have one too and I love it, but I still get variations of +/- 0.004 and I use a Redding Competition seating die. I keep wondering if that's what I should expect or if I need to keep chasing something closer.
  3. "Readily available." That's a good one....
  4. Yea when I got my legion I got the 17 pinned to 10. The gunmagwarehouse link is the only place I can find them in stock. Hope it's the right size.
  5. Well I succumbed to lust and bought an AXG Classic. Due to living in NY I can't possess the 17 round mags that come with it so I have to scrounge my own 10 rounders. Does it use the full size or compact mags? Can't find the answer anywhere on the sig site including the manual.
  6. That kinda sucks. I wonder if the Armory Craft Sport Takedown Lever is any more robust?
  7. given the the price of them, I really hope this 5k number is wrong.
  8. Dang - loaded 200 last night and had three of them flipped, with the motor at full speed.
  9. Well, 200 seems like a really low number to me, especially given the size of the hopper.
  10. I get about 1 in 50 upside down. I'll increase the speed in my next session.
  11. I read through the manual cover to cover and didn't see an explanation (or even a name for it). I have seen pictures of 650's that there is a spring attached to it - it looks like it has something to do with returning the charge bar to some known position.
  12. Yea I surmised as much, and kudos to Lafe for doing both (supporting the shoots and creating something useful and trying to make money from it). On the latter, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a little better and more accurate communication though - especially when you order and it forces you to acknowledge a 5 week wait time. Just change that number to 8 or 10 or whatever.
  13. That's the quoted lead time - mine was longer. I will say that I would still get it even knowing the delays. Quality is good and it works as advertised. Just be prepared to be in the dark on it until it shows up.
  14. if it makes you feel any better, I had the same lack of response to my inquiries. But I did finally get it and I like it a lot. I had a RHT before that that did fit my *thumb rest [generic]*, but I liked the idea of the GX Vise holster. I'll probably be putting the RHT up for sale soon.
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