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  1. LMS

    CZ 75 magic question

    add a metal base plate
  2. Guess I'll give it a try as is before I add a pre-travel screw.
  3. I read a surprising amount of posts here saying "not much useful anymore and it's run it's course". Those statements confuse and depress me. They might be true for guys that have been around here for many years and who are accomplished at the sport. But there's lots of us that are beginners and novices that learn something here every time we hit the site. There is nothing out there even close to what we have here. No facebook page is or ever will be. I'd echo someone else's suggestion (I forget who): free for noobs for a short time (couple weeks or months), and then membership levels that start at about $20 for year for basic access, and go up form there for ability to sell in the classifieds (but still a flat rate that is not above $50/yr). Yea, you might lose some people, but if they leave over $20 or so, they are probably not engaged in the site anyway.
  4. Would it be unwise / silly / crazy for a handy individual to just drill and tap a hole in the GG trigger and add a set screw to control the pretravel?
  5. The job turned out nice. I am getting ready to do the same (poor man's mill). What RPM and mill diam did you use? And what did you use to get the final finish? Sandpaper? Did you wet sand?
  6. Thanks for those pictures - awesome visual!
  7. I use it exclusively and it works great.
  8. Read my copy cover to cover - I think I bought it in the late 80's.
  9. Alright @Will_M, I have to know why you have Bruce Hoadley as your avatar!
  10. I have run thousands of rounds of Syntech 205 thruough my CK without issue. Keep an eye out for good deals and buy a ton of it when you see one.
  11. I have run about 3000 rds of this through my CK 2011. Once I tuned my mags for it, no issues. I like it.
  12. And there's a bazillion of them out there being used by rabid fans.
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