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  1. I’ve run the same 8 mbx mags for awhile but I’m considering for the price trying the sti gen 2 with TTI basepads and gram guts.
  2. I agree lol this has had some awesome info. Thanks guys
  3. I have been shooting my canik tp9sfx in carry optics for awhile and love it. I have a glock17 with a zev trigger, Kkm barrel and custom slide and springs I intended to be my main gun but it went to the backup slot quickly after comparing the two. Canik has about 30k rounds through it and it has only gotten smoother. Installed a recoil system and flat face trigger ($75). It has been an awesome gun thus far. Plus apparently all the new walther sf have been shitting the bed lately so who’s laughing now.
  4. I am looking to buy my first open gun and i am wondering if anyone can shed some light on the differences between the lengths performance wise. Thanks
  5. good looking gun but the 2 piece grip and the fact that the mags arent STI style turns me off
  6. All mags mentioned above take maintainance, springs wearing out and if you dry fire hard or practice hard they will ALL go out of tune and need to be tuned but I’ve had good luck with MBX staying tuned the longest but it’s all personal preference TBH
  7. Looking forward to hearing how they run. Cool idea and fair valued price point.
  8. A venom can be anything you want. If you can dream it up, Don can build it. How is the fit and finish on venoms are they on par with the akai and atlas or do they look thrown together
  9. Does anyone have a performance comparison from venom to akai? First I’m hearing of venom customs
  10. Looking to order first of Jan. Hoping to have it before the April time frame
  11. I’m making the switch to open and am stuck between either an atlas chaos or an akai. Does anyone have some definitive differences between the two. Whichever it ends up being will be a 9mm Major thanks
  12. I’ve shot many 9mm 1911s and this is my favorite compact version I’ve shot by a mile. It cycles like my 2011s smooth and fast. Will definitely be buying one
  13. The metal grip with allow you to go lighter and crisper on the trigger job and it also allows you to grip easier in my opinion. And I’ve also had plastic grips stress crack which sucks balls
  14. Watched JJ racaza win limited nationals with a nemesis he borrowed from my buddy and he loved shooting the gun as have I with every atlas I’ve picked up. Ordering a chaos next year and can not wait
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