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Finally read the FAQs

Finally read the FAQs (3/11)

  1. Please contact me about your DVC steel 

  2. What are your favorite pants for USPSA? Flexibility and movement being my main concern
  3. I rest my case Best customer service in the business.
  4. If you look at glass dimensions they are identical
  5. Solid choice and glad your enjoying it. Adam stands behind his products so early model or not he will make sure it keeps going bang
  6. Anyone having reliability issues with the XL?
  7. Seems like STI is kicking the door wide open for BUL to come in and take the entry level competitive gun market
  8. Had sti paddle but it stuck on me twice and that was enough to trash it
  9. Any issues with any of these causing the mag catch to stick open?
  10. What basepads magazine combo do you use for ipsc
  11. What mag button y’all running. Have a PT grip with Dawson mag catch.
  12. Shoot both and make the decision. In the end it’s your gun and what works for you and feels good is most likely different from another guy.
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