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  1. Anyone having reliability issues with the XL?
  2. Seems like STI is kicking the door wide open for BUL to come in and take the entry level competitive gun market
  3. Had sti paddle but it stuck on me twice and that was enough to trash it
  4. Any issues with any of these causing the mag catch to stick open?
  5. What basepads magazine combo do you use for ipsc
  6. What mag button y’all running. Have a PT grip with Dawson mag catch.
  7. Shoot both and make the decision. In the end it’s your gun and what works for you and feels good is most likely different from another guy.
  8. Is their a difference in mags you have to use for open in IPSC?
  9. It’s return to zero is absolutely perfect as well as how flat and fast it returns. Closest thing to it would be the honchos limited config but I notice dip when shooting the honcho. Which is most likely due to my personal grip and feel but for me the atlas felt and shot the best
  10. Not racing to 50 just giving my opinion which you are entitled to as well. But when everyone I’ve put my nemesis in their hands has said the same thing it tends to be the truth. Not just local guys, other companies team members. As far as limited guns go it is the best. And what is your experience with the gun and customer service that your so quick to call baloney?
  11. Spot on! Unfortunately I don’t have the kung fu grip my larger friend here has so the nemesis worked awesome for me. But it’s gonna he what fits your style better
  12. Looks painful and I run the aggressive pt
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