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  1. As for my ongoing, never ending feeding problem. Do you think a longer OAL would help/hurt the situation or shorter OAL to improve feeding?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Peter! I never thought of that. How much did you have to remove from the bottom of the ejector? How much clearance should be there? PS: Great seeing you at a the match. Also, to jstagn, What would the Brazos do that the Aftec extractor doesn't? (and why would the extractor cause the FTF? The round never has a chance to reach the extractor...)
  3. Tried RN bullets. Same jam exactly. Here are some pics from today of the actual jam as it happened:
  4. Update: Thought I had this problem fixed, sent it out to gunsmith to get worked on, and ran perfect for about 600 rounds but the jams have come back. This gun ruined another 2 matches for me. Same jam as always. Cartridge noses up into the top of the chamber and the rear cartridge rim doesn't go under the extractor. Because the extractor doesn't catch the rim it results in a devastating jam. No amount of racking the slide clears it. Cartridge just hangs there laughing at me. To recap, extraction and ejection is always perfect with this gun. Failure to feed is THE only issue. Maybe loading the bullets out to 1.20" will help?
  5. Vote for Leupold LCO. I play 3 Gun as well and it is one tough optic with a clear, wide field of view.
  6. What thumbrest is that on the middle gun?
  7. I'm thinking of flying into Charlotte, NC (because I like to fly JetBlue :-). Not too far of a drive from there. Would you know what address to send the ammo to? Would I need to contact them first?
  8. Going to be flying in for this match. Is Greenville the best airport to fly into? I'll have to mail all my ammo as well. Has anyone here shot at Clinton House? Can you drive to the stages or do you need a cart? Thanks.
  9. Which 45 degree optics mount is that RTS on?
  10. I saw these target rain/weather guards in footage from the IDPA nats this year. They said they worked great. Does anyone know who sells these? Thanks.
  11. No, I haven't. Even if they fixed it and 'told' me it wouldn't happen again... would I really be able to trust it?
  12. Located just East of Rochester NY, the Ontario Rod & Gun Club will be holding the 2018 New York State 3 Gun Championships. To register on practiscore follow this link: https://practiscore.com/orgc-2018-ny-state-3-gun-championship-match/register As a bonus, one lucky shooter will win a new Columbia River Arms AR-15 rifle barrel. We will randomly select one shooter from all who entered this match AND have a valid 3 Gun Nation Member number! Barrel details: - Lightweight (Approx. 1.6 lbs) 16″ Barrel - Mid-Length Gas System - 5.56/.223 Wylde, 1×8 Twist Rate - Balanced for Movement & Speed - Tapered for Vibration & Recoil Control - Styled For Unique Look - 1/2″x28 Muzzle Threads - 1″ Gas Block Length - Exclusive Black Shot Peened Finish - Laser Engraved 3-Gun Nation Logo This will be a lost brass match. Rules are the current 3GN Rulebook. The match will contain at least one 3GN classifier stage. All divisions will be recognized. Longest rifle shot will be 100yds. No green tip or steel core .223 ammo allowed. Lunch provided. No slings needed. No birdshot heavier than #6 allowed. You will need slugs, but no buck shot. We will have an MGM spinner on one stage. Bring, at minimum, 5 magazines for each gun. Open shooters can only load to 10+1 rounds max (cause we're in NY, blah yuck...). Stages will be posted. Match is rain or shine. Safety brief at 9:30am, hammer down at 10:00am. If you would like to help RO this match please PM me. Thanks!
  13. Three of the new DVC's Open guns at our club too and they are nothing but jam factories. Nobody can get them running.
  14. So what should I do now? Totally confused. I have all new MBX mags. Send all 6 mags back to MBX and say they don't work with the STI DVC Open gun? Buy all new STI mags? Or send the barrel back to STI and say "fix your barrel"?
  15. Well, the STI DVC ruined yet another match for me today. Same style jam. Went home from match and ran 50rnds through it (made explicitly sure my thumb was not riding the slide) and 2 of these jams surfaced (with different magazines). Used this chance for intense inspection and it actually appears that the bullet is somehow catching on some kind of sharp edge on the right side of the barrel as the bullet is trying to go into the chamber! When I recovered the bullet I can see the "cut" in the bullet jacket where it caught (it does this with round nose or hollow points). (and with these style jams the round is not even coming up under the extractor. I'll post pics tomorrow)
  16. Been using a Dawson Tool-Less Guide Rod that came with my STI DVC Open gun. At about 2000 rounds the pin that holds the lock lever backed out far enough that it caught on the recoil spring. Jammed the gun up and ruined my match. Is there anyway to keep the pin from backing out? Love the convenience of this thing, but not if it's just a jamming time bomb waiting to go off... Thanks.
  17. The gun has 2,917 rounds on it. What is a PT safety? Are they easy to install?
  18. Update: Gun ejects fine. Now new problem. Plagued with getting failures to feed that look like this: What would cause this? Having the gun perfectly clean seems to mitigate the problem somewhat, but after 2 to 3 stages it jams up like this. It doesn't seems to be isolated to a particular magazine either. Feed lips are all measured in spec. Using Aftec extractor with both springs. Stock STI ejector. Using Precision Delta 124gr HP's. 1.16 OAL. 6.8gr Autocomp. Feed ramp is highly polished but a little sharp on the edges. Ideas? Thanks.
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