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  1. One question, what grit have picked for the SC? There are several available options, and I narrow them down to the following two options: 60/90 and 120 Any suggestion?
  2. A topic on this subject was created in the past. You can find some good suggestions there:
  3. Thanks, the aftermarket industry is quick, and does not leave any desire, unanswered! After all, the firearms/ ammo and aftermarket industries have rose (its economic impact) 171% from 2008-2018 [source: NSSF- 2019 report].
  4. I agree the auto-lifter is an interesting feature. But a match-saver is also a very good alternative.
  5. OK, this is what I would do. At the time of shooting, I won't argue with the RO/CRO and do what he said and finish the stage. Then depending on the attitude of the RO, I either pull up the guidebook/rules in my cell phone and show it to the RO, or call the RM and describe the situation. I then will ask to re-shoot the stage. Enjoy your shooting and the sport. In the end, not everyone are perfect, and ROs are like everyone else. It could be just an honest mistake on his side.
  6. You can simply ask to call the range-master. Some RO are a bit rusty in memorizing rules for different divisions. I witness the exact same situation in a steel-challenge match two weeks ago.
  7. I totally agree. However, the current firearm market is filled with so many options that makes it hard to decide which system is really worth the money you pay for it and it really delivers the level of accuracy/reliability/functionality you desire. Perhaps within the boundaries you define for the purpose/use. Since you mentioned M2, have you tried M3K Freedom. It does give you a "cheaply made" impression if you put side by side with M2. But it is very similar to M2, it terms of the functionality and it is very reliable (at least among the shotguns at its price range). I wonder if Auto-loading lifter can be installed in a M3K, since it shares the same platform with M2?
  8. I heard about the new Hiperfire PHANTOM. Very promising (at least in their ads!). Saying that, after shooting around 1k, I like the Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH (with the lighter spring). I have bought some spare springs for the firing pin. I have shot many rounds with the following trigger brands: Geissele, Elftman, and CMC. This Hiperfire trigger is different. Can't say in a good or bad way. It does not give a crisp brake kind of feeling. It is more like a polished trigger to a point that it just make a surprise brake. It was a very odd feeling at the beginning, but now that I get use to it, I like it very much.
  9. I hear what you are saying, but I am sure even you cann't accept it as an excuse to attack the person who raised the question. If that was the case, one could simply provide a link and say it has been mentioned before. Or as Mike mentioned in two (long) sentences, that person could say the assumption is not correct, and here are the reasons .... Furthermore, no one force anyone in this forum to respond to every single topic. If you go back to the responds that are given, you will see some of them not only are not related to the topic, but also they are mainly an expression of arrogancy and lack of judgment/rational.
  10. I was comparing apples with apples, and oranges with oranges: Major: 75%A + 25%C at 19.3 Sec: HF 7.87 25%A + 75%C at 17.3 Sec: HF 7.86 Minor: 75%A + 25%C at 19.3 Sec: HF 7.46 50%A + 50%C at 17.3 Sec: HF 7.39 So it is 7.87 vs 7.86, and 7.46 vs 7.39.
  11. Thanks, finally a respond that actually relates to the topic! If that is the case, I was under a wrong impression that for a A/G/GM level HF, it is all about how fast someone can shoot all A-zones.
  12. Sad to see again and again, when people fall short in a conversation they start to attack the person. You simply demonstrate how you are not capable of participating in a conversation about such a simple topic. Getting back to what you have just expressed about me: Yes, I have been shooting for less than a year, and I started as a C-level shooter. Since my first match, I've kept on improving and progressing every match. Don't worry, I will overtake you very soon . BTW, you did not need to search for it, you could simply ask me and I would let you know. Of course I have not shot a major PF in a match. I said that in my previous posts in this topic: I refer you to what ima45dv8 has posted couple of hours ago: Maybe it is hard for you to understand that if someone ask a question, it is because that person doesn't know the answer. I hope one day you grow up, and learn how to engage in a conversation.
  13. I get your point, basically the disadvantage of one additional point deduction when hitting a C-zone with a minor load (compare with major), overcomes its advantages (extra rounds+less recoil and presumably faster run).
  14. I understand how targets gets larger is a method that people use to describe major vs minor, but there is a flaw in that statement. A-zone does not get bigger, no matter what load you shoot. I interpret your comment as you very much like major. But look at the mentioned points about the advantage of minor from another perspective. For someone who shoots just major, I assume you agree adding a magazine extension is an advantage (within the boundaries of total magazine length). It will add 2-3 rounds to each magazine. It may not be much, but you can't ignore its advantage.
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