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  1. Does anyone have any experience running a JP GMR-15 upper on a non-JP lower? Specifically, I have a PWS PCC lower that I'd like to put a side-charging JP upper on.
  2. Last night and today I've been trying to access the ICORE website (icore.org), but it doesn't seem to be functioning. Does anyone know if there's planned maintenance, or if what's happening?
  3. I would definitely shoot revo in USPSA carry optics if it was an option. Personally, I don't think USPSA should remove revo, but regardless of what happens to it, I really want them to open up CO to revo so there's a division where I can shoot a revolver with a dot and get destroyed marginally less than in open.
  4. Living in the Seattle area, there are at least 2 USPSA matches (1 weekday evening and 1 weekend) every week in the summer within 1.5 hours of me (even in traffic). The nearest ICORE match is 3+ hours away, and runs 4 times per year. I'd love to shoot ICORE, especially to run an optic on my revo, but until some clubs in the area start doing it, it's just not feasible for me. And for whatever reason, it's very difficult (almost impossible) to convince any of the ranges around here to run new events because the calendars are already so full - for example, there's only 1 range in the whole of western WA that runs an NRL22 match (because of me), despite the fact that it only requires 100 yards and a few steel targets, it's super beginner friendly, and has as relatively low cost of entry. In the end though, I'm not going to win any matches, so I don't care too much if I need to shoot revo in production for USPSA and drive to ICORE matches a few times a year when I can.
  5. Yeah, this thread got out of hand surprisingly quickly.
  6. Yep, as I do more research and talk to folks around here, I'm starting to realize that. Definitely lots of good opportunities for me to learn from local shooters.
  7. Thanks everyone! Will look into some local options to get the front sight on - but it looks like I'll need to send it away from action work.
  8. Does anyone know of any gunsmiths in WA state experienced in working with revolvers? Specifically, I'm thinking of picking up a 929, but I'd prefer to have the action worked on locally, instead of shipping it off to tk customs or somewhere else. I'm also not super comfortable replacing the pinned front sight myself. I'm in the Seattle area, but I don't mind driving a bit to find someone good.
  9. If there was an action shooting game that just required a brace of single action revolvers, no rifle or shotgun, and didn't require dressing up, I'd finally have an excuse to buy a match set of Ruger Vaqueros. All that extra stuff totally kills my interest in cowboy action...
  10. I think what I'm gathering from this thread is that it probably doesn't matter how much the USPSA org cares (or doesn't) about revolver - there's just not enough interest. And I get it - you don't have a lot of options for guns (929, 627 is pretty much it, right? Maybe the R8? 6 shot major isn't really viable anymore), it's pretty much necessary to reload, and it requires learning a whole new set of skills - especially if you don't already shoot a low-cap division. You just need to be the kind of person who really loves shooting wheel guns, despite their limited practical application (when compared to an autoloader). I'll probably do it anyway, and just compare myself to the other low cap divisions. But I certainly don't expect the same experience I had in CO where I slapped a dot on my g17 and started shooting at a "competent" level almost immediately (i.e. I'm still slow, but I don't have many mikes, and based on my classifiers so far it's looking like I'd be in B class by the middle of next year). I just wish ICORE and Steel Challenge was more popular in the Seattle area...
  11. In general I really like the Syntech, and I haven't had any other issues in 3k rounds or so. No failures of any kind out of my gen 4 glock 17 and 34, shoots super soft, and it's really clean.
  12. I think that's good advice for most people... Thanks for the info - I'm looking forward to doing some of my own gunsmithing.
  13. I'm in the Seattle, WA area. There's ICORE matches down by Vancouver ~4 times a year I'll try to attend, but everything within an hour or so is USPSA or IDPA. I've heard that we have at least one good USPSA revo guy up here somewhere... What surprises me most about the responses on this thread is how many people have such a negative response to the very idea of shooting revo - as if they're going to get some sort of disease from it
  14. Yep, I’m a long way from being an M or GM class shooter anyway, and I don’t plan on winning any matches in the foreseeable future - might as well shoot a gun that I think is cool!
  15. Did you do all the action work yourself? Did you find that it was difficult, or was it fairly simple following the video? I'm looking at picking one up, but I don't have a local gunsmith I'd trust with a revo.
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