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  1. Ran a 6moa slide ride for years and recently switched to a 2moa 510c. The change to the smaller dot has made attaining same level of accuracy and shot calling much easier without affecting speed. I’m a big fan of the small dot.
  2. taxil343


    I’ll check it out. Thanks
  3. taxil343


    After measuring the breechface and extractor tunnel location I can confirm it is a 9/38 slide.
  4. taxil343


    I agree but that’s just not feasible. The first time it was sent back it was in for over a year just to replace the slide. Sent it back again after receiving a non-functional gun, it was in for another month and actually came back worse... I’ve gotten it to 99% reliable, just searching for that last 1%.
  5. taxil343


    Powder is Accurate #7. I started with a 7lb in the gun but It was returning a little high so I went to the 8lb.
  6. taxil343


    Gun and ammo has worked in the past. The slide cracked, top end was replaced by the builder and when I got it back it has been unreliable. I don’t think I’m riding the slide with my thumb. Safety is SVI wide ambi so not shielded but I don’t have a problem with riding the slide on my other guns without shielded safeties. Function is perfect when manually cycling. This gun is a stroked, mid-length gun so I cut 5 coils on a standard length spring just to keep it from coil binding. 5 coils is just short enough to allow the slide to travel fully to the rear. Ammo was chrono’d two weeks ago at 171PF.
  7. taxil343


    I have an open gun (38SC, mid-length, stroked, hybrid barrel with 4 popples) that was stove piping on every round. I checked extractor tension, seemed more than adequate. When the stovepipes occur, it’s almost like the fired case never left the chamber. It will fire, slide travels fully to the rear and returns fully into battery, but the spent case is still in the chamber. When this happens, it is always just as described above. It won’t try to feed another round and hang up on the spent case, the only way you would know there has been a malfunction is after dropping the hammer on the spent case. Racking the slide ejects the spent case and chambers the next round in the magazine. I have increased extractor tension the point where the gun should not feed (it still does) and still get an occasional stovepipe, maybe 1/100. Is there anything other than lack of extractor tension that can cause stovepipes? Gun currently has an 8lb recoil spring with 5 coils cut, I’m not sure what the main spring is. Could too light of a main spring cause the gun to unlock too quickly causing the case to slip past the extractor?
  8. This. Started the girlfriend out shooting open with a 17. Since she was brand new to pistols, I wanted to keep the gun she was using every weekend similar to the gun she was carrying during the week, a 19. She shot open minor for about 6 months. The gun was ok but no where near good enough to be competitive. Do yourself a favor and listen to the advice of everyone here. I didn’t and wound up spending at least $1500 assembling a terrible open gun that I sold at a big loss after buying a 2011... A 34 is a decent production gun, just shoot production. I’m trying to save you some money not be jerk btw.
  9. My girlfriend shoots a Trubor and we share another one for a backup. They have both been great, her’s Has over 20k on it now with nothing but cleanings and new springs. Had Brazos zig rackers installed on both by Gary Natale at Gans Guns. He did a great job and the turnaround time was incredible. Mailed them off on a Monday and had them back on Friday.
  10. Second this. I use AA#7 and after 400 rounds my guns are full of this stuff. Still run great though.
  11. taxil343

    New Open Gun

    Call Dan Bedell. I have had exactly 0 malfunctions in close to 15k rounds out of my open gun. One time I thought my gun had hung up and I was so shocked I just stared at the gun for about two seconds before I realized I had run it dry. Dan’s guns run, great customer service too.
  12. I have two with close to 20k through them and 0 issues.
  13. A buddy of mine shot several thousand from AA before he started loading. Never had any issues.
  14. 124 gr Precision Delta JHP over 9.6 gr of AA#7 works very nicely.
  15. Using an oil like Militec, that actually penetrates the surface of the metal, is the only way this might be possible. When I was brand new to open I used to wipe the chambers of comps with and oiled q-tip before shooting. This helps but carbon fouling is inevitable. If you shoot jacketed bullets (not FMJ) the comp will stay cleaner. I have guns with over 25k on them that you can still see the tooling marks in the bottom of the comp chambers. They do however have a thin coating of carbon on them so the titanium color has been replaced with a dull gray/black.
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