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  1. A buddy of mine shot several thousand from AA before he started loading. Never had any issues.
  2. 124 gr Precision Delta JHP over 9.6 gr of AA#7 works very nicely.
  3. Using an oil like Militec, that actually penetrates the surface of the metal, is the only way this might be possible. When I was brand new to open I used to wipe the chambers of comps with and oiled q-tip before shooting. This helps but carbon fouling is inevitable. If you shoot jacketed bullets (not FMJ) the comp will stay cleaner. I have guns with over 25k on them that you can still see the tooling marks in the bottom of the comp chambers. They do however have a thin coating of carbon on them so the titanium color has been replaced with a dull gray/black.
  4. Once a year I change all gun and mag springs. I shoot 8-10k a year and have never experienced failures induced by weak springs.
  5. To me it was NEVER letting myself break a shot (either live or dry) without being in the proper position that helped to ingrain staying low. If you want it to be automatic it has to be something you do subconsciously, this only comes with reps. Make a proper stance as important as muzzle awareness, trigger finger discipline, etc. and it will become natural.
  6. Good deal. I am really leaning toward getting one for a new gun I’m building for my girlfriend. She likes the size of the E2 better than the Evo since it is a little smaller but prefers the texture of the Evo. Seems like a winner. I didn’t know Cheely was making his own triggers now.
  7. I know they’re new. Anyone here bought one yet?
  8. I have zero experience with snap caps, I own none, so I can’t say for sure. For a brief time, I did play around with one of the laser games where you put a properly sized “cartridge” in the chamber and upon pulling the trigger see a red dot appear on the target at the would be place of impact. I removed the extractor on the gun I was using to keep the laser chambered and racked it to reset the striker between draws. Never had an issue. Is the striker dropping at all? Slide fully in battery?
  9. This. I run the 45s most of the time and they are great. If it's a bluebird day I'll swap them for the 22s and if it's really overcast I'll go clear. Prism lenses and dots work very well together.
  10. I guess I am the only one here who prefers an OEM slide. I have a dragonfly on a 17 and as others have said, it is snappy. I have tried everything from 10-14lb recoil springs with little to no change in the recoil impulse. The gun looks amazing, but if I were looking to compete with it the dragonfly would be swapped for the factory slide. I think this slide would be a winner on a open steel gun or 3 gun open pistol.
  11. Does the gun function normally if you dryfire it without the snap cap in the chamber?
  12. Stock Gen4 RSA out of a G17: OAL - 3.228" Diameter (front) - 0.447" Diameter (front step) - 0.522" Diameter (rear) - 0.498" Now for the measurements you asked for in you last post: GR where it sits against the barrel - 0.498" Hole in the end of Glock slide - 0.453" Diameter of the recessed hole in the inside of the slide - 0.533" I replaced this RSA with a Jager heavy uncaptured guide rod for a Gen3 G17 and use their adapter bushing with a 12lb Wolff spring. Dimensions on the GR are: OAL - 3.204" Diameter (front of bushing) - 0.448" Diameter (bushing step) - 0.520" Diameter (rear) - 0.415" This setup has been reliable for approximately 8k rounds.
  13. Tanfo is far better suited for larger hands. I’m sure someone in your club has one for you to test drive.
  14. X-line are typically drop in with the PT Evo grip.
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