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  1. Sweet !! Thanks, guys. What about throwing some " car wax " inside the tumbler with the corn cob! I heard that makes the brass really clean and shiny. Would that be ok? Again; Thank you for the help.
  2. Hey, guys! I'm fairly new to reloading ammo and I have a question for all the experienced reloaders. Mainly I'll be reloading 9mm. How clean does the INSIDE of the brass have to be? Does it have to be shiny, like the outside? Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks guys for all the help !! I just order me a 6 pack of Springer's, along with a bunch of goodies from Patriot Defense. There it goes the Christmas Bonus I never had !!!!!!
  4. Actually; the Precisions are $10 cheaper ( 6 pack ) than the Hennings. What are the pros and cons, from Henning VS Precission, other than consistent grip?
  5. Hey, Guys! Does anybody know if the Springer Precision base pads for the Stock 2 mags are legal for Production division? And will the gun fit in the box with those base pads? Thanks !
  6. Your right; the holes don't line up with each other. What I did was, I set up the hooks to where they line up with some holes in all the banners, and if the banner is a little " floppy " I use blue painters tape and tape the banner to the wall. I learn to live with it !!!!
  7. Hey Truborshooter !! I have been using the banners for about a year now and I have to say, I think they do work. My times have dropped significantly and by no means, I'm not as fast as KC or MAX etc... Primarily i shoot limited and in last month match I was 4th overall and first place in limited. Scores are in practiscore. ( Hansen Steel ) Punta Gorda Florida. There's another match this Saturday and right now I have Five to go set up in my living room. I have all 8 stages by the way. In my opinion, they do help with your dryfire routines. Steel Challenge Scores.html
  8. I really appreciate your input Johnbu !! I think now; I'm clear on what I need to get and what I need to do !! Thanks !!
  9. What about the firing pin ? Should I get the Xtreme or will the Henning XL work ?
  10. Thanks a lot Johnbu for the info. Pretty much that's exactly what I was looking for !!
  11. Hey guys !! What parts do i need to get and what kind of modifications do i need to do ( other than polish ) to my Stock 2, that will stay legal for USPSA production and will function 100% reliable with " FACTORY AMMO ". Just trying to get the DA/SA as low as possible and to be reliable. I'm working to get set up to load my own ammo, but in the mid time, i'll be using factory ammo. ( Freedom Munitions mostly ! ). Any input will be really appreciated !!
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