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  1. I was hoping it’s just a simple clean up fix or resolder. With current situation don’t want to send anything in just in case riots start happening again. C-more will charge a fee to fix it so I may just buy another red dot sight. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Had this C-more sight for quite a while now and I noticed the battery dies faster than my other Open gun. I replaced the battery again and noticed the dot is dimly on when the switch is on zero. Anyone had this problem before? Troubleshooting what causes it? Fix action?
  3. Royce, I think you hit the mark. I don't have much money to drop on a Bridgeport, I wish I did. I'm also not going to make gunsmithing a living so the less money I spend the better. I'm an enthusiast that thinks of things that I can add or build so I can improve both gun and my shooting. I thinks all of us have that in us, I just want to make it happen since getting it on paper and machined by a pro will take too much time and money. Thanks for your input. josh
  4. Carlos, I appreciate you taking your time to explain and give examples of what you have accomplished with your mini mill. Like I said, I'm not willing to spend 5k on a milling machine that will just sit on my bench most of the time. If you can send me pictures of some of the work you have done with your mini mill it will be much appreciated. my email "joshuatroy@go.com" josh
  5. This is exactly the feedback I'm looking for. Lots of mix info here and I really appreciate it, kind of like trying to see everyones' view point on the subject. I don't know if I can slam even 5k on a 2k lb vertical machine, but this really gives me a lot of leads to researc. Thanks, you guys are super. josh
  6. I've been doing most of the work on my competition guns both limited and open. In fact I built my limited gun all by myself without any trip to a real gunsmith. Now I would like to build a dedicated steel gun and of course it will require a lightened slide and maybe even a lightened frame. Can a $450 Grizzly or Homier mini mill do the job in making those mill cuts onto a quality made slide? Should I just save up for a bigger milling machine that's over 1k dollars. Are the mill/lathe combo machines any good? Looking for inputs from the guys that actually have gone this route... Thanks. josh
  7. Alan, Great work and thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming. josh
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