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  1. They should work fine. It's playing the 140/170mm game that will require new base pads.
  2. joshua

    Wonder Woman

    I kind'a like the later outfit WW had instead of the one in the pic (higher cut) sexier... Sandra B. as WW?... No way dudes she ain't got it to be WW. How about Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jessica Alba as WW?... Yeah baby yeah... josh
  3. joshua

    My First...

    Sniper, Great job on your stage win. I think the gun is right for you since you are starting to kick *$$. I don't know what I was thinking when I asked that bull/bushing barrel, it's a hybrid so it can't be bushing. Duh Congrats again on your stage win. josh
  4. Yup! Nicely done. So when will you start on another ar15 project?
  5. joshua

    My First...

    Nice gun, amazing you didn't get a 4.5 or 4" barreled gun. Nice to see old school full size blasters and that racegun is soooo pretty. Maybe I'll get my full size open guns prettied up with a hard chrome finish. Did you go with a bull barrel or bushing? My advice to you is to get a blast cover for your C-more. My comp guns have reverse rake compensators and my lense gets all fogged up after a stage. I think hybrid holes are terrible on the lenses if not blast shielded. I suppose with 165pf it won't pop your tooth fillings, that's if you have any (fillings not tooth). Please do tell us how it shoots.... josh
  6. You want to go lower than the Carter design?... Does your club make you shoot through peep holes? josh
  7. Julien, Nice blaster. I just can't believe you haven't done anything with that 3 lb trigger pull. Keep us posted on your modifications and why you made them. josh
  8. joshua

    my new address

    CALTRANS s#*Ked @$$, I went through the same poss during April and didn't think it would come down like that and sure enough I had a brand new SUV with 4wd with nice tires and I still had to get a pair of snow chains that had to be installed by some dude smellin like he just got out of Jack Daniel's distillery. The worst thing about it is the dude wanted my 1st borne son for them, I think I talked him down to $84.00 bucks installed. Grrrrrr.... I wish I had a shotgun then. josh
  9. I guess limited is not so limited after all. The 500 quantity production should just apply to production class. Limited class should just have a ruling that says no optics, barrel ports and compensators. That should solve all this crazy stuff. josh
  10. Aimpoint will be a better choice, because the tube actually looks thinner than the Tasco's due to the conical design of the Aimpoint. I personally own 2 Tasco PDP3 and 2 Propoints. One PDP3 had it's intensity adjustment broke due to improper use of turning it off, and my dot went intermittent during matches. Tasco fixed it for $20 and shipping cost. So far it's been holding up, when I finally took it off my open gun I could not believe how many dings it had on the bottom portion of the tube from all the ejected brass hitting it. It still works and so does the other Propoints I have in my inventory. josh
  11. I would have to agree with ANeat on the Powers jig. I prefer it over another famous brand jig. josh
  12. joshua

    my new address

    Darn I was thinking about that missing round while I was reading the posts... O well. A pistol grip is nice but I rather stick with the full butt just in case the intruder is not armed and just need a bit of a butt stroke for a quick lesson in trespassing. Good job in getting out of Kali.
  13. joshua


    I've never seen so much brand new mags except when a couple of my troops were assigned to load up some mags for our sister flight that was inbound for Iraq. It was for more than 150 troops/ with a battle pack of ammo each and some extra for the designated lead and tail gunners. The round count was somewhere in the 20K of 3/4 ball and 1/4 tracers. They had sore thumbs/hands it took them 6 hours to do it. josh
  14. That is one nice rig, good looking and ergonomic. Excellent! Hey maybe some big rifle stock making company will take notes. How much has that project cost you if you don't mind me asking... I'm droooooolinng all over the keyboard... josh
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