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  1. As always, thanks for the years of helpful data for so many!
  2. +1 - I have one of his comps also.
  3. If you don't want to send it off or have a local gunsmith work on it, you can get some cold blueing or even some of the spray finishes to help a little. Not ideal but better than nothing. Like it was said above, you will have to keep it well oiled constantly.
  4. Nick is correct, the key word being "most recent"... "... scores in the most recent six or eight scores."
  5. Did you look at the Mitchell Custom right side mag catch? Good info here also:
  6. I'm not sure I follow here, are you saying that going from muzzle down to pointing to a side berm could be a DQ? or from muzzle up to side berm? Or saying that if you case the PCC with the muzzle down, you would DQ? In essence, it states "while casing" so you would already be at the berm or within a reasonable distance, sleeve or bag it while it's pointing at the berm. Please elaborate. Thanks.
  7. 1) Yes, absolutely. I welcome all comments that will keep everyone safe and make me a better/safer shooter. Also, safety warnings are allowed by the stage ROs per rule 8.6.1. 2) Good idea. If they can't be mature enough to accept constructive comments, well they need to grow up. Sometimes during the heat of a run, we all lose a few IQ points. Also, just a comment, they either DQ'ed or they didn't, call what you see - nothing more, nothing less.
  8. I have the same rifle and use N320, works great!
  9. +1 Great place with great products. I have made many orders here. Great tutorials also. Let us know how it turns out...
  10. The OP situation seems pretty clear that the MD attempted to compel shooter movement without the basis of a true safety issue - taking your word for that since I was not there. This goes all against 1.1.5 so not good. So a Forbidden Action, which must be specified in the WSB, is only used when such movement will likely result in an unsafe condition. That is solely a judgement call by the official so was there any explanation as to what made the movements likely unsafe? Were there holes in the ground? Debris? Maybe standing water where a slip/fall was likely? Can you expand on this? On the situation with GregJ, that is more of a "Off-Limits" area, not a Forbidden Action, and must be clearly defined in the course along with put in the WSB and that is okay and advisable in a lot of situations like that. Also, the penalty for each is quite different so getting the correct declaration is important.
  11. Would you answer the questions so it is clear on the call (the match is irrelevant)? This is a learning forum also and it would help out others and possibly the match club in question. Thanks.
  12. Yeah, I got that part Sarge but I want to get the rest of the story from the OP. Even if we don't know which match it was, if someone from that club reads this and learns something from it to produce better matches (well, this goes for anyone really), then all is well.
  13. So did they make the correct scoring call? If not, what did they call? Can you list some examples of the other questionable calls you referenced? This isn't very clear so far.. I'm not trying to stir up anything, just want to use it as a training tool for others.
  14. It has long been a standard that "standing" is synonymous with "standing erect", although the latter phrase is technically incorrect. Standing does mean erect but since everyone tries to game stages, the standing erect (as noted in 8.2.2 and start positions) is there to further clarify. I am really surprised there wasn't an RO around to ensure the consistently in the start position. Start positions are not freestyle and the WSB can be modified at any time to clarify it even more if need be.
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