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  1. Sarge, do you have a picture? Was there any shaping done to it? Did he mention why he wanted the grip panel that way? You said “ledge”, in your opinion, could it be used any at all for recoil mitigation? Was it a Government length model? If it fits the box, there can’t be much length to it but just want to be sure of all the specifics. Thanks.
  2. Definitely let us know how that goes and which one it is. I load the same powder and PF so I’m curious. Thanks.
  3. And yet, another reason why photographic “evidence” is not used in making calls and/or arbitrations.
  4. With Major, you get to take advantage of the comp where Minor really doesn’t make efficient use of the comp. However, if you can shoot all As and not worry about using a comp, go for it. It’s been done over and over many times by several top shooters and Major wins in the end.
  5. Class act sir! Takes a big man to admit when he's wrong, especially on this stage. Super happy no one was hurt but this is a good learning moment for everyone. Take care...
  6. If you do a search, HS6 pops up thousands of times. It's been around a long time and is pretty well cemented in its position as a good powder for 9Major. It has other applications but most on here refer to it in 9Major recipes. I've been loading it for about 15 years now and love it. Yeah, it's a little dirty but everything else about it is great for me.
  7. Well, here goes another 4 or 5 page post. There are so many things wrong on so many levels with this situation and it all could have been prevented by a few simple things. I just have to ask, was the RO a timer holder or were they a certified RO?
  8. Also, something that happened to me, the gauges are sometimes tighter than others. Have you pulled your barrel and done a plunk test there? And I do agree with the others above, seating them correctly is the key too.
  9. Does the line on the outside have a slight "hump" to it? Or is it a scar or score into the brass? I was betting on the bullet seating ring but not sure from the pics. Let us know.
  10. I do something similar to this for my loads. For my Major load (9mm) using HS-6, I use a 124gr bullet and for the Minor load, just swap out the bullet for a 95gr and I have my Minor load. No change in powder settings. Minor adjustment on the seating die but I have it recorded where it should be set and takes very little time. I guess I'm just too lazy to come up with a new load so I went with this. Someone showed me this many years ago and I still follow it. Also, to answer the question about the gas, it's just not enough advantage to really talk about in Minor loads. In fact, ins
  11. Bro, really happy for you. I agree with the others, I have shot every division and I still think Open is the best. I like to change up sometimes and play in other divisions but I always go back to my love...Open!
  12. After every practice or match, just a good wipe down and sometimes spray a little CLP. Always a full cleaning before a match, if it's getting sluggish, or if it was raining while I was shooting. Definitely not OCD but I don't have any of my firearms with a bunch of left over carbon/residue on them. About once a year, full break down - everything come out, cleaned, then put back together.
  13. Saw an old post where you loaded a MG 95 with 5.7 of 320.  Can you tell me what your OAL was?


  14. It should. If it doesn't after the system update (which can take up to a month), I would give them a call or probably email is best with everything going on. Congrats on the classifier score!
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