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  1. gng4life

    Targets set too close to foul lines

  2. gng4life

    Targets set too close to foul lines

    The only rules that relate to that is about the physical construction, shooters being "forced to act in any manner which might cause unsafe action", and "safe angles of fire". As long as it at or beyond the 90 degree median intercept angle, it should be a safe angle. As long as the possible shots will not leave the berms, strike something that could be dangerous, or something along those lines, it should satisfy these rules also. It is the shooter's responsibility to keep their muzzle downrange. I see so many shooters trying to push beyond their capabilities so that is where most of the problems exist. Every shooter must understand their limitations and think safety before hit factor. Don't get me wrong, I do understand about courses that may seem a little unfair but every shooter must come up with a good plan that will account for those issues. And as always, if you see a safety issue, make it known right away to an official.
  3. gng4life

    Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    +1! Hollow points are known to be a little more accurate but whatever runs good and accurate in your gun is the best.
  4. gng4life

    How short can I load 9 major?

    I would be careful, I'm sure you know this but pressure is not linear. Because we are already close to the limits of a 9mm case, I would work it up very slowly if you decide to go that route. Personally, I would have the chamber lengthened. Just solves so many problems. And usually you get better feeding reliability with longer OALs for 9mm rounds in 2011 platforms.
  5. gng4life

    9mm Major load development 115CMJ with Silhouette

    Sil is a great powder but had two con areas for me when I was testing it. One - it was inverse temperature sensitive so know your temps and what to expect for PF for different temperatures. If you normally shoot in temperature stable place, then no worries. It also seemed to very from lot to lot quite often so always chrono your loads between lots. Two- the yellow residue left behind in the gun was annoying to me. It seemed to get the gun dirtier than I wanted in those all day long matches but not a huge deal. All in all, a great Open powder but HS6 is still my favorite.
  6. gng4life

    HS6 for 9 major

    I doubt it. I chrono'ed mine in the 40's up to the 90's and it was always +/- 2 PF. Some barrels are just slow so that may be it. My old STI Trubor (I think T2) was that way. My load was like your load...8.5gr with a MG 124 resulting in an ~170 PF. I shot in the East Coast, mid-West, and West Coast (Utah and Nevada) and again, HS6 was very consistent and I never failed chrono.
  7. gng4life

    HS6 for 9 major

    I used to run 8.5 in my old STI (with 2 popples and MG 124) to get 170 but in my newer guns with KKM barrels (5" and no popples), I'm using 8.1 to get 170. All loaded to 1.170. I have probably put 50K+ through my guns of HS6 and never had an issue. It's a little dirty but it feels the best of all the powders I have tried (VV, WAC, Silhouette, True Blue, and a few others) and it is stable in all temps. WAC was a decent load but felt "violent" to me and didn't like it as much as HS6. I haven't observed any difference in heat or other issues with HS6 compared with other powders through the years.
  8. gng4life

    Grip Tape Rules

    Yes, you are correct. Limited is good to go. There have been some changes to Limited since you last competed so it's good you are going through the rule book. Good luck!
  9. gng4life

    KG titanium coated and test fired!

    Now I know what to do with that hole when I lose those darn screws! Thanks!
  10. gng4life

    KG titanium coated and test fired!

    Did you shoot it like that? You are missing the trigger guard screws and sleeve. Good looking pistol so far!
  11. gng4life

    Double Alpha

    They just ran a Labor Day special. It was 5% off anything and 10% off orders above $150 or something like that, don't quote me on that, just trying to recall from memory. I am not sure if they ran a Black Friday special last year but I am betting they did and probably will this year.
  12. gng4life

    what if any should be the call on this discharge?

    YouTube says the user removed the video. I suppose you don't have a local copy, right?
  13. gng4life

    what if any should be the call on this discharge?

    Yeah, did he pull it?
  14. gng4life

    Bad Call??

    Are you sure the DQ was listed as 10.4.2? When a DQ is put in the scoring system, either paper or electronic, some notation should be made as to why the competitor was DQ'ed (10.3.2). I would ensure that first. Like it was said above, sometimes bystanders don't get all the information and just go off what they see but it may have been for a different violation. Just my personal rule, unless it is so obvious that it is well over 10' (for example like 25' and you just know it is impossible to be less than 10'), then I always measure and put that measurement on the score sheet, if within 10'. I heard a competitor one time saying the shot was well over 10' but when it was measured, it was 10'3". No DQ but it was not well over. So just a good idea to measure it, you know how guys are with their measurements
  15. Just curious, would this be better suited for the rules section?