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  1. Absolutely beautiful! How do they shoot? I wonder if that extra heavy frame will make follow up shot return to zero.
  2. oooh. that looks awesome!!! I just made an excel spreadsheet of parts.... time to start buying LOL
  3. I emailed Don last week... so far no response.
  4. I have DTV.Qx28 and its pretty wide. http://www.invictuspractical.com/deturk-vest.html If I was going to do it again I would go with DTV.Qx20-lite http://www.invictuspractical.com/deturk-vest-lite.html
  5. You have all the right components picked out so far. You will want 16 inch Intermediate Gas system for soft shooting 16, but 18 Rifle gas will be noticeably softer yet. For Low Mass BCG I would recommend JP LMOS or Fail Zero Low Mass BCG. I run Rainier Arms Ultramatch MOD2 Barrels. Absolute Tack drivers, but they come with a cost. Great company to deal with. Oh.... and dont forget Adj Gas Block.
  6. Do not worry too much about how fast you can reload rifle. Worry about seating magazine all the way in so it doesn't fall out after 1 shot. I honestly dont remember last time I had to reload a rifle mag on the clock. I rarely have to reload Pistol too. Now what you should be putting some serous hours into ... is reloading your scattergun. Quads or Box Mag changes. You better be able to feed that hungry beast anytime all the time. Shotgun loading will ruin your stage in a hurry.
  7. much much softer shooting. 18 rifle will be softer that 16 Intermediate
  8. Well... we are missing is pro High Speed/High Resolution camera, maybe in scope camera view and white checkered background Video is just for fun. It really hard to see the difference if you JUST looking at the video without any explanation of what took place. But this is why there is a write up and explanation of the difference to my best ability. It doesnt take much movement to affect your sigh picture during rapid fire during competition.
  9. You know. I am so used to my SJC that I didnt notice anything different. I can tell you that it is not any worse than SJC blast and noise.
  10. My new APA "The Answer" brakes showed up earlier this week. I was very excited to give them a test, tune and run it side by side with my true and tried SJC Titans. So here is my honest first impression. Both of my comp rifles setup the same. 16 inch RA UM Mod2 Intermediate Gas Barrel, Superlative Gas block adjusted to lock back, JP LMOS BCG and SCS, Hiperfire 24C Trigger. I didnt have ton of time at the range and it started dumping snow. So I setup couple UML Hex targets at 25 yards far apart on left and right for wide transitions with offset dot, One Hex target at 50 yards and one auto resetting popper at 100 to transition to a scope offhand. Few warm up runs with my SJC and I was ready to go. As always SJC worked great, Soft , Flat, controllable. Started testing APA with all 8 ports plugged. Dot moved up and right as expected for me being a right hand shooter. Removed two plugs closest to the barrel (one left, one right). Per APA, ports closest to the barrel will have more dramatic effect as they have more pressure and it makes sense. Things got MUCH better, still some light up and down with some movement to the right. (about the same as SJC at this point, Very Very similar) So I removed Two more plugs on the Right side. Did few runs. Movement to the right stopped, but now it stared to overcompensate and was pushing dot and shots down, but very so slightly. I plugged one port on the right..... and it was Perfect. Final setup for me was Removed Plugs - One on the left closest to the barrel and Two on the right closes to the barrel. Next few runs I had minimal Dot movement. It didnt really move... for the lack of better term it kind of wiggled/shudder in the center without moving up or right. I was constantly printing 1-2 inch pairs at 50 yards with pulling trigger as fast as I could during transitions. In short... I liked it! Is it better than SJC Titan? Its different. SJC in my opinion is little bit softer shooting, but APA is extremely tune-able with 8 Compensating ports so you can tune the movement of the dot to your grip and style of shooting. Also its SO much lighter if that is your thing of concern. SJC comes in at 5.8 oz and APA at 2.3 oz. APA is almost 3 times lighter. With only few minutes left at the range I shot couple slow mo videos with my phone hoping to capture the movement difference/ recoil impulse, but its not that easy to do So my SJC Titans are on my bench (they are not going anywhere yet) and all 3 match rifles (2x16, 1x18) are now wearing APA The Answer brakes for this season. I am excited to put more time and rounds and run the hard and fast. We shall see how they hold up. Here is a picture of the Answer brake on my 223 compared to Little Bastard on my 6.5CM . APA The Answer SJC Titan
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