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  1. 115gr/124gr JHP @ 1.169 for Open and 124gr JHP @ 1.123 for CO
  2. Its possible that springs will break in a little bit after use
  3. Hmm... I picked up 6 of TTI Pads last week from Shooters Connection. 22 Reloadable, 23+1 to start.
  4. No need for special follower. My 21rd mags just needed TTI Base. Stock Spring and Follower. I can fit 23 rd no problem
  5. I picked up 6x 21rd mags from Dawson Precision last week. Little more $ than usual at $57 but shipping is free and no Tax. They still have few in Stock. https://dawsonprecision.com/magazine-sig-p320-9mm-21-round-coyote-tan/
  6. Any Seating die will only be as accurate as a seating stem fitted to the bullet profile. The better the seating stem hugs the bullet by Ogive/sides and not touching the tip of the bullet. The better your OAL will be.
  7. You will not loose much velocity. maybe 2-3 PF if that. Shoot your current load and see if you need to adjust.
  8. I Like to load my 9 Major to 1.166 with mixed brass I get 1.165-1.167 all day long. 1. Lube your brass (1 part Lanoline to 10 parts of 99.9% IPA) 2. Use constant repeatable pressure on the handle when you load. 3. Remove your seater plug and Tune it to your bullet. Make sure it is hugging the bullet by the sides/ Ogive and Not touching the tip of the bullet. 4. Coated Bullets will have much wider variation VS good quality JHP/FMJ bullet (I load MG JHP) If you want even tighter OAL. Sort your brass by head stamp. Even Tighter? Pre-process your brass before you load. (Lube, Decap, Size, Tumble off the lube)
  9. Nick Berger with Nevermiss Industries . I have him building triplets for me. These are first two still in Raw White. One is finished prepped now and at DLC coating, One is being shot and third one almost ready for test fire. Absolutely Amazing attention to detail.
  10. Rollsizer will save your day. https://www.rollsizer.com/buy-a-new-rollsizer/
  11. This thread is about Major Pistol. So that is a reason I responded to your post. Just read through your Auto Pistol comment LOL.
  12. Please take a close up picture of your loaded rounds with X-treme bullets. Also with your calipers take a measurement of the loaded ammo 1/8 below Crimp and right at the crimp area at the edge of the case neck.
  13. I can tell you that it is not reverse temp sensitive. Confirmed with Shooters World ballistics lead tech and also confirmed myself. If you have a chance you should try and re-chrono your loads. Make sure you use. Same Brass, Same bullets, Same LOT of Powder.
  14. Short answer. Competitive in USPSA Open? No. Still Super Fun to shoot? Yes.
  15. Bulged brass from OPEN Gun is Fake News..... well unless that Open gun is Open Glock Gun. Common misconception is that Open Guns results in bulged brass.... It is SO Not true. Properly built 2011 Open guns running 170+PF have Very Nice and Fully supported Chamber. Brass (nickel or brass) that is shot out of my Open guns can be dropped in Wilson LE gauge and it will slowly sink flush under its own weight. Yes 170+ PF does work brass more, but it Does Not create bulged brass. That is the doing of garbage unsupported barrels that come in variety of mass produced pistols.
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