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  1. Yeah. I looked at the brushes and they look good. But motor started making noise... =(
  2. I bought a used RT1500 awhile ago and it was working great. Recently it started to make noise that sounds like bearings are wearing out. I checked brushes and they are good, but I am wondering if its possible to easily rebuild RT1500. I guess I should contact Dillon with this question too. -Peter
  3. SRO didnt hold up?
  4. Always 3rd Weekend in August as I was told by match director.
  5. To each its own, but for the game of 3 gun anything over 6x is an overkill. I would say save a little bit and buy a used Razor (you can find them used for around 1k) IMO Clarity of the glass is much more important then magnification. 8x over 6x will not make you more accurate or faster or win you matches.
  6. Let me ask you a question. How serious are you about 3Gun? Are you planing to get better and continue this hobby? Do you want to get that competitive edge? Will Strike Eagle work for 3gun? Yes. Is it awesome? Not really. Will it work for occasional local 3Gun match and cost cheap? Yes. Now Razor is pretty much the top of the line scope for 3Gun Game. There are others, but Razor II-E is now lighter. It is stupid clear and built like a tank. It does have AMAZING EYE relieve on full power and at 1x when you look through it , it is virtually boarder less. In short. It DOES WORTH EVERY PENNY. Vortex Viper PST II.... Much better than Strike Fire, but not even close to Razor. Especially at 6x.
  7. JP is AWESOME! Here is a deal. If you are handy and can put stuff together, Lap upper receiver, Dimple barrel for gas block install, have correct tools and torque wrench... Build one and make it YOUR OWN. If you dont want to deal with building and want awesome Race machine. BUY JP. They are absolutely Awesome! Let me know if you want build list for my 3gun rifles. I love good parts, attention to detail and super fast and reliable builds. I have 3 Identical builds. 2 with 16 inch and 1 with 18 inch barrel.
  8. I run Rainier Arms Ultramatch Mod 2 Fluted Barrels on my 3gun Rifles. They are 7.5 Twist and Wylde Chamber. 16 Intermediate and 18 Rifle gas. I personally prefer my 16s to my 18. They all hold 1/4-1/2 MOA repeatable at 200 yard with 75gr Hornady HPBT Match bullets and XBR8082. Same result with 77SMK. Absolutely best powder for this combo and meters so well in my Dillons. The only cleaning they get is Nylon Chamber Brush with spray of Liberty Libricant Cleaner, Chamber Mop and one pull through with Bore Snake to get rid of Carbon.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Holosun is making red dots for Sig. So it should last.
  10. I run Oakley prism TR45 lens in Tombstone Reap variety pretty much all the time unless its dark or raining then I switch to Clear. I rarely use TR22 but they are good for very bright days.
  11. 7.1gr CFE-P 124gr 1.165 OAL CCI SRP 172pf out of Atlas Chaos 9 Major
  12. I am too very interested in some more feedback on Erebus. I am thinking of having a Erebus Top End build for my Titan I rarely shoot.
  13. I usually load with Silhouette in my 9 Major AG Chaos. Today I did some work up for Hot Minor load for Open 3Gun load with CFE Pistol and while I was at it I tested how it does in Major too.... Not Bad I like it! MG CMJ 124gr @ 1.165 OAL, CCI 400 SR Primer, FC Brass, Labradar for Chrono. 7.0gr - 1371 fps ave @ 12ft for 170PF 7.2gr - 1394 fps ave @ 12ft for 172PF Temp - 65 Question: How Temp Stable is CFE Pistol?
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