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  1. SeattleDude

    Open Rifle red dot

    Razor 1-6 and Razor 6MOA on 45 degree. [URL=http://s33.photobucket.com/user/seattledude/media/Open.jpg.html][/URL]
  2. SeattleDude

    Open gun retention holster

    please post a picture. RHT dont make open 3gun holsters anymore. I have their normal holster for my Chaos... just want to something more secure.
  3. SeattleDude

    Atlas open load.....

    My Chaos loves 7.7gr of Sihlouette under 124gr PD JHP or MG CMJ makes 171pf.
  4. SeattleDude

    Atlas Chaos Open Gun [Video Review]

    Hey bud. PMed you with questions about your holster.
  5. SeattleDude

    Best lighweight bcg

    Stainless JP LMOS w/Enhanced Bolt + JP Silent Captured Spring + Adjustable gas block + 16 inch Barrel with Intermediate Gas + SJC Titan = amazing soft and fast shooting rifle
  6. SeattleDude

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    Razor 1-6 JM-1 king of 3Gun world. Built like a Tank.
  7. SeattleDude

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Simple, SJC Titan and then everything else. Brakes/Comps are more of a personal preference.
  8. SeattleDude

    Atlas Chaos Open Gun [Video Review]

    Did you have to modify your Herd Holster to fit more square PT frame? I am still looking for that perfect holster for my chaos
  9. SeattleDude

    RCI M2

    I bought new M2 26" Field from Buds and had them ship it to Mark. That saved about $400 or so. Absolutely love the gun!
  10. SeattleDude

    16inch ar15 barrel search

    Rainier Arms Ultramatch Mod2 16 inch with Intermediate gas
  11. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

    I have since figured out that I was measuring velocity at the muzzle instead of usual 10 feet. So I rechecked the load and now with hotter temps here 7.6gr of Shil runs at 168.4 PF so I bumped it up to 7.8gr of Shilouette at 1.170 and now its happy at 171.2 PF and seem to stay little flatter and doesn't dip as much as 168 PF load did. Enough to notice return to zero on second shot is closer to first shot. Both Precision Delta JHP and Montana Gold CMJ RN in 124gr run very close PF - 171.2 and 170.5 respectively at 7.8gr of Sil
  12. SeattleDude

    Any reason I shouldn't for $600? (XTR II 1-8)

    I have Razor 1-6 on main and 1-6 PST II on back up. I would love to try 1-8 XTR II
  13. SeattleDude

    switching ammo in shotgun stage

    My preferred method for switching to slugs in the middle or a the end of the stage (M2) is to load slugs (I weak load) then Tab and Rack. Tab will place slug on the lifter and Rack will rack out bird and load Slug. Tab and Rack motion is very quick and both operations are done at the same time.