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  1. I have been shooting with SRO. I do like XL and Probably going to give them a go next season. Runs Minor perfectly.
  2. I did load development of all 3 lots. 514 is fastest, 314 is slowest and 115 is right in the middle. Go to Page 10
  3. you will want to use slower powder if you want to make that comp work. I run my AGW Erebus at around 145PF with Shooters World Major Pistol. It works very well. WAC/CFE-P works great too. You can push bullet faster with fast powder, but it will not really generate much gas and you will have a snappy/jumpy beast
  4. it took me couple of days to snag few cases of 4000pc 115gr JHPs
  5. exactly. MG updates stock almost daily around 2pm Pacific time. So today.... 124 JHP went to stock at 1:21PM and lasted 16 minutes.
  6. There is got to be an option to get the pistol built, but not coated. Shoot it in Raw White. Just oil it and go. Clean it, Oil it, Store in humidity controlled safe. I know TON of peeps that shoot theirs in white. Zero issues. I am having two built and I will keep them in white for awhile. Love the way they look!
  7. go grab some MG 124gr. They are in stock now..... probably for another 5-10 min
  8. I like wearing shirts from cool matches that I have been able to attend. Brings up good memories and some of them are made of very good cooling fabric.
  9. I would love to find one for a good deal. $50 off MSRP dont seem like a good deal.
  10. 1050/1100/CP2000 to process brass. By Hand or Automate it. Then depending use you XL650 to load very high quality ammo or 1050/1100 for good quality ammo. I would NOT attempt to process that much 223 on XL650. Too much work.
  11. Nothing to worry about, you are good to go. You will also find out that some of the FC (Federal) brass is very short from factory.
  12. Powder Valley, Midsouth Shooters Supply, Grafs
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