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  1. SeattleDude

    switching ammo in shotgun stage

    My preferred method for switching to slugs in the middle or a the end of the stage (M2) is to load slugs (I weak load) then Tab and Rack. Tab will place slug on the lifter and Rack will rack out bird and load Slug. Tab and Rack motion is very quick and both operations are done at the same time.
  2. SeattleDude

    SLR Gas Block Issue

    Yup. 7 clicks out for me. Make sure gas port on the barrel is aligned with gas block correctly.
  3. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

  4. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Awesome runs!
  5. this is exactly what happened to me! when I switched from open to limited without practice before the match. I blew first stage completely because I was shooting high.
  6. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Looks like Starline
  7. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

    I hear CFE/Autocomp are extremely similar
  8. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

    I still have 6lb of Silhouette..... But will buy lb of HS-6 and CFE to play with later.
  9. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

    So I have been running Silhouette in my Chaos 7.6gr with 124gr PD JHP at 1.169 for about 171pf One complain is I get gun full of what looks like yellow specs, like sand look. Everywhere, Just nasty. Is it worth trying CFE Pistol, or HS-6 ?
  10. I think you are right! Some concentrated practice will probably whats needed to be ready to shoot different platform. Without practice between switching platforms by the end of the match I was ready to roll full speed with irons again..... oh and match was over LOL
  11. I wonder if any of you guys go back and forth between Open Pistol (Dot) and Limited Pistol (Iron Sights) on weekly basis. Can you do it effectively or it messes you up? I shoot Tac Ops in 3 Gun ( 2011 9mm Minor Limited Gun) and just recently started shooing Open in USPSA for more FUN factor ( 2011 9mm Major ) What I noticed when I shot USPSA match with Limited gun for first time in couple months.... I was shooting few inches High. =) .... Did shooting with Dot kind of messed me up? Do you feel like you need few practice sessions between switching guns to get used to it again before shooting a match?
  12. SeattleDude

    New Atlas Open 2011

    I run Silhouette in my Chaos 7.6gr with 124gr PD JHP at 1.169 Makes 170pf
  13. Hey guys. If you run Reduced Recoil Spring from RCI what is your favorite Slug to use? Will Federal TruBall 1300fps Slugs work reliable? or there is better option? thank you!