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  1. Bulged brass from OPEN Gun is Fake News..... well unless that Open gun is Open Glock Gun. Common misconception is that Open Guns results in bulged brass.... It is SO Not true. Properly built 2011 Open guns running 170+PF have Very Nice and Fully supported Chamber. Brass (nickel or brass) that is shot out of my Open guns can be dropped in Wilson LE gauge and it will slowly sink flush under its own weight. Yes 170+ PF does work brass more, but it Does Not create bulged brass. That is the doing of garbage unsupported barrels that come in variety of mass produced pist
  2. My 9mm never Splits LOL ... I loose them way faster before they even have a chance to split. In fact I never pick up my brass during or after match. (one of the main reasons I started shooting 9 Major) Any match even locals. Just too much work for 0.02 = When I practice I do pick up my brass that I can easily see .... thats about half or less usually LOL.
  3. 1.165 with 115gr MG JHP. SV body built mags and MBX Mags.
  4. Hey bud. Can you post some pictures of that DLC coating from Techmetal
  5. Lowering a round count on stages is an awesome idea and there are many ways you can make 18-22 rd stage very fun and challenging. Multiple position, several different ways to shoot the stage, making 2-3 targets per position instead of 4-6 right next to each other. It all comes down to a good stage design. In my neck of the woods squads are limited to 5 people and several clubs adopted AM / PM schedule with 6 fast and easy to reset stages that can be all shot in under 3 hours. It worked AWESOME and still allows 60 peeps to come and shoot the match. In my area there is USPSA Match pr
  6. It is not reverse sensitive. I have confirmed it with SW and Tested myself. Swing from 75F to 40F is about 20-25 FPS Slower is lower temp = about 2-3PF
  7. Oh wow.... I just looked at gunbroker.... looks like going rate for 1k box of primers is $280-320 that is pretty wild. Well... when they go up to $1000 ill sell some and buy me a new car or something LOL. That is pretty wild!
  8. There are few things. First of all. You need to get a Chrono and check velocity. Work up your loads to about 170PF. Every gun will feel different. You have Aluminum Frame on 9Major and it will feel different on full Steel gun. Why did you use Aluminum Frame on 9Major Gun, just curious and trying to understand the reasoning. One of the 9Major guns I have is Chaos and it is much flatter with 115gr vs 124gr. Also Powder will make big difference. Slower Powder more gas. I shoot with Shooters World Major Pistol 11.0gr and 115gr MG JHP in 9Major. Very Flat in my pi
  9. Use Weapons Shield CLP and you will never use anything else.
  10. I have been shooting with SRO. I do like XL and Probably going to give them a go next season. Runs Minor perfectly.
  11. I did load development of all 3 lots. 514 is fastest, 314 is slowest and 115 is right in the middle. Go to Page 10
  12. you will want to use slower powder if you want to make that comp work. I run my AGW Erebus at around 145PF with Shooters World Major Pistol. It works very well. WAC/CFE-P works great too. You can push bullet faster with fast powder, but it will not really generate much gas and you will have a snappy/jumpy beast
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