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  1. SeattleDude

    Vortex v. other AR Scope Mounts--Do they make a difference?

    Last one you listed is awesome mount. Its made by Seekins Precision . Great mount.
  2. SeattleDude

    Montana Gold vs Precision Delta

    I used to shoot DP JHP and switched to MG CMJ. Same OAL of 1.168 with same 7.6gr of Silhouette. DP JHP - 1404 fps MG CMJ - 1393 fps Same zero on both bullets out of my Atlas Chaos.
  3. SeattleDude

    What slugs for Dissident?

    My KL12 loves Federal TruBall Low Recoil Slugs zero at 50, 2 inch High at 75 and back to zero at 100 Above makes it 18 yard zero for bird.
  4. SeattleDude

    Comp Leading with Hornady 124gr FMJ RN bullet ?

    I lube my brass lightly with Lanolin/IPA when I load it. It then goes into untreated corn cob for about 30 min to clean off the lube. PS. I bought about 10k of Precision Delta JHP 124s and most of them have corn cobb/cleaning media stuck there anyway. Some had bunch, some little. I contacted PD and they replaced them, but now about 30% of them still had media inside that sometimes work it way out of the bullet during shooting, get in the chamber and cause FTF/out of battery condition. So the solution was to blow them all out with compressed air as I case gauge them in my hundo gauge... well that got old. So I am DONE with PD. I guess that is how they roll.
  5. hey guys I have few cases of Hornady 124gr FMJ RN .355 bullets. FMJ is of course open lead base. How bad does the comp lead? Never ever tried shooting exposed led base bullet out of open gun. I could just shoot them in my 9 Minor .... but I am going to full Open next season .... Currently shooting MG CMJ out of Atlas Chaos. Switched from DP JHP due to being tired of cleaning damn corn cob out of HP LOL.
  6. SeattleDude

    Options for a 52" multigun bag

    Still no go. PMed.
  7. SeattleDude

    Options for a 52" multigun bag

    cant make discount code to work. anyone?
  8. SeattleDude

    Open Rifle red dot

    Razor 1-6 and Razor 6MOA on 45 degree. [URL=http://s33.photobucket.com/user/seattledude/media/Open.jpg.html][/URL]
  9. SeattleDude

    Open gun retention holster

    please post a picture. RHT dont make open 3gun holsters anymore. I have their normal holster for my Chaos... just want to something more secure.
  10. SeattleDude

    Atlas open load.....

    My Chaos loves 7.7gr of Sihlouette under 124gr PD JHP or MG CMJ makes 171pf.
  11. SeattleDude

    Atlas Chaos Open Gun [Video Review]

    Hey bud. PMed you with questions about your holster.
  12. SeattleDude

    Best lighweight bcg

    Stainless JP LMOS w/Enhanced Bolt + JP Silent Captured Spring + Adjustable gas block + 16 inch Barrel with Intermediate Gas + SJC Titan = amazing soft and fast shooting rifle
  13. SeattleDude

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    Razor 1-6 JM-1 king of 3Gun world. Built like a Tank.
  14. SeattleDude

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Simple, SJC Titan and then everything else. Brakes/Comps are more of a personal preference.