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  1. Here comes the crane to get the thread train back on track . Would everybody with a sight block or tracker barrel be willing to post pictures/their experiences with said gun? Trying to decide for a new build and don't have access to either to try.
  2. Sig is also releasing a closed emitter dot soon if I'm not mistaken. Edit, looks like a bolt on hood that will cover the emitter. https://www.recoilweb.com/sigs-romeo2-a-fresh-take-on-the-enclosed-emitter-mrds-157068.html
  3. Whoops sorry didn't look at the date of the post.
  4. MM did my TSO barrel and I can load 147s out to 1.185 now. Great guy to work with and fast turnaround.
  5. This might get more traction in the Open gun sub forum.
  6. I think it would be similar to the LOK Palmswells on my TSO, its just to fill out the empty space in the middle of your palm if you have that problem with narrow guns. It is a pretty neat idea to make them modular like that.
  7. That's what I figured. My complete 40 top end came from CZ Custom and it was around 800 bucks.
  8. What state? There might be a native 9mm TSO with a 40 slide going on the classifieds and Ken's soon.
  9. Take a look at DC Precision's open Glocks. He builds them for major. I dont know if he'll do work on a P80 frame. https://www.dcprecisionllc.com/
  10. I have a 5in Eagle I might turn into a light 6 sight block like Mike Rush's or I might sell that and my TSO and get a 6in island built, but I can't decide between the two. I liked my TSO but miss the transitions from my Eagle. Getting a bunch of different limited 2011s to play with is a little difficult here in South Dakota. Most people just have Edges/similar or open guns. 6in guns hardly ever come up in the classifieds it seems.
  11. Can you elaborate on the barrel/comp? It looks like a island barrel but the island is coming from the comp? How do you keep it from rotating and interfering with the slide travel? Did you use a normal CM threaded barrel or possibly a shorter one? That is a really cool build! Thanks.
  12. Well, I needed a limited gun in 40 and ended up with a STI Eagle, then traded for a TSO, and that's what I'll be shooting for a while. I've written off the DWX until next year.
  13. Cut the stock down to shorten LOP if its too long. It'll get your hand closer to the trigger. Stick it in the freezer and then very carefully use a bandsaw or similar. Sand it flat and mount a grindable recoil pad, grind to match. I went from stock to 13 7/8" LOP and it made a world of difference. There have been a few stock shortening posts in this great big long thread. Other than that, you could try slimming the grip slightly, it is pretty chunky, but you don't want to take too much material away.
  14. Why not spend a little extra and have a 5in slide ride custom gun built vs the price of a XL and a warranty-voiding slide cut?
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