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  1. Will the 2011 DAA dry fire mag fit these?
  2. Thanks, I was also starting to get that vibe after finding some published loads as well.
  3. Like the title says, has anyone loaded 357 Sig with Sport Pistol? Say 135s or 150s? @aandabooks and I started to discuss 357 Sig in the Limited Minor thread and I wanted to start this so we didnt derail the other thread too much. This theoretical load would be for Limited Major, so maybe some of our Australian IPSC members would like to chime in? Trying to get some ballpark starting points. I did search, but my search fu might be a little weak. Thanks!
  4. That is super interesting, I haven't set up to load 40 yet, but I am set up for 9 on a Dillon 550. I'll have to do some more research into it. Sorry to OP for derailing the thread a bit. Thanks for sharing, that's pretty cool!
  5. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but isn't that going in the wrong direction? 357 Sig factory ammo is few and far between in my area, expensive, and doesnt lend its self to reloading en masse as well because of the bottleneck. I agree, current Major PF out of a non comped gun sucks. I want to stick with a 2011 and not have to shoot a unicorn. I don't want limited minor, I just want 9 to be major somehow (without having brass that I'd want to chase like 38 SC). Thanks for the insight.
  6. Okay so by that reasoning, why not keep PF where it is and allow .355 bullet diameter? It makes more sense to me to draw people to a division where they could shoot ammo that is roughly equal to personal defense rounds recoil wise instead of shooting a niche caliber any more. I grew up shooting a G35 with factory ball and Gold Dot, and just got my first 2011 (40), but it would be nice to be able to use the same gun with two loads for 3 gun and USPSA while I'm broke and can only have one that could take a wider range of ammo off the shelf. (Plastic guns with factory 40 suck) I'm going to continue to shoot a 40 for the scoring, but I would jump on a chance to shoot a 9 major limited gun. I like shooting A's fast, rather than just sling an A and a C and win by the points difference. Again, just my opinion.
  7. Why not just lower major PF to 145 or 150(basically +P or self defense PF), and .355 bullet diameter? Still "more powerful" than minor, but then the guns would be more capable. Youd be able to shoot major and minor, and ammo would be easier to acquire. Besides, USPSA is really the only reason 40 is still alive. Yes, reloaded 40 isn't bad to shoot, but factory 40 plain sucks. Another plus side would be the 9mm Major Open guys wouldnt be running the red line anymore. Just a thought.
  8. I might be totally in left field with this, but wasn't @CHA-LEE taking weight out of a Tanfo limited gun? And I think he ended up with something around 10 oz stripped with weight taken equally out of both the front and the back? I've heard the 9.5 to 10 oz figure quite a bit, but if you start messing with sight blocks and tracker barrels you'll get into a bigger can of worms. Each gun is going to act differently with different slide cuts. I think you'll get diminishing returns of light slide vs recoil spring weight to the point of it negatively affecting the way the gun handles. So all in all, yes, there is such thing as too light of a slide, you get into timing issues/an unpleasant shooting gun thatll beat its self to death. If you spring it really light, the gun may have feeding issues, and if you decrease the mainspring weight, you'll get into light strike issues as well.
  9. Grab a gun was out of stock on them. I'm planning to get one, and just run it straight. As far as capacity, I'm going to run the factory extended tube for a while, shooting limited/heavy, the lessened mag capacity isnt an issue (9+1).
  10. You can definitely buy a pre tri-topped blank slide. JEM, Fusion I think, and a couple others I don't remeber off the top of my head. You can even buy slides with basic cuts already done from Atlas, Brazos, JEM, just to name a few.
  11. I've been a lurker/member for 9 years in total, and this website is invaluable with information. I would definitely be willing to pay $5-$10 a year membership to the site. As a just graduated mechanical engineer who's hobbies are guns and machining on them, I'm trying to soak up as many tips and tricks I can. There is so much information to sift through, it would be a huge loss if this forum went down. I don't really care for seeing ads all the time, but if that is what it takes to keep the forum running, so be it.
  12. I had started a thread asking about a DC Precision R35/R22 Limited gun, but I never heard back from anyone with feedback. They sure look good for a Glock I just ended up acquiring my first 2011 for Limited, but theres nothing wrong with a tricked out Glock. Good luck, theres tons of knowledge. What I did to my 34 for 3 gun would carry over. Gen 3 G34/35 TTI sights Dawson Brass Magwell Trigger of your choice KKM barrel for coated bullets Zev internals
  13. Cheely hasn't made complete guns in a while. But they did just get a new DMG Mori CNC, so maybe that'll help production enough that they might start building again.
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