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  1. I've been using a Stoeger P3000 for last season and it's been holding up alright. Had Roth Performance put their monotube on and cut the loading port on it. It's been holding up pretty decent, but its developed a couple quirks that I dont really care for. It likes locking up when the trigger is pulled on an empty chamber. I should have saved the extra couple hundred dollars and gotten a Supernova as the base gun if I shot more, but for a gun that doesnt get used much I can't really fault it for much.
  2. Unity's FAST mount swings down in the center, but you need a 1.93 height dot mount.
  3. I think you could modify them to, if you wanted, see the thread that I quoted earlier. Well, I had my local CZ/DW dealer put my name down to order one as soon as they are able to. I'm excited, and I dont mind being a guinea pig.
  4. Thank you for clarifying! Super excited, any chance of a release date?
  5. It shouldnt really matter, but they will probably take the updated P09/P10F mags. Heres a thread on modifying the old style mags to fit:
  6. I think Dan Wessons are made in New York? So hopefully there won't be the import delay/ odd batch problems the TSO has. (Sorry about the hyperlink, on mobile and dont know how to get rid of it. )
  7. Yeah, I kind of figured as much. One can always hope haha. Longs Shadow Holsters is probably going to make a Crestone L2 for it and that's probably what I'm going to get. I just really like the ALS vs any type of hood.
  8. I was set on a Honcho, but this is an attractive option, cheaper, no mag tuning, and the CZ ergos really fit my hand well. Hopefully holster options are decent, I'd really like a Safariland 6390. I'd be upgrading from a Glock. I dont really see this as a solution to a nonexistent problem IMO, it's just a cool new gun. New designs/ engineering is really exciting after only seeing the same thing time after time.
  9. Wow, no more frame-mounted optic open guns?
  10. @yigal mentioned something about sight blocks being legal is IPSC in 2020?
  11. Atlas Gunworks has bald slides, and JEM Guns will be making some for sale someday.
  12. 10 week lead time as of now, and since they manufacture almost everything themselves, the lead time shouldn't increase too much unless they have a machine go down.
  13. Right, I think he was asking about barrel weight vs a standard bull barrel?
  14. I dont know about the weight, but it's about equal to a 5.4 inch gun.
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