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  1. It might have to do with the Swartz safety under the rear sight because Kimbers aren't series 70, but they aren't series 80 style either. Those Bunker plates look interesting.
  2. Talk to DC Precision, they seem to do a lot of them, and they look pretty sharp too. https://www.dcprecisionllc.com/
  3. That's why I started this thread lols, Atlas is really tight on specs, so hopefully these might help out the quality slide shortage.
  4. I know Warwick Tactical sells short block kits, but do you know if they sell bald slides by themselves?
  5. Like @Mytmousemalibu said, Adam is big on trying to manufacture in house so he can control quality. But sticking up for Atlas's manufacturing process isnt the purpose of the thread, it's to let builders know that there might be a quality alternative to JEM slides while his machine is down since STI and Caspian slides aren't quite up to snuff right now.
  6. I found the specs off of the STI website for the 3 gun says 5.4 for the barrel. The guide rod channel on the 3 gun looks a little long with the standard dust cover for a 5in gun.
  7. I know JEM will do variance work (put other logos/names on frames) and they'll do all the paperwork for it. Maybe Atlas is doing something like that, or just producing their own like you said.
  8. Hey all, Just thought I'd share what I found, been waiting forever for JEM to get back up and running, but these might be a good alternative. Atlas released them yesterday as far as I know. I think Atlas is making their own slides now and selling some bald and have pre cut ones in the works. https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-slide-5-unique-bald/
  9. Have you looked into Hayes Custom Guns? They are in Texas and do both Bredas and Benellis, and Dissident Arms does tube fed gunwork also.
  10. Have you looked at the HiperGrip? It fills the hand quite nicely and has the reduced grip angle as well. Link:https://www.hiperfire.com/product/hipergrip/
  11. What would cause this issue? I've only had it happen during dryfire on an empty chamber, but I don't want it to get worse and possibly fail during a match. The carrier release goes up into the trigger guard like normal, but the pump just locks up and I almost have to mortar it to cycle the action. I haven't done any trigger work to it either. Thanks in advance!
  12. I think a 22 conversion kit is a great training tool. I have an old STI conversion and I use it on my single stack gun all the time. Since all the fire control parts are on the frame it wont change, unlike the Glock, where the striker spring/safety detent spring will effect the trigger. Hope it helps. Also like Eric said the Nelson or the Marvel Custom conversions are going to be the best you can get.
  13. Without Armalite's clamp on, I was also looking for an irons solution. For now, I'm borrowing a Spitfire AR 1x prism. If budget isnt really a concern, the Ultradyne Apollo brake/sight combo is pretty interesting, and if you were worried about it folding, you could maybe modify it like Hurley's YHM.
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