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  1. @yigal mentioned something about sight blocks being legal is IPSC in 2020?
  2. Atlas Gunworks has bald slides, and JEM Guns will be making some for sale someday.
  3. 10 week lead time as of now, and since they manufacture almost everything themselves, the lead time shouldn't increase too much unless they have a machine go down.
  4. Right, I think he was asking about barrel weight vs a standard bull barrel?
  5. I dont know about the weight, but it's about equal to a 5.4 inch gun.
  6. I know you said that you wanted to stick with Atlas, but Phoenix Trinity is offering the Race Shop for the Honcho, you can get the 40 cal sight block by itself for 3200 with a steel grip. P.s. 10 week lead time
  7. Atlas Gunworks has 24 blank 9mm slides in stock as of now.
  8. 300, but I went prone and it took 10 shots.
  9. It might have to do with the Swartz safety under the rear sight because Kimbers aren't series 70, but they aren't series 80 style either. Those Bunker plates look interesting.
  10. Talk to DC Precision, they seem to do a lot of them, and they look pretty sharp too. https://www.dcprecisionllc.com/
  11. That's why I started this thread lols, Atlas is really tight on specs, so hopefully these might help out the quality slide shortage.
  12. I know Warwick Tactical sells short block kits, but do you know if they sell bald slides by themselves?
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