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  1. In addition, if the FP spring is too weak, you could lose the FP stop along with the FP during the fire. Happened to me luckily during my practice. Also If the FP stop just slips down a little during the fire because of the weak spring it would prevent a hammer from moving freely causing slowing down the slide movements. You would have all kinds of malfunctions because of this. Also happened to me and I could not figure out why my gun was not working for awhile. Those springs are no go in my opinion. Having said that, some people in pursuing super light trigger pull are using those springs together with 8# main springs. This is unnecessary in my opinion and compromises reliability (And safety) while achieving nothing.
  2. In addition to dry firing before match, I also found that a little work out could be very useful to calm the anxiety. Something like a little run, Jumping rope, and stretching. Positive thinking and staying relax are something that I am still working on. It's easier to say than do.
  3. That is also my experience. I through them all away and using the RAMI ones instead
  4. I started pushing through all my match brass after a malfunction at the match while shooting TSO. I found it easy to do. It helps tremendously to reload - very smooth and easy. Most of the problems with a reloading press are due to the range brass. With the pushed through brass the whole process goes much faster at the end.
  5. Does anyone know where I can buy one?
  6. that sucks, I was planning on going with Romeo3 max
  7. Per USPSA announcement on its Facebook page: "Pre-registration for all earned slots will open June 5, at 7 p.m. EST, and will close July 31"
  8. anybody want my almost brand new 750 then? I want a 1050 now:)
  9. No really. I have a working theory that it may be related to the overall height of the primer cup on in the primer bar as you mentioned. I actually played with that before and it seemed to be more reliable when the height within the spec. However, it is impossible to keep it at the this height. No matter how much I tighten the screw, after 200 rds or less, it goes back to 1.370. I called Dillon and they told me it should not be a problem at that height.... Thanks
  10. I recently got a new 750. Really frustrated with the primer system. Primers are not picked consistently but a single primer test is fine. When I pushed the rod the live primer is flying all over the place. Called Dillon a few times. Replaced the blue tip, checked the alignment, cleaned up everything. Now I ran out of options. What's happening?
  11. I use shock buffs in all my Shadow 2 guns. With minor ammo they last for a long time In limited TSO guns they do not last at all - 500-700rd. So initially I stopped using them. However, after breaking rear sights every 8-9K and numerous slide stops I started using them again. It is annoying to replace them once a week (At least) and they are overpriced. But I have not broken any sights after that and the slide stops last twice as long. Totally worth it in my opinion
  12. Well I understand this is an old thread but it looks like I ran into the same problem... Shooting Limited with Atlas gun currently. Just switched to N320 because I was able to buy a lot last year and I ran out of A#2 and WST that I was using for a while. I used a lot of different powders in the past including Titegroup, Bullseye, A#2, Power Pistol, 700X, Prima V, Prima SV, Unique. I am sure I forgot something. I have three Dillon presses currently. I am saying all of this just to show that I am not a new reloader. This is the first time I am trying N320 though. I am experiencing identical issue with this powder. I tried everything - different press, dies, the same headstamp brass. I weighed every single bullet (Precision Delta) and 30-40 powder drops in a row. Everything was good. Then I shot 30- 50 of them over the chrono and I would get an extreme spread of 80fps and a standard deviation as high as 33 at some point! If anybody has an idea, I'd really appreciate it.
  13. it is out of stock in both Atlas and Brownells as of today
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