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  1. cheby

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    I really wish Mecgar would make CZ TS magazines....
  2. What do you mean by Better? Any performance benefits?? Nothing else really matters.
  3. cheby

    CZ TSO 40SW Barrel failure

    My reloads, 172PF. (Blue bullets 180gr , Prima SV, 4.1 gr) CZ will ship the new barrel as soon as they get one in stock. It is covered by warranty. Not sure when it will happen though. So I went ahead and bought a new barrel from CZ Custom as well. That one is coming in a day or two. At the end I will have two barrels, I guess.
  4. cheby

    CZ TSO 40SW Barrel failure

    I will try to find those posts. Hopefully, it would be a drop in. Thanks
  5. cheby

    CZ TSO 40SW Barrel failure

    That's the easy part, LOL Thanks
  6. cheby

    CZ TSO 40SW Barrel failure

    I just had a malfunction - Failure to feed. I tried to clear the malfunction and saw that the barrel was falling out. It was during the practice so I took my time. Would you use some emery cloth? about 200 grit and some 600? thanks
  7. Here is what happened to my TSO barrel last Saturday. 28K rds through. The new barrel is coming. Does anybody know what kind of fitting I would need to do?
  8. I switched to Limited last year after shooting Production for a long time. I did it in the middle of the season which was probably not the smartest way but I wanted to shoot both divisions at the last Nationals. It affected my performance in both. Stage planning, reloading, and movements are NOT the biggest challenges in my opinion. Yes, they are all important. The biggest challenge, however, is the different recoil impulse. For several months I just could not shoot major with the same speed and the same accuracy. I guess the major scoring has its reasons. I spent a lot of ammo (15K at least ) this winter shooting the dot drills, doubles, and bill drills. Mostly recoil management drills. Finally I feel like I am almost there now. Last weekend, I shot my production gun for a little bit and was happy to see how easy it has become after shooting major for a while. I believe I am a better shooter now because of the switch. One more thing: because switching could be detrimental to the performance at the beginning, it could also hurt your self image. You need to be aware of it and just keep on working.
  9. really? I have not noticed that. I shot Production with Shadow 1 for years before I switched to Shadow 2.
  10. why don't just shoot a shadow 1 for CO then??
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