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  1. Has anybody ever needed to replace a firing pin?
  2. No grease for me anymore almost anywhere. I was using the slide glide lite at some point in the past and came up with the same results.
  3. When they stop working at the match, even at the club one, it is too late. Can't accept that.
  4. This is a common path for many people. You will end up with a 2011 eventually. BTW, CZ mags are not really much cheaper: $50 for a mag+ $19 for springs and follower+ $38 for the base pad is basically identical to STI mags. You will have re-tune your CZ mags periodically as well because they are made from very thin aluminum and just do not last. CZ is a great gun for the money though.
  5. I have three MBX mags. All have 21+1 capacity; however, only two reliably work loaded this way.
  6. I just switched to a 2011 gun this season (Atlas Titan, 40SW). What is the maintenance routine if any for these guns in general? Recoil spring/FP spring/ main spring etc? I came here from the CZ world and used to carry a box of parts with me all the time.
  7. Do you use 13 coil springs in the 140mm magazines?
  8. Can I just replace the springs and keep the original followers then?
  9. So do grams springs and followers work without any modification? Drop in?
  10. I just called STI and asked about it. The guy on the phone confirmed that DVC-L was discontinued. He did not have any update regarding DVC-O. He also told me that they were not planning to replace it with any other Limited gun. So it looks like STI is out of the competition world. I am guessing no more 40SW STI magazines either at some point in the future.
  11. I have seen this recently happened to several people with some new springs while shooting, without being dropped.
  12. I am running SV tubes with Grams guts. I also have a few MBXs as well but I do not really trust them for the above mentioned reasons
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