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  1. cheby

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I tested one with iron sights. The accuracy was not good at all compared to my CZs and 2011 guns. I didn't spend much time with it though and I disregarded my results just because a lot of very good shooters shoot X5s successfully. I just assumed it was me struggling with a new gun. This thread and others on this forum make me think again.
  2. cheby

    X5 Legion accuracy

    It appears that the accuracy varies between identical X5s. Perhaps due to some quality control issues.
  3. Are we going through this again? I was referring to the stage designs. It's obvious that the stages suitable for a pistol match are not ideal for a long gun and vice-versa. Just look at the last PCC Nationals.
  4. We already have a problem with diluting competition in some divisions such as SS and Production. We already have one division that does not belong to a pistol match. We don't need another one.
  5. It depends on who wins the election
  6. They are the best If they have a rudy project logo on them.
  7. The good thing about a legion to me is its grip feels so close to 2011! So switching between two guns is easier. I still think that cz or tanfo are better choices however
  8. Blue bullets. I am pretty sure that FMJ would feed better in theory but I shot a lot of blue bullets for the last few years. Money talks
  9. Occasionally, when I reload with a fully loaded magazine, the first round from the new magazine doesn't go to the chamber completely. I'd fire the round in the chamber and then it happens. Sometimes I have to push the slide with my left hand or it goes by itself with some delay. It doesn't happen often but the last two occasions happened at the matches and annoyed me. The springs, both magazines and recoil, are newish. If the magazine is not fully loaded it doesn't happen. It happened with several magazines including mbx and svi with grams gutts. Any idea? Something is dragging. Perhaps th
  10. cheby

    2011 to TSO

    I actually switched to 2011 after shooting TSOs for a while. Before that, I was shooting Production with shadow 1s and 2s for years. So a CZ limited gun was a natural transition from Production. TSOs are good guns; however, i should have started with 2011 in the first place.
  11. I don't have a short reach kit in my gun. I have been shooting this gun for a while, long before the kit became legal in Production and now I just don't see the point of doing it. I don't have big hands but still it's not an issue because your finger needs to be perpendicular to the frame at the break point of the trigger anyways. The break point is identical for both DA and SA. I have seen a few guys with way smaller hands than mine doing just fine without the kit. Perhaps at some point in the future, during next quarantine, I will spend $100 and install it but right now it
  12. cheby

    Moving to CZ?

    A lot of people started shooting X5 in CO because 1) Weight limit, and 2) Easy Optic Ready. Since the weight limit in CO is essentially gone and CZ and Tanfo both have CO ready guns available, we are going to see a s#!t toward metal framed guns in CO real quick
  13. In addition, if the FP spring is too weak, you could lose the FP stop along with the FP during the fire. Happened to me luckily during my practice. Also If the FP stop just slips down a little during the fire because of the weak spring it would prevent a hammer from moving freely causing slowing down the slide movements. You would have all kinds of malfunctions because of this. Also happened to me and I could not figure out why my gun was not working for awhile. Those springs are no go in my opinion. Having said that, some people in pursuing super light trigger pull are using those sprin
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