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  1. Is SS in 45ACP generally more reliable than in 40sw? I am talking major only
  2. This. Also 40 bullets and brass are cheaper/more available.
  3. Because we want promote our sport and the 2A. Especially if in those places.
  4. The biggest problem with Production-15 is the states with the magazine restriction laws. Excluding those states from the sport does not help us, quite opposite.
  5. LOL. I am guessing we stopped talking about Production even on this thread haha
  6. I have shot a LOT of their various bullets. They are all very good
  7. I tried that with several different lighter bullets. It does not really work unfortunately if you are trying to get a real minor load. You still need to either adjust the OAL or the powder charge or both at the end. Initially It does reduce the PF considerably but it is still too hot. I ended up with developing a completely different load to shoot minor. I have to adjust my reloading setup each time I need it. It is a pain in the rear but I do not really need a lot of minor ammo so a few thousands are enough for a while. I am using 165gr bullets vs 180gr that I normally shoot through my Limited gun just because The Blue Bullets do not make 155gr and I wanted to stay with the same bullet profile. Otherwise you also have to change the OAL. Also I change the recoil spring to 9# from 11# that I normally run if I am to shoot minor.
  8. I used to shoot production for a long time. My reloads are alright. The best reloads are the ones that go through without any magwell; however we are all humans including the best of us. The magwell is to help to deal with those mistakes . So you never make any mistakes when reloading?
  9. I also switched to a PT magwell after trying the Limcat for a while on my Atlas. Limcat magwell does not fit the EVO grip well leaving the weird gap on the back. Also I believe it is unnecessary heavy. Also I like the feel of the PT magwell better at least for my hand size (Medium). The original pin that came with the PT magwell is too long. You can either shorten it or use the original pin of the Atlas mag well. It works perfectly for me
  10. I think we are missing the point here. Yes, there are two new divisions that reduced participation in Production. (BTW, dilution of the competition was one of the arguments against some of the new divisions). Also the gear race (Even though it is not that important but that is beyond the point) distracted many people away from the division. We can discuss all day that is stupid and it does not matter but the question of the OP remains - what to do (If anything) to attract people back to shoot minor ammo with iron sights. Production needs to find (Or redefine) its niche in my opinion.
  11. I went through 4 DPPs in 4 months a couple of years ago and decided to go to Limited instead for a while after that. The technology is getting better rapidly though. I will get back to CO eventually.
  12. I am not proposing changing any rules. I am fine with the way it is . However, the division is losing its popularity. It is a fact. This thread kind of proves it, BTW. We are trying to understand why it is happening. The OP suggests the 10rd limit could be a reason. It might, but as you can see there are a lot of other factors.
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