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  1. The fact that surprised me is the most people (54%) in Production shot heavy bullets (147 and 150). I moved from the heavy bullets a while ago and I thought I was the last one doing that
  2. cheby

    Magazine alternatives for the TS

    I keep my match magazines separate from my practice/dry fire mags. I have over 16K rds through two guns as of today. Mostly practice. So far no magazine related issues. I use Grams springs and followers together with the CZC mag pads. I tried to use the CZC springs and followers but never was able not adjust them to make them work. With all due respect, CZC springs and followers are not ready to go. Frustrated from screwing around with them, I switched to Grams and never had any issues. Having said that, I would buy Mec Gar mags for TS immediately if they were available. I have run them with my production guns for 60-70K without any replacements and problems. I am not sure if the original TS mags are able to sustain that heavy usage.
  3. cheby

    Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    USPSA needs to change the limit.
  4. cheby

    Tactical Sport Orange Magazine Release

    This doesn't make sense.
  5. cheby

    Reaming Shadow Barrel

    I actually need to do this for my czechmate as well. I called Patriot Defense this morning and was told that they were no longer doing it for CZ pistols because the coating used on CZ guns broke the reamer. Now I am looking for someone else.
  6. 10# in my Shadow 2s currently. 124gr bullets. 133PF
  7. cheby

    Tactical Sport Orange Magazine Release

    I just bought my second TSO. It came with the new magazine release. It's awesome. Unfortunately it also came with a different trigger guard. So I had to buy yet another DAA insert for that gun. I'm glad I did as my 1st TSO started double feeding at the nationals and I had to switch to the backup gun.
  8. cheby


    They are everywhere right now. Just Google it. They come in waves:)
  9. cheby

    New TSO and Shadow2

    I just received my second TSO as well. It came with a new aluminum trigger, Shadow 2 safety installed, and the mag catch similar to Shadow 2's. The catch is the best improvement ever! Unfortunately, it also has a different trigger guard. Now I have to use two different DAA insert to run both guns.
  10. Production continues to decline in popularity
  11. cheby

    What hammer spring for TSO 40

    I run #15. It works well with all primers I tried
  12. cheby


    I can't find it anywhere now. Not even on Gunbroker.