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  1. bullets are cheaper, brass is more available. You can use the same ammo for both Limited and SS. You can load 40SW minor and shoot SS minor. 45ACP is obsolete.
  2. 45ACP is dead for anything. If you want to shoot SS Major, 40SW is better for it as well.
  3. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    I just shipped the broken sight to CZ for a replacement so I no longer have it but it looks exactly as on yigal's post earlier. BTW, I broke the fixed sight on my old production Shadow as well. Similarly to yours. Not sure about round count since I bought that gun used. Probably around 20-25K
  4. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    do you remember what recoil spring did you use in that pistol? Thanks
  5. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    did you have to replace the front sight on your TSO to go along with the fixed rear sight from CZ USA?
  6. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    So what's your recommendation on the recoil spring then? I use 12# I don't use the buffer because I'd have to replace it after each practice. Unlike in 9mm guns the buffer doesn't last at all with 40sw
  7. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    This is exactly how it breaks
  8. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    I don't use the buffer. Which front sight do you use with the cz custom rear?
  9. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    Well, looks like I may have to do just that. Which fixed sights do you use? CZ Custom makes some as well
  10. cheby

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    Just broke the second one. The first one - after 11K, the second - after 8.5K. So should I replace it before every major match from now on?? Does anybody else make the rear sights for this gun that do not break?
  11. Only with stock magazines. If you use Grams or CZ Custom followers , the slide will not locked open with either pin or slide stop.
  12. cheby

    Extractor 40SW vs 9mm

    What is the difference between 40SW and 9mm extractors? I have a few, they all look the same. I called CZ USA and was told to send them a photo so they would tell me which one is 9mm... I was told no specific marking on the extractor would indicate that either.
  13. I have not noticed any difference in groups with the cgw bushing. I also went through 3 Shadow 2's. I shot a 1.5 inch group at 25 yrds without the bushing using FMJ bullets. I don't think I was able to shoot such a group with the accu-shadow I used to have. Perhaps some guns could benefit from the CGW bushing but I did not notice that.
  14. Make sure that OAL is okay for your gun. Looks like It may be too long.
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