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  1. 10# in my Shadow 2s currently. 124gr bullets. 133PF
  2. cheby

    Tactical Sport Orange Magazine Release

    I just bought my second TSO. It came with the new magazine release. It's awesome. Unfortunately it also came with a different trigger guard. So I had to buy yet another DAA insert for that gun. I'm glad I did as my 1st TSO started double feeding at the nationals and I had to switch to the backup gun.
  3. cheby


    They are everywhere right now. Just Google it. They come in waves:)
  4. cheby

    New TSO and Shadow2

    I just received my second TSO as well. It came with a new aluminum trigger, Shadow 2 safety installed, and the mag catch similar to Shadow 2's. The catch is the best improvement ever! Unfortunately, it also has a different trigger guard. Now I have to use two different DAA insert to run both guns.
  5. Production continues to decline in popularity
  6. cheby

    What hammer spring for TSO 40

    I run #15. It works well with all primers I tried
  7. cheby


    I can't find it anywhere now. Not even on Gunbroker.
  8. cheby

    S2 ransom rest test acme 147 gr. F/p

    This is a very good question
  9. Open can be totally reliable. It is very simple actually - buy a Czechmate:).
  10. cheby

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    The only thing that is different is a slide stop pin instead of a slide stop. Could it be the case????
  11. cheby

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    So I went to the range tonight and the gun jammed with everything, my various reloads and factory ammo. Various magazines, brand new and used. I have no idea what it's going on. It was working fine for 5K. Really puzzled...
  12. cheby

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    brand new grams springs and followers I still think it was because my extractor was dirty. I will try it tonight again
  13. cheby

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Yeah, I've run these bullets before. 6K rds without much problems. It just started last night. Again, it still runs with factory ammo. Most likely it is my reloads. I just don't know what exactly is wrong