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  1. 59 Oz weight limit means that we no longer need to worry about any weight restriction. Just get any gun you like and it will be within the limit. No more ridiculous and expensive slide weight reduction. I may start shooting CO when Shadow 2 optic ready will get to the US
  2. I used to shoot CZ TSOs a LOT. Now I am shooting Atlas. I wish I got the atlas (And 2011 in general) sooner. I am sure Cheely is pretty good as well. I do think the business organization and the customer support of Atlas is superior
  3. In my experience, 90% of all issues that I ever had with my various CZs over the years were caused by the extractors. I would remove and clean it often. Like 500rds or before any match
  4. I tried the limcat magwell on my PT EVO Grips. It took some fitting. It does not fit the EVO PT grips ideally. I ended up with the PT magwell. I installed it on two identical guns. One took no fitting at all, the other one was a little tight. Both work fine. I like the feel of the PT better as it gives you more room for your grip and I do not have large hands. The PT grip is slightly lighter compared to the Limcat.
  5. They do but they are under buy it now. If you do not see them, they are currently out of stock
  6. I am actually surprised that the thread about revolvers got 7 pages already.
  7. so what is the verdict on this one?
  8. I just don't see how anyone can be successful selling basically 2011 guns to timmies when cops can buy glocks for a little over $300. Reliable, cheap and easy to maintain.
  9. The biggest difference is recoil control as I said at the beginning of this thread. If you decide to switch to Limited shooting major PF, make sure to work on your recoil control skills. Shooting major fast is more difficult than minor.
  10. The biggest difference is NOT mag capacity.
  11. Is SS in 45ACP generally more reliable than in 40sw? I am talking major only
  12. This. Also 40 bullets and brass are cheaper/more available.
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