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  1. Do you see any difference between the legion and x5 slide? Can you tell what exactly makes the difference?
  2. Well, apparently the lockups on p320 legion and a standard p320 are different... Seeing how numerous legion owners keep hunting for older slides, hopefully this one will be more accurate than the current legion model.
  3. Slowly. There are a limited amount of strong, really good shooters in any area, as well as at the national level. If there are many divisions, that means that the number of the strong competitors in any single divisions is declining. For example, instead, say, 10 M and GM in Production, there would be 5 in Production and 5 in CO. Then 3 in Production, 5 in CO and 2 in PCC. Everybody is a winner, LOL. To me the main reason to shoot USPSA is the competition. The adrenaline rush is addictive. If I find myself in the division with 3 shooters, I will have to find a different division
  4. I will tell you what competitors want.... I was a production shooter for a long time. I still love the division; however, I no longer shoot it. It used to be the most competitive and popular division. Now there are 3 people show up (used to be 30+) at the local match. There are 2 people shooting SS as well. There was a section match in Florida in December with ZERO production shooters. Does not that show what competitors want? We have too many divisions with the equipment rules that no longer make sense. It is diluting competition and ultimately kills it. So at this point
  5. I'd also put SS into Production and get rid of at least one division
  6. I have done it both ways. A LOT. CZ is a good gun. But I am shooting 2011s now.
  7. I would not be surprised if 2011s become allowed for CO considering that pretty much else is good to go these days. What difference would that make?
  8. Not sure what you mean. I use grams stuff in all my magazines. 20rds reloadable and reliable as well
  9. I broke two things. 1. The ejector (from EGW) I think it was too long and I was hitting it during the reloads. The replacement was shortened to address that. 2. I also broke a dawson mag release. I use the IDPA length mag release from dawson because it's shorter. I broke it during the major match unfortunately. It looked like it was defective from the beginning. I called Dawson and told them about it. I got the replacement. it's a cheap part that takes 30 sec to replace but the timing was bad. Freak incident
  10. I was a production shooter for quite a while. Started with glocks, then CZ. I had issues with all of them especially when I used some aftermarket parts. I shot limited with CZ for a while as well. Also had feeding problems with some modifications and aftermarket parts. Everything was fixable even though some issues took longer to figure out. I broke quite a few things on all guns especially with 40sw. That included a barrel, frame, sights, and slides. I am not even mentioning springs, slide stops, and other small things. I even had to change a gun at the nationals in 2018 after multiple issue
  11. Rowdy, I have a question. What was your experience with the Legion X5 accuracy? A few threads about it on this forum got me curious. thanks
  12. While this advice is correct in general, my observation is most people do not understand what it means. If a gun feels good in your hands it doesn't automatically mean it is good for shooting... My advice - get whatever is logistically easier and start from there.
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