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  1. I did not know that. What are the rules? How about plated bullets, specifically Xtremes?
  2. When I was shooting Glocks, I tried many KKM, Wilson, and Long Wolff barrels in multiple Glocks (G34, 22, 17, and 20) The only justifiable reason to use those drop in barrels is to shoot the bullets that are not appropriate for Glock polygonal barrels (Plated and lead).
  3. I broke a barrel on my TSO at around 30K
  4. Very interesting. Do you remember what drills you ran?
  5. there are two more in Northern Oregon. That's pretty much all, LOL
  6. This sounds counterintuitive. Perhaps I don't fully understand it. Why would the gun dip more with the harder grip? I'd expect opposite.
  7. Yes, I just talked to them. It is now either in stock or not. Right now it is out of stock. Should be ready in a week or so.
  8. Just looked through their website. Looks like you can't buy a Titan (40SW) anymore unless you go full custom which is $4700 minimum.
  9. any experience with Accurate #2 and 180gr coated bullets?
  10. I had the same issue with Redding seating dies loading both 9mm and 40sw while using coated bullets. I never was able to resolve it. I just switched to dillon seating dies.
  11. cheby

    Extractor 40SW vs 9mm

    Awesome. What is the source of this information? When I called CZ-USA, nobody was able to explain me the difference
  12. Did anyone chrono the syntech ammo through a titan?
  13. I do not really clean my TSOs too often. I just wipe them out and reapply some oil. However, I do remove the extractor and clean it before every match and every day if it is a several day major match. It is super easy and takes 5 min for the while thing. If you have any issues with your TS - it is most likely either extractor or your magazines (Watch and readjust the lips and replace the mag springs regularly)
  14. I am thinking about getting an Atlas. Is Nemesis really worth the extra dough? Edit: Never mind I found the thread.
  15. cheby

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    I really wish Mecgar would make CZ TS magazines....
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