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  1. Sounds pretty techy to me......LOL, I just keep loading and shooting..............At my age I don't need to try and remember any more numbers....Seriously thank you for the explanation...
  2. Off topic but: Been reloading since the 70's and until recently I have never seen the terms "Major" and/or "Minor" used in loading......What are we talking about here?..
  3. Using one from M*CARBO and it seems to be OK..
  4. Thank you doane, I'll look up that one..
  5. Anyone with favorite loads for Ruger PC40, Expressly looking at 165 gr but will look at others.
  6. Here are some good PC videos and a good company...https://www.mcarbo.com/ruger-pc-carbine-installation-videos.aspx
  7. New to Forum but not new to reloading...My first press was a RCBS JR in the 70's....I have upgraded a few times and now run a Dillon 550b and a XL650...Loading 38/357mag, 380 Auto,45 Auto, 30-30, 6.5 Creedmoor, .223..
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