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  1. Half way through the COF, all the Mikes would probably make a zero HF anyway, squib on the last target would be great luck.
  2. Yes, in a different direction. After shooting CO last year mostly with factory ammo because I stocked up when it was cheap. Now that it’s not and my supply is dwindling, I only have a couple k of Winchester and cci primers. I have plenty of Federal but want to save them for Revo.
  3. Well, I’m going to be interested for another reason. RCBS user who started on a single stage RC 3 up-inherited from SIL (was in his father’s stuff). Upgraded to an Ammomaster from original owner who moved on. Moved to CO which have been running factory ammo since until last year, I felt 9mm was not economical to hand load. My latest investigation says 9mm is currently $.75 a round so definitely worth it now. I have 9 mm dies but no shell plate. Considering the move to blue.
  4. and I’ve seen the opposite: young man at his first match, first stage gets to line and realizes there’s no gun in his holster. Runs to his bag in the back of the bay to grab his blaster. Unbags and holsters while excitedly running back to the start line. The RO (not me) explains to him why that’s a no no and that his day is done without firing a shot. That young man stayed the whole day resetting and eventually learned scorekeeper and ran the pad.
  5. yes, on both occasions they stormed off never to be seen again so perhaps it is self selection.
  6. This thread brings up a fair amount of guilt. I’m also in the category of “should have been DQed my first match but wasn’t.” Hell, it was my first stage. It was a U shaped COF and I took it L to R. At the end, the RO gently grabbed my shoulders and turned me to the back berm. I was about to do the IYAFUASC right on the 180. He then told me I pretty much broke the 180 on the retreat end of the stage. But no DQ. Now that I’m an RO, I have twice DQed new shooters for 180 violations. My experience has taught me that of all the safety rules, the 180 is the most important. But I’m great
  7. I believe the exception is if they are performing a reload and/ or the round goes over the berm.
  8. I use a Bladetech holster with a Speede rack moon holder. No complaints, never had a moon fall off the rack. My only beef with the Bladetech is screws came loose after one season. Bought some spares and loctighted and no issues since. The issue on holsters is finding one in stock. The number of wheel gunners is shrinking and the holster companies can’t justify the investment in inventory. The owner of Red Hill Tachtical is a revo shooter but says he won’t make holsters for them. You might have to settle for what you can find.
  9. Look... I think they are doing an amazing job with what they have. To be honest, it’s toilet reading for me. But things of importance: Troy’s column ( because I’m an RO who has worked a Nat but still has lots to learn.) Ads, yeah they get what they paid for but keeps me up on what’s new. I love keeping up with the new young stars of the game (Christian’s a local, Michael Poggie cause I love Revo, and William’s sisters because a father of three girls- Girl power! And I have the honor of having ROed all of these). So honestly, lighten up. As stayed above, if you think you could do better, submit
  10. My MO is four holders for all belts. In limited and CO, I use the far back one for make ready. In production, I’ll have the make ready in hand or back pocket. The exception is Revo where I use a 7 moon rack! My philosophy in hi-cap is to come to the line fully loaded in case of dropped or fussy mags. Last month I approached an el Prez with four mags.
  11. I don’t use any of those powers but I do load those bullets in short colts. Use load data for 9 mm. Like anything, start at the minimum and work your way up.
  12. im also on wife 3.0 who is actually wife 1.0 + 20 years of maturity (on both our parts)...
  13. wow, maybe I should place a back order. I’m at 6 months usage and a case in June or July would be perfect.
  14. well revolvers are kinda the point (why it’s in the name..). One of our matches allows bottom feeders for no score. One lady even shoots rimfire.
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