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  1. I went to the 147 gr blues. Of course, tweeted my load. Last time I ordered it was *only* three months but I heard that they’re down to about 6 weeks right now.
  2. I saw this thread and read it all since I am taking over our ICORE match. At first, I thought I’d get some helpful tips but now I see the OPs major complaint is he wants to start early so he can be done by 1 pm and would like more “run and gun” stages. In our case, an 8 o’clock start would be problematic as most us travel over two hours to get to the range. As to the kind of stages, it’s been my experience that different MDs lend their personalities to building a match. That’s part of the fun. We run 6 stages in two bays so there’s a logistical order we follow. Usually two classifier-type stand and shoot, two run and guns, and two speed steel-type. Anyway, glad the thread has turned light after a brief turn into, “if you don’t like it, you do it!” Like observed above, I like at tender age of 61, I tend to be a junior shooter.
  3. D7 special conditions: If a decocking lever is installed and used, the term fully decocked is the position where the hammer rests once the decocking lever has been used.
  4. What they teach ROs is to give the commands EXACTLY as written. So everyone gets “hammer down” even if they have no hammer. Striker fired still complies by pulling the trigger in effect hammer down. No, engaging the safety is not an acceptable substitute for hammer down. All competitors must hammer down before holstering at the end of course of fire. Yes, if they are bagging, you can substitute “bag” but if you don’t, they should know what you want.
  5. I expected by now that someone from our neck of the woods (NW Oregon) would chime in but since they haven’t: we have a range here that has the “no muzzle over the berm” rule. When the range was built in the mid-20th century, it was in the boonies. Suburban growth has gifted them with neighbors and allegedly rounds have hit homes. For years, they ran an outlaw match because of the berm rule. Recently, they became sanctioned again. The compromise was the Range has their own ROs at each stage to specifically police the berm rule. If a shooter violates it, they are technically not DQed from the match but “evicted “ from the property.
  6. In the purest sense, yes. Definitely for L2 and above. But for the monthly L1 club match, running the tablet should be something anyone in the squad can do. I’ve seen DQed new shooters and bored family spectators picking it up. In those cases, other certified ROs help keep an eye on things from the peanut gallery.
  7. Mcfoto

    What if?

    I tried Heartco and couldn’t make it work. My order might have been the one where Dave discovered that Starline had changed the rim. Since then, I have found TK blues work best for me but I’m not as picky about tightness as MWP or you other Wheel Ninjas.
  8. I have no disagreement with anything you said but the two instances I recall: 1. first stage was an facing up range start. Despite going last and repeated coaching from the squad to turn THEN draw, at the beep he draws, then turns. 2. shows up to the firing line with no gun. RO tells him to go get his gun, he hurriedly runs back, grabs it out of his range bag and holsters it in the middle of the peanut gallery. While I agree that coaching of new shooters is important, sometimes nerves take over brain.
  9. That is a bummer. Sounds like a good deed that came back to bite the MD. Also a confusing of roles. The MD was within his rights to call the stop but should have had had the RO clear the shooter. I personally have witnessed at least two new shooters DQ before their first shot. Neither came back. It is unfortunate but a necessary consequence of keeping our sport safe.
  10. Welfare open or Ghetto open here…
  11. I still have mine (junior 2). Every once and a while I get a wild hair and load up some .38 special to plink with my 66. But yeah, can’t imagine loading competition quantity on it.
  12. I’m a fan of Redding but RCBS are nice, too. I load for a G17 which is a 34 with the shorter barrel and don’t have any issues with factory or reloads.
  13. That’s some good nit picking! You, of course, are correct, sir. The song first appeared on that album. As they were slogging their way to fame, it became their most requested song and got air play on college stations. Their record company released the version we all know as a single in 1975 (with some minor re-mixing). My info is from the PPL Wikipedia.
  14. No doubt that he had to sing it live with them EVERY SHOW when he was with the band.
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