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  1. Not a Glock, but I load for an XDm 5.25 .40 at “factory” OAL from my book. Use Blue 180gr flat points. I did a ladder load and settled on the low end of recommended by Alliant’s website. 175 PF all day even at the chilly snow-bound Oregon championship a couple weeks ago.
  2. I can’t sign in on my iPhone. No nav to sign in. iPad okay. Using Safari on both.
  3. Back to the OP’s topic, no: emphasis is not regulated. My experience is the RO may emphasize “If” in the command when a targets been missed but I’ve learned to ignore it as it’s seldom on the last array so not worth the time to retrace the stage to find a missed target. As an RO, I remember the instructor emphasized that the IFYAF,UASC command is in fact a question.
  4. yes, I’m considering this. Not sure if this is better or some gym time to cure my weenie grip hands.
  5. Part of my Make Ready is to give my extractor rod a twist. Most times it’s backed out a quarter turn on the previous stage.
  6. I have a lifetime of myopia and severe astigmatism with the recent blessing of “old guy eyes.” My preference for iron sights is no correction as luck would have it, my left (dominant) eye sees the sights perfectly-but nothing else. This season I have been trying CO and found that wearing my every day prescription is perfect. The added benefit is I can see holes in the target to see if I need a makeup. The downside is this has reinforced bad behavior as when shooting blind, I was able to call my shots and move on.
  7. Ordered a case of .38 147gr on 8/30. Came home today to find them on the front porch.
  8. I’m at 1.19 OAL for 150ish gr. RN Pills. Sometimes a bit of bulge but still all rounds gauge.
  9. This is just a bad time to get any components. I’d just place an order and hope for the best. Glad I went nuts when I went short colt and ended up with a life time supply.
  10. We are lucky. Our local ICORE MD abhors prone. The last time he accidentally pulled a classifier that called for prone, we all agreed to skip that, call it a normal stage and ran two classifiers the next month. Our USPSA MD (also a revo GM) is keen on all the ninja moves including Cooper tunnels (although, to his credit, often coddles the weak with time-sucking alternatives)
  11. Okay. But ICORE 5.6 says all reloads have to come from the belt so unless you’re shooting a one-array stage, you’re going to still need your rack. My solution is to mount my rack from the belly button to left hip so I have a gap I can lay down on.
  12. says you can’t alter the position of the equipment on your belt during a match. I’ve had an RM call me on this when I planned to remove mag holders to go prone.
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