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  1. I’m on the RO crew, we got notified that the stages would be finalized and published next week.
  2. We shoot the postal match in ICORE every year. Just did this year's last weekend. The hassle is in set-up, sort of like setting up five classifiers. It helps if you have more than one set of tape measures and a couple colors of paint to mark the stands.
  3. This was my take away. We really need a "like" button here.
  4. Shot a classifier match this last weekend. Took a break from Revo and went back to Limited where I had my highest classifiers. Been shooting around 30% so expectations were not to class up but to improve my average (and drop off some low ones). It was also on my birthday (the big six oh), so a festive relaxed day overall. Result: mission accomplished. All four classifiers were higher than my previous high. Biggest surprise - the classifier I did the best on (39%) was a standard that I missed the mag reaching for a reload and forgot my stage plan mid-string. Thought for sure I was a tanking that one. The worse score was on one that I felt best about as I had shot it all alphas. The RO in on that one noted I could have improved my score by pushing the gas a little and taking a couple Charlies (since I'm shooting major). But, I followed the number 1 rule: I HAD FUN.
  5. I can relate to that. I was one of 7 revo shooters at Area 1 and 5 at the Oregon State Championship and in both cases, the only wheel gunner on my squad.
  6. As a three-time winner in the tussle with Melanoma, I can also recommend heading into the fishing apparel section of your favorite sporting goods store.
  7. I'm running these in Short Colt out of my revolver and the two times I had to chrono at Majors this year, they both weighted 149. Like stated above, I chalked it up to extra PF insurance.
  8. Which would make for many unhappy G34 and XDm Competition owners.
  9. My opinion only - if it was indeed a local club match you "probably" could have said something and it would have been okay. It kind of would have depended who else is in the squad and how tight the RM wanted to run things. Level II and up, you did the right thing by staying quiet.
  10. +2 on Pat's comments. To get you there faster, dry fire. A lot. Then some more. When you get done with that do some dry fire. You get my point...
  11. Wow. Congrats to Christian. I had the pleasure of being on an RO crew at the Oregon State Campionship in August. His run through our stage was a work of art. Well done, young man.
  12. Given the choice, I prefer sanction matches so my classifiers count. So voted.
  13. Basking in the glow of my best match performance yet. Local ICORE with a whopping 11 shooters, I finished middle of the pack. Several factors contributed: 1. Most of the top shooters were away at an USPSA level 2. 2. Zero “run and gun” stages, at the most “Box A to Box B” 3. Hello ICORE, lo-cap friendly. for the above reasons, I was able to relax and bring more dry fire techniques into match play. Mentally, I felt relaxed so I could shoot to my best ability. Big win of the day: cleared a Texas Star with 5 shots. So, the day after and I’m wondering how I can bring this version of the “zone” to my monthly USPSA match with 100 shooters and “you better run” hi-cap challenging stages.
  14. Not saying your wrong, but it may depend on what flavor we get. Either the Hawaii version - "if we catch you in possession of high-cap, you're going to jail." or the Colorado, "you just can't buy new but if you already have it..."
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