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  1. Ha! We usually have too many and I have to fight for the brick. This last weekend I was on a squad with only 2 certified ROs and three brand new shooters. Since it was L1, one of the more experienced shooters got some OJT.
  2. Agree. One of the deciding factors for me was I found the 627 more visually appealing and was thinking a 6 inch barrel would be a pain to draw. Plus, I was a little hung up about buying a useless “comp” that would have to come off the second I got home and get lost in the misc. parts bin. Now that I’m all set with Short Colt, my next one’ll probably be another 627. But my recommendation to the OP stands, if I were to start again at jump, I’d buy a 929 and send it to TK.
  3. My reading of 10.5.9 is that I’d arb any DQ for “finger on the trigger before grabbing hammer.” Any bang, sure.
  4. What I “want” are easier stages. That’s why I go to matches. I get what I “need.”
  5. It’s part of my pre-match ritual to field strip and clean whichever gat I’m taking. Other than that, meh...
  6. I have the same issue going back and forth between USPSA and ICORE (the latter uses NRA tombstones).
  7. This very subject was the one that brought me here to the Enos universe. I ended up with a 627 since I wanted to load the same rounds as my 66. Wrong. As stated above, if you shoot competitively, Short Colt is the way to go which is a effectively rimmed 9. If I had to do it over, I’d probably buy the 929, send it to TK and be done.
  8. Think OAL is critical. I’m at 1.125 for an XDM, 4.5 grains of Sport Pistol gets me PF in the 175 neighborhood. Buddy of mine loads longer for his Tanfo and 4.9 barely makes major.
  9. http://wmgc.net/index.html Wolverton might be physically closer but I don’t think they have USPSA but they have speed steel and ICORE etc.
  10. sure. I just use the sizer from a stock RCBS set and with my 627, have never felt the need to undersize.
  11. Sounds like you’re set if you have a .38 special shell plate. You’ve probably figured already, the dies needed are the .38 sizer and the rest 9. Of the components I’d start with the Bayous and the Clay Dot.
  12. If this was your intent there’s a way to start a poll. I think you could even turn off comments. In any event: yes
  13. I raised a similar question on the Area 1 Facebook group when Gary was fishing for ideas to take to the BOD. Enforcement was the first objection. Perhaps field strip a chrono? ;0) But like previously brought up, this was probably the original idea for Production but gamers gonna game... oh well, currently shooting CO with a totally stock 17 with the cheapest optic I could find. Adding another division isn’t going to help my sorry standings...
  14. I use American Select in .38 Short Colt simply because it was recommended here and I happen to score a bunch from a friend who had moved on. Use Sport pistol in .40 which Allient says is the same formula as Am Sel but ball versus flake.
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