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  1. I’m at 1.19 OAL for 150ish gr. RN Pills. Sometimes a bit of bulge but still all rounds gauge.
  2. This is just a bad time to get any components. I’d just place an order and hope for the best. Glad I went nuts when I went short colt and ended up with a life time supply.
  3. We are lucky. Our local ICORE MD abhors prone. The last time he accidentally pulled a classifier that called for prone, we all agreed to skip that, call it a normal stage and ran two classifiers the next month. Our USPSA MD (also a revo GM) is keen on all the ninja moves including Cooper tunnels (although, to his credit, often coddles the weak with time-sucking alternatives)
  4. Okay. But ICORE 5.6 says all reloads have to come from the belt so unless you’re shooting a one-array stage, you’re going to still need your rack. My solution is to mount my rack from the belly button to left hip so I have a gap I can lay down on.
  5. says you can’t alter the position of the equipment on your belt during a match. I’ve had an RM call me on this when I planned to remove mag holders to go prone.
  6. I think you’re overthinking things. At the Level 1’s I attend, we establish who the RO’s are and when the shooting order is announced someone who is down the order grabs the brick. As soon as another RO shoots, they take over. Rinse repeat. In the odd chance the ROs are bunched up, we just skip someone and they shoot later. You can go out of order in Practiscore. As long as everyone has been scored when you leave the stage, you’re good.
  7. Funny, that’s what I used mine on for a home defense gat but by the time it came, I’d caught the CO bug (I got the MOS) and now it’s in the competition stable. What’s the difference between a 17L and a 34? BTW, regarding “Frampton comes alive”, I saw him live in Mile High stadium (aptly named that day) and bought the album the next day. It blew me away that they recorded the concert I’d just seen. Then I read the liner notes that it was recorded at the beginning of the tour. A real eye opener when it came to me how rehearsed all those “spontaneous” moments are at a concert.
  8. You’re first instinct is correct. Buy a 627 or 929 for competition. Save the fire pin hammer gat for your guilty pleasure on solo range days.
  9. I don’t really mind. Gives them re-assurance that the customer has skin in the game.
  10. I’ve heard the best method is to put the spring in a vise, and bang with closest heavy hand tool. Rinse and repeat...
  11. I think the guy who operates out of the back of the gun shop in McMinnville does that kind of work. If I recall his DBA is Cascadia Gunworks.
  12. You got a raise? Factoring in time and materials, I figure the average MD dips in their own pockets to keep things running.
  13. I’ve DQed a new shooter and he stormed off leaving two buddies - also new - who managed to to finish the match. I haven’t seen any of them back. The worse new shooter DQ I witnessed was on his first stage. Uprange start. We all explained how to turn and draw and he got to see the rest of the squad do it. His turn comes and he draws then turns. Went home without firing a shot.
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