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  1. Mcfoto

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    http://fsreloading.com/lee-precision-carbide-3-die-set-38-short-colt-38-long-colt.html Most folks I've talked to use a combo of .38 and 9mm sets.
  2. Mcfoto

    Moon Clip sizing

    Thank you for being the voice of reason. Of course, I had planned this winter's off-season to be "experiment" time with all this moon-clip business. But the point of this forum is that a newb can learn from the old salts and perhaps avoid some trial and tribulation.
  3. Mcfoto

    Moon Clip sizing

    I am subscribing as I’m in a similar situation. Shot mostly Winchester and Blazer leading up to reloading so that’s the brass I saved. Going from speedloaders to moon clips and now find that all those Winchester’s are red - headed stepchildren. Considering starting over with new Starline SC and keep the .38 sp brass for Classic.
  4. Mcfoto

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    Anyone have one of these? I'm absolutely interested but their website is super low tech and minimal contact info...
  5. Mcfoto

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    Yikes. I was going to order a bunch for next year’s season with my new 627. Guess I should plan ahead...
  6. Mcfoto

    Brass Dryers

    I found a used food dehydrator at Goodwill for $20. Same design and does the job well.
  7. Mcfoto

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    This looks like the basic design of the Speed Beez one I'm considering but yours is a whole lot nicer! Let be know if you decide to go into business.
  8. Mcfoto

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    Dude, I miss a whole lot more than you do. ;0) I’ve got an 8 post single from Speed Beez on my Amazon wish list but for whatever reason, Speed Beez doesn’t get a lot of love here. I already got a 10 pack of their .25 moons to try and a tk mooner and demooner tools.
  9. Well, I warned you in my other thread that the newb moon clip questions were coming. ;o} Thanks for the suggestions on type, etc. but I'm trying to figure out a number I should aim at for to have on hand. I suppose I could take my normal match round count and divide by 8. Also, I see most folks come with enough mooned up for the whole match but a few take the time to de-moon and re-moon between a couple stages. What's the thoughts on this? To combine threads, I see most moon clip holders come in 4's (and yikes, $140 a pop). I assume if I get the talls, I can stack two moons and carry eight. Is this enough? Thanks in advance.
  10. Mcfoto

    627 vs. 929

    Congrats on your promotion and thank you for your service. Yes, part of appeal of the 627 was I wouldn’t *have* to use moon clips. In my case, if I was just having a relaxed day at the range or testing loads, etc. I could just slip in a couple rounds and go. ????
  11. Mcfoto

    627 vs. 929

    Hi all, Just letting anyone following this thread that I bought a 627 last weekend. For me the deciding factor was that I'm already pretty dialed in on .38 special loading and to my hands, the 627 felt better than the 929. To be honest, also to my eyes a 5 inch 627 was a more handsome gun than the 929. I know, to most of you guys that isn't a factor but it matters to me. Probably going to eventually go short colt. Since you get all your brass back, going to order new anyway. But first I have to figure out the whole moon clip loading thing (and buy tools etc.) Another instant gratification justification: While waiting for the bits to come on the big brown truck, I was still able to go to the range the day after purchase and start breaking her in. ?
  12. Yup. that’s the ones I use. Great for your sewing machine too... ?
  13. Mcfoto

    Are we really Revolver “Enthusiasts?”

    Just to close out the thread, I've drunken the Kool-aid: I bought a 627 over the weekend. Expect a lot of newb questions on moon clips and short colt brass...
  14. Mcfoto

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    I think it depends. Most matches I attend, it’s more the norm to wait until after the match. The attitude is if you have time to pick up brass, you should be helping reset. At the smaller ICORE matches, it’s perfectly fine to pick up your brass after you shoot and often others will help you. Technically, you’re supposed to be fallowing the RO as they score your targets.