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  1. our setup crew is a bunch of older retired guys. The young range ninjas are too busy practicing...
  2. Mcfoto

    What if?

    Another 627 shooter who would have gone 929. Ended up going short Colt which is basically rimmed 9.
  3. I’ll jump back in since I kind of started the discord: first of all, my day job is as an in-house photographer/ videographer with 40 years of professional experience, I’m qualified to criticize. Like stated above, the biggest issue is with the nature of the sport. Most of the time is spent on visually un-interesting activity. That’s where things like replay and sideline reporting come in. They are literally time fillers. Another criticism I have is the reliance on long shots. Close ups would allow the viewer to identify personalities and provide visual diversity. Logistically, I know this woul
  4. I made it about 10. My breaking point was when they switched to a stage just as a shooter was finished and got to watch riveting video of them pick up their mags and the whole squad head down range to score and re-reset. Then even more engrossing footage of the on deck shooter doing his visualization pantomime. Honestly, unless it’s a match that I shot and I want to see how others tackled it, I find match vids about as exciting as golf on TV.
  5. At Area 1 a couple years ago, I squaded with an open shooter from CA and I asked him if he was 10 rounds at home. He gave me the “are you kidding?” Look. My impression is that they are “don’t ask, don’t tell “ down there. On the other hand, I met a shooter who moved from OR to Hawaii and left all his full-cap mags with a buddy here. He said even possession is big bad there and not worth the risk.
  6. Not my cuppa but wouldn’t turn it down if it were a gift.
  7. There you go again, confusing me with facts! Thanks for keeping me honest. ;0) To be totally transparent, I’ve joined the cool kids in CO for USPSA but I squad with wheel gunners who trounce me every month. I’ve gone to ICORE for my wheelie fun.
  8. When I ROed the lo-cap Nats in ‘19, the revo super squad was every bit as smooth as any open shooters. And with the exception of Christian et al, faster.
  9. To answer the OP, I vote no. If you want to put a dot on a wheelie, welcome to open. If you want to “complete” with other dot wheels, ICORE welcomes you with “open” arms (literally).
  10. Love mine. Ordered in the vendor tent and glad I did in person as it was for my G5 17mos and they checked that yes, I put a dot on it. Fits like a glove.
  11. Ha! That was part of the pun. Even more fun if someone thought it was a stage win... closest I’ll get to either of those...
  12. Took my RO re-cert last night. First time I aced it. Took just over two hours which is half of the first time. Man, you really need to READ EVERY WORD. Had a question that I had answered and got the rule, then saw the comma and five more words that completely changed the answer. Whew. Done until next year.
  13. I think the answers have gotten a little off the path with Practiscore versions but the OP was asking if leaving a piece of steel standing was both a miss and a FTSA. He did answer his own question when he pointed out that as long as one round was fired at it, 1 M is scored. This is something I try to suggest to new shooters. Try maybe two shots and move on. Frustrating to see them spend 30 seconds and a mag of ammo for a small amount of points. And it’s not like they are close to winning the match anyway.
  14. I have the same issue. I just went to my optometrist and told them what I needed. They sent me links to several “safety glasses” vendors they do business with. There were plenty of choices of styles and colors.
  15. Better there and be out $20 than the $225 + travel to a major
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