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  1. Mcfoto

    Going short colt

    I’m getting ready to load up my first loads of .38 short colt. Thought I’d start with Universal that I’ve been loading.38 special. Since I’ve been advised to use 9 mm data and The Hodgedon site has a good spread, I’m confident I have a good starting point. Recently, I’ve gotten a couple pounds of American Select so I’d like to try that. I’m having issues finding data for that powder. The 9 mm data on Allient only goes up to 124gr and I’m shooting 147 blues. Can Anyone give me a source for data closer to my bullet weight?
  2. Mcfoto

    Comp-iii Modification

    Hey, I used to think it was gaming to use moon clips but I’ve drunk the kool-aid...
  3. Mcfoto

    Extended cylinder release

    Hi all, Still pimping out my 627. Looking at an extended cylinder release. Looks like TK or Hogue. Anyone with an opinion on one over the other or something else? Did a search and found a thread about Revolver supply ones but don't look like they come in chrome?
  4. Mcfoto


    Ditto. It's ironic as I live 20 minutes from Nike World headquarters but I've never been able to wear any pair they make.
  5. Mcfoto


    I wear 3E, sometimes 4. Any kind of shoe shopping is treacherous. Luckily, I live near the hometown of Columbia Sportswear and am able to find good trail runner type shoes that serve me well in extra-wide size.
  6. Mcfoto

    November 2018 MOM recipient

    Congrats, Steve! Now back to dry fire!
  7. Mcfoto

    S&W 686 Conversion Grips

    I checked the website last night. The rubber ones and a couple of the lower end wood ones are in stock.
  8. Mcfoto

    S&W 686 Conversion Grips

    Thanks for the warning, I'm about to go down this rabbit hole. Mostly I want a Big Butt (I can not lie) to mimic the feel of the magwell I have on my Limited semi-auto. It helps me find my grip on the draw. Other than that, I don't have a complaint with the rubber grip that came with the gun.
  9. Mcfoto

    Roll crimp for moon clips?

    Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions. I just heard today from my gunsmith. He assures me all is well. A bit of chamfer-ing went a long way and he is suggesting being about .002 more aggressive in my my crimp. I was backing off a little using coated bullets not wanting to cut into the coating. He had some plated factory stuff that's sliding right in. I pick up the 627 at the end of the week and I'll let you know how it goes...
  10. Mcfoto

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Loaded 100 rounds of .38 special on my single stage.
  11. Mcfoto

    I'm new

  12. Mcfoto

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    I dunno. I started listening to the series because one of the speakers is my instructor (Go Keith Tyler!). I've gotten some very interesting insights: 1. Some like Vogel, make a study of the classifiers. Personally, I don't think that's a bad thing. Like he says, it's a test of basic skills. 2. Dry fire to a classifier. I had Anderson's book on my shelf but now have it out to the first exercise in my dry fire space. 3. Treat classifiers as another short course in the match. This I personally recently came to after a summer of bombed classifiers now clogging up my average. 4. Live fire to a classifier. Already kind of do. My basic live fire set up is an El Prez that I mix up the COF to keep from getting too bored. 5. Use a timer on Par time to work on speed in Dry fire. As a D shooter who is usually at the bottom of the standings, I'm not knocking on a GM door any time soon (if ever). But I know my biggest weakness is speed and I've been able to glean enough from the series to figure out some practice routines to work on it. Whether a GM is a "paper" one or a match one, doesn't matter to me. They got there somehow and it seems that most of them have a perspective on how to get there. If I can learn from it, so what?
  13. Mcfoto

    Non-shipped, shipping notice!

    Yup. Just had this happen. Ordered components from a Black Friday deal and got a notice when the label was printed last Thursday. Just got the notice this morning that it finally made it off their dock and to the PO. Supposedly 2-day shipping was in the deal but not scheduled to arrive until NEXT Thursday (two weeks after order). Oh well. Tis' the season. As we used to say in the Retail Marketing biz: Ho F'ing Ho!
  14. A bit drastic but I’ll try anything. Still trying to get my better half out there, even after I married her for the second time...