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  1. Mcfoto

    IPSC Continental Council

    My sentiment also. This is my first year shooting Limited and while I enjoy shooting major scoring with .40, I miss the ease of reload planning (reload when my feet move). L10 or SS might be my next move.
  2. Mcfoto

    Finally classified in ICORE

    Oh, I REALLY suck at that. I meant shooting sports: USPSA and ICORE.
  3. Mcfoto

    Finally classified in ICORE

    Now I officially suck in two sports!
  4. Mcfoto

    Spam PM from diane125

    me three.
  5. Mcfoto

    Where can I get a custom jersey made?

    I was on a similar quest and this price was what stopped me. Based on suggestions from here, I started wearing golf shirts in long size. To the OP: if you need to put together a group buy, I'd be in for that! ;o}
  6. To all of our valued Freedom Munitions customers: You may have already heard or read about the recent decision to re-organize Freedom Munitions in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. We would like to take this time to assure our valuable customers of the ongoing commitment to provide affordable ammunition to shooting sport enthusiasts around the country. Freedom Munitions will continue to manufacture ammunition, ship orders and provide the best service we possibly can. We are still here and plan on maintaining a steady path of manufacturing cost effective ammunition and moving towards a positive future. Thank you for your patience and continued patronage, Freedom Munitions Team
  7. Mcfoto

    IPSC Continental Council

    How about their rule prohibiting an RO from wearing a holstered gun when running a shooter? Trigger weight limit? A quick glance at their rule book and you catch a lot of little differences.
  8. Dang. I have $60 in credit from brass trade in. Also noticed they are out of stock on a lot of there in-house stuff and the spam ad I got today was for factory ammo. Wonder if they’ve already shut down manufacturing.
  9. Mcfoto

    Why is is so hard to get people to try USPSA?

    No kidding. I remember starting and thinking I’d be a C shooter in a year. Three years later and I’m still in the mid 30s. You also have to be sociable (at least not a dick) and be willing to pitch in. Like pointed out above, you spend a lot of time between shooting. Best be a decent squad mate. If all you care about is your own performance, this isn’t your game.
  10. Mcfoto

    AlphaCharis' PewPew Life

    Keep us posted on the transition. When I shot production, I shot a xdm 4.5 9, currently shoot a 5.25 .40 in Limited. Considering a move to Tanfo/ CZ next year. In addition to DA first shot, you’ll need to de-cock at make ready. If you go back to Limited after nationals, you can apply the safety and start SA. That needs to be practiced too.
  11. Mcfoto

    AlphaCharis' PewPew Life

    Is it because your XDm is 5.25? What did you get? never mind. You answered both my questions while I was typing.
  12. Mcfoto

    200 gr bullets tumbling?

    My XDm 5.25 .40 loves WWB 165gr so that's a great choice in control ammo.
  13. Mcfoto

    RO recert exam

    I had the question asking the range commands in proper order and it marked my citation wrong. I put 8.3.1 and they wanted 8.3 even though the instructions are clear that they want one of the specific rules that apply.
  14. I think you squeaked in. The website says brass shipments will be rejected after 5/22. The last couple of times I sent brass in, it was about 3 weeks before the credit would apply. I'm now wondering if I should use my credit before they go belly up...
  15. I'm a Freedom Munitions customer and noted the same. Was particularly irritated as I have a box packed up and ready to go. Today I got an email with up to 50% off. ???