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  1. bTW, only my AF nerd dad (retired O-5) would know this: MCO stands for McCoy AFB which occupied the site previously. Now humorously called “Mickey’s Corporate Office”
  2. While I took Alaska Airlines to Orlando to get the only non-stop from PDX, it does put you in the throng of Disney tourists. Tempted to go to Tampa next time.
  3. My last chrono trip with factory ammo was 180 gr Freedom. If I recall correctly, was around 170 PF.
  4. I’m going to follow as I’m relatively new to reloading But it’s been my experience that dies matter even less in Revo. Since guns aren’t particular about OAL, no need for a fancy micrometer seating die. I load .38 short colt on a .38 sizing and the rest run of the mill 9 dies. The only thing you need to be careful with is crimping. If you use coated bullets, you don’t want to over crimp and break the coating but you want it crimped enough to prevent walk out on the last couple rounds of the cylinder. I settled on a taper die just tight enough to gauge.
  5. XDm is the victim of being the flavor of the week — five years ago. Around here, everyone is crazy for Sig with their latest optic. Folks are dumping their XDms for a song. Yes, the firing channel gets gunked up. I blow mine out with compressed air at every field strip and take it apart once a year.
  6. The TKs are a bit more robust and the blued ones are my go to. However, if you’re stocking up you can catch some pretty good deals on the RS ones and functionally I haven’t noted a difference.
  7. I use 147 gr. Blue Bullets with no cannelure taper crimped just enough to take the bell out. Never have I had a "walk out." After last match, I took the calipers to the rounds in the partially fired moons and found 3 out of a hundred that had walked out. The worse was .02", still within tolerance for my gun.
  8. I’m on the RO crew, we got notified that the stages would be finalized and published next week.
  9. We shoot the postal match in ICORE every year. Just did this year's last weekend. The hassle is in set-up, sort of like setting up five classifiers. It helps if you have more than one set of tape measures and a couple colors of paint to mark the stands.
  10. This was my take away. We really need a "like" button here.
  11. Shot a classifier match this last weekend. Took a break from Revo and went back to Limited where I had my highest classifiers. Been shooting around 30% so expectations were not to class up but to improve my average (and drop off some low ones). It was also on my birthday (the big six oh), so a festive relaxed day overall. Result: mission accomplished. All four classifiers were higher than my previous high. Biggest surprise - the classifier I did the best on (39%) was a standard that I missed the mag reaching for a reload and forgot my stage plan mid-string. Thought for sure I was a tanking that one. The worse score was on one that I felt best about as I had shot it all alphas. The RO in on that one noted I could have improved my score by pushing the gas a little and taking a couple Charlies (since I'm shooting major). But, I followed the number 1 rule: I HAD FUN.
  12. I can relate to that. I was one of 7 revo shooters at Area 1 and 5 at the Oregon State Championship and in both cases, the only wheel gunner on my squad.
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