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  1. Either way you go, fitting brass to moons will be the issue. I backed into going short colt because was having issues getting special brass to fit moons. From what I hear, the issue is similar with the 929. Short colt is basically a rimmed 9 so I kind of am shooting that anyway. From what has been shared with me, for 929's Winchester brass works well. I know a couple folks that shoot Winchester White box and then keep the brass and reload it. Of course, if you do a competition action tune, you're going to want Federal primers. If you leave your action stock, it should light off Wins. 9 vs. 38 special - I found the difference was in the ejection. I had to tilt the gun up and even so, sometimes a moon would get hung up. Short colts pop right out and I expect 9's would do the same. Again, even though revolvers are simple machines, making them work for competition can be complicated.
  2. Based on the above info, I'd steer you toward the 929. Be aware, you might still need a tune to get it to shoot factory ammo reliably. Some are fine out of the box, but I've also heard of brand new ones that give you "clickers." Revo shooting got me into reloading so I could produce reliable ammo.
  3. You hit the nail on head. In fact, my first two revolver classifiers were C’s but a couple chokes brought me back down to the cellar.
  4. I wish. We have very strong Revolver shooters here including someone on this thread who just made GM.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. Please, keep them coming. answers for questions: dry fire: 3 to 4 days a week, 20 minutes, drills from Anderson live fire: one USPSA match and one ICORE match a month, on the weekends with no match I shoot 100 to 200 rounds physical limitations: senior but still kicking, beat two boughts with the big C, Limited movement in strong hand shoulder, and a general lack of athleticism (sports career ended when try-outs began). But no excuse! I’ve seen folks who can barely walk outshoot me.
  6. I've met my major goal for the year and classified in Revolver. Another D but I'll take it. My commitment was to make myself shoot Revolver for a full season, but I'm pretty sure it's not my forever division in USPSA. Don't get me wrong, I still love shooting wheelie but I'm coming to the realization that USPSA is a high-cap game and it's more fun with some capacity and a sub-5 pound trigger. Thank goodness we have ICORE locally so I can keep shooting there. I have a slot for the Low-Cap Nats but at this point, I'm probably going to let it go. I've already shot two majors this year and it feels like that's plenty. So what's next? I've got a G17 MOS coming from GSSF, so the temptation is to join the cool kids in Carry Optics. It might be the cure for the old guy eyes. On the other hand, when I look at my classifications and see all those D's, I think it'd be great to concentrate on one and move up a bit. My best classifiers have been in Limited where I'm currently in the low 30's. My .40 plastic fantastic is my most accurate gun and I've got a load very dialed in for it. Part of me wants to forget the dot and start over in Production with the G17 and see how far I can get with a stock gun. I'm kind of burned out on the gear chase right now. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and insights. Poll included for easy opining.
  7. Nope. I’m loading.358s on a 9mm taper crimp die and it’s great. After setting the crimp, pull one to make sure the coating isn’t broken.
  8. Can’t remember but I asked Dillon via their web chat and they had the answer right away. Must be getting more inquiries.
  9. .38 special sizer die (and shell plate), the rest 9mm. I taper crimp Blues which are coated. Use starting load data for 9mm and work your way up. Short colt is basically a rimmed 9.
  10. a million years ago when I was into Century bike rides (100 miles), bananas and bagels were the go to food to keep blood sugar and energy going through out the day.
  11. Well, I’m going to suggest that Revolver is not the division for a new shooter in USPSA. As you have discovered, it has a high price tag and shooting an 8 rounder in a high cap game is miserable if you don’t have stage planning skills. I d almost suggest he go with a second hand Glock for the first season until he gets some experience and can chat with wheelguners and see what they have. Also gives him some time to save up some dough.
  12. Since you’re local to me, I can suggest if your young wheelgunner wants to try competing, there’s ICORE every month at Albany ( except months with five Saturdays - like this one - when it’s up in Wolverton Mountain). In ICORE he could start in Classic with any decent 6 - shot. Just need Speed loaders (Safariland III’s are the best). You could probably get a used Smith for a little bit north of 500. But if he catches the bug, he’s going to want a Limited shooter 8-shot that takes moon clips. 929 is the lates hotness. I chose 627 because I already loaded .38. But went short colt.
  13. Agree. In my "year of the Revolver" where I'm forcing myself to shoot revo every match, I'm realizing that the USPSA is a high-cap game. Even though our MD is a Revo shooter (and new GM), there always a couple stages where I cannot avoid a standing reload. I'm sure this is so he can make a stage that will be fun for the majority of shooters. Luckily for us, we have ICORE here so if I need a low-cap-friendly game, I can go there. Like you say, we're really competing against others in our division so if they are smarter or faster than me, they deserve the advantage.
  14. Well I perfectly-executed a poor stage plan Saturday and earned a FTSA for my trouble.
  15. I'm doing my early research into building a new rig for CO this winter. Having been a Blade-tech fan for a number of years, I'm ready to give someone else a try after some less-than-ideal customer service experiences I had. I know the Enos Universe gives Red Hill Tactical all their love, but I saw an "advertorial" (I'm in the Marketing biz so I know one when I see it) in the latest Frontsight. Anyone with any experience with them? I'd love to give a new start-up some of my business.
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