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  1. Ha! was considering that since that's what Amazon suggests when you search "trigger pull scales" there. Not so much concerned about getting to a weight but knowing at what weight I get reliable ignition so I know if I go below that, it needs attention.
  2. Hi all, As the title says, I need some advice. After a couple months of flawless operation, I got a couple "clickers" at the match this last weekend. Afterward, I pulled the grip and sure enough, the set screw had backed out. I thought the trigger was getting lighter but told myself the pistol was "working in." Guess it's part of be a revolver guy that I'm going to need to monitor the trigger pull. I have no desire to become a gunsmith so in all probability it'll be a once a month check before match weekend. Hoping there's something economical out there that can handle the 8 lb. + of DA revolver. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mcfoto

    DQ event

    On first reading this, my first thought was the RO was violating the "don't be a d**k" rule. After re-reading and the subsequent comments, my conclusion is because there was no "Stop" or any other legal command, the shooter was still under the initial "make ready" ready command, therefore unholstering and checking his dot was legal (USPSA). My opinion, no DQ. BTW, the matches I shoot, (ICORE and USPSA) the hands on head thing is common courtesy to ease the mind of the volunteer who goes downrange to fix a target. I've never heard anyone object. And I'm pretty sure, the RO's start over at "make ready" when things are good to go again.
  4. When I've been in squads where the start position is done wrong for the first couple shooters, and the RO didn't know better, this applied: 8.2.2 The competitor assumes the start position as specified in the written stage briefing. A competitor who attempts or completes a course of fire where an incorrect start position was used must be required by a Range Official to reshoot the course of fire. And they were offered re-shoots. I think procedurals kick in when the RO knows the start position and the shooter violates it. Once I was on a squad where we had shot our first stage incorrectly (in this case it was facing downrange). The MD/ RM discovered it at the second squad. He came to us and offered us the choice of staying after the match and re-shooting it last or taking a zero for the stage. Most took the re-shoot.
  5. Right again, 8.3.1 “Make Ready” – This command signifies the start of “the Course of Fire”. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I know I was out on a limb. Just bringing up a possible position that one might take in trying to argue the point. Back to the point, when I started in Production and putting my belt together, I thought it would be a great idea to have a magnet for my 11-round start mag to keep my hands free during the make ready. When I started becoming acquainted with the rule book, I found the "no magnet" rule and *assumed* that made the idea no bueno. It seems the opinion of the big brains on this thread, that would be okay since not using it during the course of fire.
  7. If you need a rule, try this: “Selective action” – chamber loaded with hammer fully down, or chamber loaded, and hammer cocked with external safety engaged (see Divisions in Appendix D).
  8. D7 - 21 : Please note that, during a match, a shooter may be required to demonstrate that their gun is in compliance with Division rules by identifying a specific rules clause or published interpretation, which authorizes any disputed modification. If the shooter cannot identify an authorizing rules clause or published interpretation, the Range Master shall rule that the modification is PROHIBITED for Carry Optics use and shall move the shooter to Open Division. It could be argued "their gun" would include the rest of their equipment and that if they were out of compliance at anytime during the match, they could be moved to Open.
  9. I wish, but our MD is an M in Revolver so ...
  10. I just Googled that and hoping none of the MD's I shoot with get any ideas...
  11. Beauty of it being PDF: use the search and type PCC. Hit enter again to go to next.
  12. I went with 627 because I was already loading.38 special. Then went .38 short colt which is essentially a rimmed 9. Oh well. Came down to I find the 5 “ 627 a more attractive gun than the 6” 929 but none of the competitions I attend award beauty prizes. Either one should serve you well.
  13. A course of fire must never require a competitor to start with the carbine held on the weak side, and stage briefings may never require the PCC to be fired using only one hand.
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