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  1. Mcfoto

    Virginia count xtra shot

    Well said. When I went to RO class, it was emphasized that the extra shots be assessed at the shooting box and the extra hits when scoring targets. Kudos to the OP for stepping up and ROing. Hopefully, in the future there's some experienced CRO's around at the match to answer his questions so he doesn't have to come home and ask the "experts" on the interwebs. Take the RO class if you get a chance. Even if you don't RO, you learn LOTS about the rules.
  2. Mcfoto

    Light strikes

    I went to hand seating primers for my revolver. If I get them below flush, I get ignition even on CCI.
  3. Mcfoto

    Which to try next?

    Thanks, guys. Thinking I figured it out. Was VERY careful with the crimping die.
  4. Mcfoto

    Which to try next?

    Thanks, Mike. I'm fairly confident I'm not over-crimping. I adjust the crimping die down until the round just plunks in the guage. With the taper die, I hardly see any crimping at all. Could I be over/under belling? Doing enough so that the bullet snaps in. Not to the cannelure. (bayou's have a cannelure)
  5. Mcfoto

    Self stopping

    This is why I turn my powered earmuffs off at make ready and go "natural." I wear hearing aids out in the real world but can still hear the beep when the RO holds the timer up to my head.
  6. Mcfoto

    Which to try next?

    Hi all, New hand loader and thanks to all who have responded to my questions so far. So I'm settling in a good rhythm loading .38 sp for my revolver. I was having an issue with light strikes which seem to be cured by hand-priming instead of using the arm on my single-stage press. Now that I'm confident I can make things go bang, I'd like to work on the other aspects of the load. Currently loading 160 gr RN Bayou at 1.50 OAL with 3.7 gr of HP-38. The issue is that I'm not getting as good groups as I do with Blazer Brass .38 sp, which was my ammo of choice before I started hand loading. 3.7 gr is the max charge listed by Hodgdon for 158 gr. bullets so I don't feel confident in upping the charge. When I did the step testing, the higher the charge, the better the groups. So I'm considering changing something up. Powder? Clays gets good notices in the interwebs. Bullet? Maybe go down to 135 gr. and a higher charge? I've already tried both roll crimping and taper crimping. Not much of a difference but a slight improvement on the taper. (Bayou recommends taper on their bullets). Any pearls of wisdom appreciated. *Attention Mods: I noticed I put this in .40 instead of 9 / .38. Please, move and my apologies.*
  7. I’ve had this happen. Stop and pivot away from the target, reload, and re-engage the target. Time sucker, yes, which is why it should be avoided.
  8. I am brand new to hand loading and have already been caught up in this game. When I was starting the shopping list there was Federal on the shelf so thought I could get when I needed. Mistake. Didn’t see it again for months. Recently found some at two local shops, one let me buy a whole carton! My Revolver will run Winchester primers if I hand seat them and they seem to be always available here. Saving the Fed for match ammo.
  9. Good topic to raise for me today ( along with the thread on cold first stages). Despite my efforts to avoid it, I ended up on the lucky squad that started on the classifier on Saturday. It involved 105 foot shots and one hands, both weaknesses. Even though I managed a couple alphas on the far target, I still zeroed. I did nail the second stage and I didn’t let it ruin my match but I’m in a bit of a Monday funk as I’m trying to claw my way out of D class and am headed in the wrong direction. There’s plenty to learn from and plenty to celebrate. It helped the ride home that I cleared the last array of the day (6 poppers) in fine form with no misses and moving to the next as soon as the shot was off. Also my first double alpha on a swinger!
  10. I just checked as I need some 9 for the end of August, they are pretty picked clean. No 9 and only scattered factory .40. I'm glad I used my credit on a half case of .40 last month. The end must be coming.
  11. I agree that it’s on the shooter to BE clear, but the RO has every right to be SHOWN clear. My preference as a shooter is to go to slide lock after ejecting the last round and letting the RO get a good look at the empty chamber. As an RO, if the Original poster’s scenario happened to me, I would not proceed to the “if clear, hammer down, holster.” Agree also that an RO can’t declare the range clear, if they haven’t verified the weapon is emptied.
  12. Mcfoto

    XDM match barrel pitting

    Same, but I could not get them to respond to email when I had an extractor go bad. Gave up and bought a new one from Springer.
  13. Mcfoto

    Cerakote @ Revolver

    @MikeBurgess, don’t let Cassie see this or you’ll have another project...
  14. I'm not only a newb to coated bullets but to hand loading in general and due to a suggestion from a mentor, I'm starting my journey with a pound of HP-38 in .38 sp. I've been into photography since the darkroom days and he equated it to D-76 film developer. Not very fancy, but it'll get the job done. The one thing that astonishes me is how little 3.8 gr is in a .38 sp case. Next pound might be Trailboss just to have more volume in there. Sorry for the diversion of your thread. I'm following yours as I'm sure loading 9mm won't be that far in my future.
  15. Mcfoto

    Critique my crimp

    Smith 66, 357