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  1. I’m thinking of this as a self-assignment: buy a g17, leave it bone stock and shoot Production. But I also shoot revolver with a stock main spring. I prefer to think of myself as a purist but I’m sure others see me as a masochist.
  2. Ha! Don't want to date myself but I remember my Science teacher in Jr. High circa 1973 telling us we'd better learn metric, because!
  3. not to mention, barrel length. IPSC limit is 5". That would make a lot of G34 and XDm Competition owners cross.
  4. XDm shooter here going to try the Dark Side. I may be assimilated... Sooo, last year I volunteered to RO our local GSSF match. I was persuaded to borrow a buddies G19 and shoot the match as well. This year, same and I found out by being a second year GSSF member, I qualify for the discount program. Since I haven't been able to win a gun outright, thought it gets a gun into the cheap enough range to get one for giggles (and not hassle my buddy every June). At first, though I'd just go for the Gen 3 G17 as it's the cheapest on the list (I've found my buddies 19 a bit too small for my fat hands). Also thinking I might return to Production again and see what I can do with a stock "duty" type gun. But then again, Carry Optics is on my "itch to scratch" list so maybe I'll go for an MOS to put a dot on. THEN, I see on here a lot of chatter about using a G 34 MOS for CO. Can someone explain why you'd need a longer barrel in CO where sight radius is not a factor. BTW, I did get to shoot a G35 (iron sight) with an Apex trigger and it was very nice. Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. On the other hand, I recently had a match where one guy hogged the brick and only let someone he know run him and then at the last stage complain that he was tired. I've also caught attitude from skilled shooters when I grab the brick. I may be an old pokie D class wheelgunner but I'm certified and know how to score and use cards.
  6. I recall from RO 1 being told to strictly stick to THE COMMANDS. Anything else is unnecessary distraction. The worse case scenario presented was the notion that it might be the only English an International IPSC competitor might know. If there's a choice of direction at the beep, I just back off to make either safe.
  7. Welcome. Don't worry about where you place. At this point, safe gun handling that results in a finish without DQ is a win.
  8. My take (and mine only): With a Shadow 2 you have a great gun for competition particularly Production. Like someone described to me, "it's like CZ read the Production rules and built a gun around it." Like above, I would suggest starting in Limited Minor. Minor scoring won't hurt your standings. Since you can load your mags to capacity, you won't have to worry so much about reloads at first. In a way, I found planing reloads in 10 easier (reload every time you move your feet). When you get some experience behind you, move to Production. Don't get hung up on having the best gun out there. Many start with a $500 Glock so you're already ahead a bit gear wise. My vote: no trade. Shoot what you got.
  9. The two issues I see here are: 1. Setting expectations. At the first match, we tell new shooters that until they are in the hole, their job is to go down range and reset. 2. Trust in training new people to help RO. We've trained willing folks to run the pad their first match. It's not rocket science and its not the end of the world if they screw up. If its a Level I club match, train a shooter with a bit of experience to RO. There's plenty of D and C shooters with a year of experience who could handle the brick.
  10. Good "out of the box thinking!" Things to overcome: 1.they are twice the price of the normal "blue brick" timers. Might be an issue for clubs to absorb that. 2. They are not intuitive to set. If you don't have one and have learned to use it, you're not going to be handed one and be able to function. 3. The wearer sets the buzzer. Even if you set it to random, when you hit go all you have to do is look at it and you can see the count down. That'd be a competitive advantage over others who get beeped when the RO decides.
  11. Found it in the Policies and Procedures: 1.3.3. Only One Grade Level Difference Allowed Between Divisions Effective 1 May 2010, a member shall be allowed only one (1) grade difference between the high and low classification assigned or earned. Classifications that are two (2) or more grades below the highest Division shall be adjusted upward to meet the one (1) grade limit.
  12. The USPSA rule book is mute on this but I believe that once you are a Master, you are automatically bumped to A for your remaining divisions. Once you make GM, you are an M in the other divisions. Otherwise, you are classified at whichever class you make for individual divisions. **Sorry, I just noticed this was in ICORE rules.**
  13. I'm having the same issue this weekend when I RO'ed both days at a GSSF match. Couldn't double plug and had to have my powered muffs on because there is a lot of "instructing" at the line. The suppressor major guns are in the minority there but still, two days solid on the line gets to you. At least when I work a major, the team tends to rotate so we all get time off our feet and away from the line at the score table.
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