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  1. how many times do you reload major brass

    I have to agree Sarge, you obviously know nothing about 9 Major.
  2. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    Starline's 38 Supercomp case walls near the head might be a little thicker than many companies' 38 Super brass. This would reduce volume.
  3. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    Load data in the 38 Super for N340 is interesting. Vihtavuori data 124 Hornady FMJ-FP @ 1.260" OAL, 5.5" barrel: N330 Max 6.4 gr, 1340 fps N340 Max 6.6 gr, 1281 fps 3N37 Max 7.4 gr, 1271 fps N350 Max 6.9 gr, 1275 fps N105 Max 10.4 gr, 1501 fps Sierra Manual (5th Edition, 4th printing), 125 grain and 130 grain bullets (various OALs), 5" barrel: N340 Max 6.8 gr, 1300 fps 3N37 Max 7.8 gr, 1300 fps 3N38 Max 8.7 gr, 1300 fps N105 Max 10.0 gr, 1350 fps (1350 is the highest speed they record for their data in these bullet weights) Compared to (Sierra 125/130 data also): Titegroup Max 6.0 gr, 1300 fps Power Pistol Max 7.8 gr, 1350 fps Silhouette Max 7.3 gr, 1250 fps HS-6 Max 7.9 gr, 1250 fps
  4. Dangerous Or Not? Slightly Short OAL

    Measure the crimp and get back to us.
  5. Dangerous Or Not? Slightly Short OAL

    Your load looks safe. Sierra's manual shows a 125 FMJ bullet seated at 1.090 with a range of Bullseye from 3.5 gr (starting load) to 4.4 gr (max load).
  6. Dangerous Or Not? Slightly Short OAL

    1) What is your load data? 2) Not sure how the case mouth could hit the rifling because the rifling is way ahead of the end of the chamber. Are these cases crimped? What does your crimp measure?
  7. Compensator effective?

    It demonstrates that a minor load in a gun with a single port compensator reduced muzzle rise by ~36%.
  8. Compensator effective?

    If any gas is being diverted via the compensator, then it has an effect on reducing muzzle rise. Does a compensator work when shooting minor? Yes. Evidence: http://www.shootingtimes.com/gunsmithing/recoil-reduction-ports-vs-compensator/
  9. Slug Tested My 1911 9mm Barrel

    It sounds like you don't have an accuracy problem. When in doubt, try different bullets/powders.
  10. Slug Tested My 1911 9mm Barrel

    Thoughts: 1. Shoot it. The ONLY way to know how well it shoots is to . . . shoot it. Test first! 2. Many 9mm barrels measure .356, .357 and larger. 3. Why spends hundreds on a barrel (with no guarantee that it will shoot better) when you can simply use larger bullets? Lots of folks use .355, .356, .357 and .358 bullets in their 9mm pistols. As long as your barrel's chamber will accept 9mm cases loaded with the larger diameter bullets, you should be good. 4. Check to see how tight/loose the barrel and bushing fit. Accuracy in a 1911 can be greatly affected by HOW WELL the barrel and bushing fit. Even a lousy shooter might be greatly improved with a new bushing if the bushing is loose.
  11. .356 Poly Coated Lead

    Steve, what type of accuracy are you talking about? What are your group sizes?
  12. Coated vs Plated Bullets

    I don't understand the rationale behind this statement. Guns with barrels that don't lock up tight means the barrel is less likely to be pointed in the same position from shot-to-shot. This decreases accuracy. Inaccurate bullets will be less accurate in this condition since their poor inherent accuracy will be exaggerated by the less consistent alignment of the barrel.
  13. Red Dot vs Bullseye vs Prima V

    Recoil and charge weight will be in the BE/TG range. I don't know about felt recoil because I tested from a Ransom Rest.
  14. Red Dot vs Bullseye vs Prima V

    A little. I can't comment on cleanliness because when I tried it I used lots of other ammo and did not inspect after shooting the SP. Accuracy seems to be good in the 9mm with the right bullet. It does appear to be low smoke.
  15. N105 for 38 SC

    N105 is a wonderful powder for 38 Super. Accuracy is excellent.