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  1. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    Do not sand the mags, it raises little hairs and actually makes the problem worse. Armor All works for me, I use it inside and out. I also use it inside the magwell. I also use RENAISSANCE wax.
  2. Shooting Shorts

    Another vote for Kuhl.
  3. New guy from Tampa Fl

    Shannon Smith, Universal Shooting Academy, Frostproof.
  4. Tweeking eyeglasses per stage design

    Go to your eye doc and tell him you want a script set up for monovision. Assuming your right handed and right eye dominant you want your dominate eye focused on front sight, and your non dominate eye focused for distance. Do a search here and you will find a ton of threads on this subject. After you get your script you can set up for any frame you want. I recommend DeCot, they have been serving shooters for a long time. Your glasses will be single vision lenses so no lines or trying to find the sweet spot. Takes awhile to get used to, and some people can't. So before you drop 400 bucks make sure your committed.
  5. TTI +5/6 included springs too weak?

    Buy the glock 33 rnd mag springs from Wollf and cut. I'm running TTI base pads and adding 2 coils to the stock 11. There's no way I will ever need springs again. They stick out the bottom of the mag like 5 inches. And so far run flawless.
  6. Uspsa load...sort by headstamp?

    I never used to sort, but I do now. This is for 9 mm, and I started doing it while over at a bullseye forum. Those guys are trying to group 1 inch at 50 yds. Although it doesn't pertain to us uspsa folks I shoot a glock and I need all the accuracy I can get. I don't know if my accuracy improved but my oal, and sd have. One thing I have found is the crimp measurement is way more consistent, and when running federal or Winchester cases my press is a lot smoother. Before I run a batch I back off the crimp die and run a case through. When I get to the crimp station I run it down until the measurement of the case mouth is equal to the measurement at the base of the Bullet in the case. Case wall thickness is different among different manufacturers so by not sorting you might have more or less crimp than needed. For our game probably not needed but it may help. What I do is while watching tv I just set out 4 or 5 ziplock bags that are marked for the popular cases and just sort away, plus you get to visually check you brass and I chuck the crap stuff.
  7. Powder Scale

    Good old balance beam scale for me. It's slow but accurate. I saw a video on you tube where a guy zeroed the scale and put 1 little flake of powder and the scale pointer moved. I had an electronic, and I was always recalibratiing, resetting zero and screwing arround so went back old school.
  8. P320 X5 Basepads

    Sorry guy, I guess TTI doesn't make them for your sig. springer and Jennings are your next best choice. Candice Juliano did a review on you tube on both those brands. That might bring up some ideas, but she was shooting a tanfoglio.
  9. P320 X5 Basepads

    TTI base pads, fit the box, durable, easy on and off, and they work great. Only negative is their pricey.
  10. I could be wrong but it looks legal to me.
  11. Any cheaper options for basepads

    Don't know as all mine drop free. They will take any after market base pad and spring. You have to use their followers. They have a base pad and a retaining plate just like glock mags. So I don't know how you would add weight.
  12. Any cheaper options for basepads

    I have 7 ets mags and they all drop free.
  13. Back to Glock. I have a couple questions.

    5lb striker spring will set anything off. As for sights, Dawson, TTI, Vogel, Warren they are all good. You can even mix and match. The TTI and Vogel's tend to shoot above poa which I think is a good thing. Running at speed shooters tend to shoot low, most no shoots are at the bottom half of targets and sometimes leaving only a head shot. So having the gun print a little high is good. Also on steel you can aim low and see more of the steel. The TTI's are also stainless steel and I believe dlc coated so no rust worries.
  14. DK Gen3/4 wired stuff

    If you have the 6 lb trigger spring, take it out and put back the oem 5 lb.
  15. CR Speed belts.

    Shooters connection has them, and they have the best instructions for getting the perfect length.