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  1. Is this data for Prima V or SV? I assumes it is a 40 major load. thanks.
  2. Time to get a new gun, man and give your gun to me since I shot it straight up and down. LOL
  3. Neither Corey or system mags are not on their website, you have to call to order.
  4. Brazos sells their tuned Pro series trigger group. http://www.1911store.com/tunedtriggergroupbcg-proseries.aspx
  5. +1 for Tripp Research Cobra Mag Corey(9 rounds) or System (10 rounds) mag depends on your need. Or get both hybrid and flex follower, then you can switch back and forth.
  6. I might be wrong on this. But a correctly set up 1911/2011 should be able to run long or short rounds. Many prefer longer rounds because of more reliable feeding and less pressure.
  7. Same great customer service experience here. Tripp Research are great!
  8. That's why you want them on the fronts of pouches. Sarge, I am thinking to set one up using your method for my Limited rig. Just want to make sure it is legal for Limited. Looks like it is not legal for Production and Single Stack.
  9. Make sure to buy really good magnets. I think they are rare earth magnets or something like that? They need to grip the mag so hard that it will not fall off while running. Mags get pretty heavy. I have a DAA magnet that the only way to get my STI mags off is to pull them straight up. You can't just pull them off easily. That type of magnet might cost a little more.And yes, you need to cover it when not in use. A buddy turned me on to a thick rubber pipe cap from Lowe's. Everything will stick to the danged thing if you don't keep it covered well. Scratches the hell out of your truck too! Not
  10. Ha....Never thought about the truck part. Probably can buy a round magnet myself and make it a lot cheaper.
  11. Just curious what is the purpose of magnetic magazine pouch? besides magazine table start. They seem to be quite expensive. Are they legal in all division?
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