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  1. At a state match, when a guy showed clear, I noticed that the bullet came out of the case and was stuck in the chamber. If he would not have shown me the chamber, he would have had a problem on the next stage.
  2. Guess I'm just venting, but my last match was miserable. Checking Practiscore before the match, I noticed that a vast majority of the shooters I was squadded with were unclassified. I like to see new shooters, but spread them out a little. There were only two ro's. Even after begging, a few didn't tape. It took us longer to shoot, and the next squad was always waiting on us. And it was hot, in the 90's. Overall, not a fun day.
  3. Not if they want to be called a USPSA match. They don't change the rules for an open match or a limited match or any other match. After thinking about this for a minute, I might be changing my mind. I have never seen an open only match or a limited only match. If you are going to limit yourself to PCC only, I really don't care what rules you follow.
  4. So 40 minor shoots softer than 9mm? Maybe I should work up a minor load for 40 and shoot that at everything.
  5. I shoot USPSA Limited Major. I also shoot some outlaw steel and weekly matches at a local range that doesn't recognize power factor. I use my Edge in 40 cal to shoot it all. I'm trying to work up a minor load for my 40, but I'm considering picking up an Edge in 9mm to use for the non-power factor matches. With it, I wouldn't have to change my grip on the gun, it would be like shooting the same gun, only less recoil. The 9mm could also be my backup gun when traveling to matches. Does this sound like a good idea?
  6. If I have to worry about an RO not holding the timer right, or having my own timer because I'm worried about someone trying to cheat me, or if the timer picked up all the shots, that would take all the fun out of it. I shoot mostly local matches and do it for fun, which a vast majority of us do. All the RO's I shoot with are honest people, and if any mistake is made, it's corrected the best way we can (according to the rules) and move on.
  7. I lost about 50 pounds and now I think my belts are too big. How much overlap should there be in both the inner belt and outer belt? I have a size 40 now. There is 11 inches overlap on the inner belt and 10 inches overlap on the outer belt. The inner belt is 49 inches long and the outer belt is 50 inches long. Am I correct to assume a size 38 would be 2 inches shorter?
  8. I shot the star then all the other targets to the left, then picked up the cone. Shot the next target one handed since it was close. Put the cone down before shooting the last two targets. A lot of guys were tossing the cone, but being left handed I thought i might sweep myself if I tried.
  9. The classifier. I dropped my gun. The cone stage was fun.
  10. I was in Texas for a graduation last week and found a local club that had a match. On the classifier, after load and make ready, I thought I holstered and when I released the grip, the gun fell to the ground. Thought it was in the holster, but obviously it wasn't. In ten years of shooting, this is my second DQ. The other one was for the same thing. I was required to move from the start box to a shooting box, and my gun fell out on the way.
  11. I shot with Collin County last week. Was in the area on vacation. Great bunch of guys and a nice range. Wasn't their fault I DQ'ed.
  12. Same thing I did. Brought my gun with me to the doctor. Have to put them on when I leave the house to go to the match to allow time for my eyes to adjust.
  13. Why are most classifiers shot standing still? I know a lot of people that shoot great stationary, but when you add movement, they don't do so good. They have bad knees and can't move, or are just getting old. They are classified higher then match results show. I think is a better representation when they use your average for a major as a classifier.
  14. I have an STI Trojan in 40 and bought a bunch of 10 round mags. I can shoot either major or minor, depending on the stages.
  15. Posts like this always take the same route. Something happens and someone makes a post about it to get a reaction. Half the people take one side and half the people take the other. Some take it to ridiculous extremes. Everybody ends up being mad at someone. Nothing gets solved, since there is nothing anyone can do. I did learn to stay out of the way and make sure I use the correct terms when I have to arb something. And that a few people don't like RO's.
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