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  1. I didn't expect it to be that easy to trim the grip. Is the Legion grip with the tungsten that easy to cut?

    320 X5 Compact

    I have the gun on the table next to my recliner and I have been working the slide to try to break it in. I'll know Friday if it worked.

    320 X5 Compact

    Thanks. Good to know. Might have to shoot a couple boxes of factory to break it in.

    320 X5 Compact

    I bought a 320 X5 Legion and liked it so much, I bought a X5 Compact. Figured I could use it as a backup for matches, concealed carry, and woods gun. Went shoot it for the first time a couple days ago. It would not cycle with the minor loads I have for it. Sig doesn't list a lighter spring for it. Is there an aftermarket supplier that might have it?
  5. Can't too many rounds bump you to open?

    Broken part

    Trying to reassemble a handgun after cleaning and realizing that there is a $2 piece that is broken. Edit: Just ordered the part. $1.49 for the part. $4.25 shipping.
  7. As with any sport, I want me to be the limiting factor on how good I can shoot, not my equipment.
  8. I plan on getting some extensions to one day shoot Limited minor.
  9. Just finished looking at LA Police Gear's website. They have pages and pages of tactical pants.
  10. I bought a Sig 320 Legion just for that reason. Didn't want the two different trigger pulls. However, there are plenty good shooter that don't have a problem with the da/sa trigger pull.
  11. I bought a couple button up fishing shirts at Academy. They work good and are comfortable.
  12. I have some 40 brass I need to box up. How many fit in a medium flat rate box? I see some put 2,000 and some put 2,500.
  13. I had a guy tell me once that his dot looked like Tinker Bell on crack.
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