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  1. rooster

    EGW chamber checker question

    The first thing to do is know exactly the max oal is for that barrel. Size a piece of brass and and make sure it fits barrel. I cut a slit down both sides with a dremel cut off wheel and debur, then make sure it fits barrel again. Also make sure it fits the gauge. Now you can seat bullet a little ways and press into chamber , do this a few times so you get an accurate measurement. That dimension is the max oal for that bullet in that chamber. Now back it off about .020 that will allow for any variations in the loading process. Now comes the EGW gauge. That gauge is the most precise gauge available that I know of. If that piece of brass fit the gauge to start with, then the only reason it would fail is because of the bullet. You would either have to load even shorter, or get a different profile bullet, and start the process all over again. Or just use your barrel as gauge. Or get a gauge that passes that bullet. The Hundo gauge should work as it doesn’t care about bullet profile.
  2. rooster

    G34 accuracy with light recoil springs

    Just because your resting on a bag doesn’t mean your doing it right. I have a g34 gen 3 and I suck at bagging a gun on rests. I’ve tried and tried and I actually shoot better freestyle. A 3 inch group at that close a distance doesn’t seem right especially off a rest. A lot of shooters run 11 lb springs but the majority 13. Don’t know if it would have an effect on accuracy but their cheap so try a 13 and see. Maybe get another shooter that’s good off a bench and see if your groups change. Could even be your load. Just too many variables to get a definitive answer.
  3. rooster

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    Wouldn’t that be the cats meow. A 2011 mag that costs 20 bucks.
  4. rooster

    MGW Sight Tool

    Same here. I like changing sights and trying different styles and the MGW makes it a snap. I’ve also lent it to friends. It’s also nice to be able to use at anytime you need to make an adjustment. There are 2 styles for glock sights one with straight and one for the angled sides, so don’t get the wrong one. Don’t know about the sight pro.
  5. rooster

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Saw TGO shooting ss the second day. At the end of day he was 3rd. He’s getting old, had both knees replaced, plus he’s a big boy. He’s doing pretty dam good. He never looks like he’s shooting fast compared to the others.
  6. rooster

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Your not making up 50 points at that level.
  7. I’ve been loading on my back screened porch for 25 years on a 550, and I live in Florida. There is a little rust on the primer magazine, the metal bracket that holds the fail safe rod and that’s about it. I oil the shaft as needed. I move the die head inside and cover the press with the nylon cover that’s it. Next time I break down the press I’ll sand and repaint the rust spots.
  8. rooster


    Thanks, found it.
  9. rooster


    Hello guys. Does anybody know if there is some kind of squad lists with the names of all the shooters shooting the nine days of nationals? I would like to go and watch the super squad shooting production.
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  11. rooster

    Glock 34 failure to feed during loading or reloading

    Put stock barrel back in, if problem goes away then your lone wolf barrel is the problem.
  12. rooster

    Glock 34 light strikes

    CCI changed their primers years ago. Something else is wrong. With a 4.5 spring you should be able to set off any primer made. I’ve shot thousands of CCI primers with a 4.5 spring and never a problem. What else have you done to the gun? Over travel adjusted correctly? Firing pin channel clean? Striker hitting firing pin block?
  13. I thought the same thing to. You got fully loaded stations, the bottom of case to the point where the seating stem hits the bullet should be the same or within a few thou. I guess all the little variables add up. Brass not same size, different bullet oal, case wall thickness, the way you pull the handle, all I know is it used to drive me nuts, so I did the sort thing and it made a huge difference especially with precision delta 124 Jhp’s. I sorted for awhile but what pita, really not needed for this game, plus I shoot a Glock so I don’t do it anymore.
  14. rooster

    Tungsten Guide Rod Durability

    I have a Glock store uncaptured tungsten rod in my 17 and the other day after cleaning I saw that the round end was unscrewing. I thought it was one solid piece. I don’t know why they would do that. You would think that turning threads male and female, and making the button would be more cost than just turning the whole piece. Anyway I put some red locktite on it so it should be good.
  15. rooster

    Base pads for production

    Really don’t know. I think over at Taran’s website he gives the dimensions of his pads. I don’t know anything about the gen5 pistols, or their mags. All my glocks are gen 3’s. I think I read somewhere that gen 5 mags are not compatible with any other gens, not-sure if Taran’s pads fit gen 5 guns. I think they only changed the lips because of the ambi mag catch.