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  1. Factory ammo today is real good. It’s made to fit the majority of guns. I set my dies off of measurements made off of premium factory ammo. After your gun runs with this benchmark you can start to change things to better suit your needs, but it is a good place to start.
  2. The TTI plus 5,6 makes it nice on 22 round stages, this gives you 2 make up shots. That’s why you should have at least 1.
  3. Most of the time I do 4 on belt. 1 Barney mag with 1 round in it, and 1 full mag in pocket with 4 on belt. Barney loads 1 when I drop the mag if it’s empty I know round is in chamber, then I load other mag from pocket. Once in a while I might put 5 mags on belt just in case.
  4. Yes your right. I bought both of mine on sale and saved a few bucks. Never had a problem with feeding over a year of using them. I trust the oem more than the aftermarket ones, plus they look better on the gun. But your correct you can get 2 mags for the price of one TTI.
  5. Been using the +5,6 pads for over a year and have had no problems with the springs bending while taking pads off. However I’m using both the ISMI and Wolff 12 coil springs. I heard that the TTI springs don’t hold up as well.
  6. RHT, all the way. His double layered kydex is awesome. Get the BOSS holster hangar and your good to go for a lifetime.
  7. Glocks can be different between the same model guns. So you really have to try different rates to be sure. You should have no trouble with a 5. I have run a 4.5 for years with no trouble with a stock striker, so that should work also. These are with all the major primer manufacturers., CCI, Federal, Winchester and S&B. I have a gen3 in 17&34. I even ran a 4 with a stock striker with federal primers for a while with no problems.
  8. I just received a case of Precision Delta 124 jhp bullets. Here is my take on them. At first I could not tell a difference between the blemished or the unblemished. Finish was maybe not as nice and the tips were not as sharp as the new ones. As I started reloading my target oal was all over the place. So I took a sample of 10 bullets and measured oal of each bullet. Here’s what I got. .586, .581, .585, .581, 583, .581, .581, .587, .586, .586 for an average of.5837. Then I decided to weigh them and average 10. I got 124.3 grains. Observations are a really good deal, the finish was almost as good as their new ones, weight was almost spot on oal was off but I had no new ones to compare. The weight was consistent, my lowest was 124.2 and highest was 124.4. At a little over 7 cents they can’t be beat.
  9. I guess I just got lucky. I was just surfing and came across the offer. They probably only had the one case.
  10. If anyone is interested Precision Delta has 124 JHP 9 mm bullets for sale. Case of 3600 for 273.00. They are blemished but for a little over 7 cents a piece that is a pretty good deal. That’s almost coated bullet price for a jacketed bullet. They say you can hardly find blemish.
  11. Why don’t you want to bend the spring? If that’ What it takes do it. You’ll find that Taran’s springs for his 5,6 pads are a little weak. Use them for now but when they will no longer lock slide back switch to either ISMI, or Wolff. Leave them fully loaded for a few days and then the last round will seat a little easier. I don’t load to 23 if I have to reload, I usually download 1 round. But if starting I’ll load to 23+1.
  12. Looks like your list is pretty good. Your MOS will come with plates for the popular red dots. If you get the 34 you’ll be able to dabble in production if you want, otherwise a 17 might be better. The longer radius doesn’t matter with a dot. Base pads check out Taran Tactical, as I think he makes the best pads out there. Easy on and off, last pretty much forever. 13 lb. springs are what most people run. Good luck.
  13. Interested also. Any lawyers out there. I do this as a hobby and have not given this much thought. As an ro am I liable for any injuries sustained for somebody’s actions. At my club we don’t even sign waivers we just show up and shoot.
  14. I don’t know anything about the process, but I do know that I sent my slide to Primary Machine for some slide work and had the nitride finish done. I’ve had it for about a year, thousands of holster presentations, and about 7 thousand rounds through it and I can find no wear marks at all. So I can say it’s a pretty good treatments.
  15. One thing that happened to me is that if the (nub), I don’t know what you would call it. It’s the metal thing controlled by the set screw. If that is flush so that it doesn’t contact seating stem, your reading on the micrometer will be really low. At least it was for me in loading 9 mm, trying to get an oal of 1.120. So I had to screw it out a few thousandths to get me in the range that I needed. Also the instructions at least for me are not very clear on how to use it. If someone can explain better please do.
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