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  1. I redid my Glock 34 grip. When I did it first I read somewhere to lightly pat down the grit, which I did. However it did not come out as coarse as my Glock 17 co gun. So I cleaned the frame with alcohol and just redid the whole process. It came out great just as grippy as my 17.
  2. Cripes were only shooting a 9mm! The extra weight is not that much a factor. We’re not shooting 44 magnums. What little you gain in recoil control is probably lost in transitions. A heavier gun is harder to get moving and stop, probably even harder to draw. It’s all technique. If you have a good shooting platform it’s not going to matter that much.
  3. I don’t case gauge anymore, I shoot a Glock and their chamber is pretty forgiving. However I am pretty picky about my steps to load ammo. I take a 100 round 45 ammo box that I dump my 9mm cases in. Then I inspect with a light and a magnifying hood, I remove anything that I don’t like, then I flip so all headstamps are up and do the same thing. I remove any headstamps or brands I don’t want. I then add about 10 extra cases in the event something goes wrong in the reload process. Every once in s while I’ll pull a few and case gauge but they always check out fine. Also I don’t have practice ammo all my ammo is match ammo if anything is remotely wrong the round gets pulled, and components are either saved or chucked.
  4. Take the empty cases that don’t fit the gauge and check in your barrel. If they do plunk there then something is wrong after that step. If they don’t plunk then something is wrong in your first step. Make sure your sizing die is just off the shell plate. If that doesn’t work then a different sizing die is in order. Not a fan of the Lee or the EGW. I don’t like the wasp shape. I use the Redding sizer and it works perfectly. No wasp shape and my rounds will plunk in a EGW gauge with no problem. The Redding micrometer seat die is only worth it if you change bullets and oal’s a lot. I have one and it works great.
  5. rooster

    Glock +6 pads

    I have 3 TTI plus 6 base pads for my g17 co gun. The 23 round is tight but never had a problem loading. The 23 is reloadable but I usually download 1 round to be sure I make it. Load 22 and let sit for a couple days. I saw a loading technique by Atlas where he loads a few with a uplula and uses it to go up and down a few times to seat everything, then loads a few more and does it again, and repeat, this ensures every round is seated in the mag.
  6. rooster

    Light strikes

    Johnny glock is fanatical about his triggers. Call him he will help you.
  7. The way I set my bell is to take a case and over bell it then run it in the bullet seat die and measure the mouth. Then over bell that dimension by a couple of thou. Then when the case leaves the powder drop station that little over bell keeps the case straight on its way to get a bullet because it’s running against the sides of the bullet seat die.
  8. Between the 2 I think slip 2k, they have the pedigree and test results on their web page is pretty impressive. I’ve been using Molecular Advantage lately and really like it.
  9. I’ve tried a lot of different triggers, connectors, you name it. TTI, Johnny Glock, ghost, Zev, and a few others. You have to decide what you like as there’s something good and bad about all of them. I can tell you I would not spend the money on a trigger set up. You can get pretty good results from watching Johnny Glocks you tube videos, and changing parts. He should charge for the info he gives away. If you want a rolling break nothing is better than a TTI connector, what I didn’t like about it was it didn’t break until you were almost to the end of travel, but reset was short. The most crisp break was the Glock 5.5 connector, you hit a wall and then break, but of course now your up to about 4 to 5 lbs. after years of shooting a Glock34 gen3 I’ve come complete circle. The best connector IMHO, is the Glock dot. You have a wall if you want, but not so much that you can’t pull smooth right through it. On hard, and long shots you can pull to the wall and have a pretty nice break. On close stuff just pull through. I have the same pull weight as a minus connector, 3lbs. This is with a standard trigger spring, and a 4.5 striker spring. Good luck. Oh yeah the best smooth connector after TTI is the Glock Minus. When it comes to connectors GlockKnows what their doing.
  10. Prime a few cases and set them off. If they don’t sound normal that’s probably your problem. If they sound ok then I would look at the powder. It seems very strange they had enough power to unseat the bullet but not set it off the powder. How is that even possible?
  11. When I read his instructions on the website I noticed that the setup of the die said once you touch the shell plate screw it down 1/4 turn more. I was confused because that is counter to every die set up that I have ever read. I thought that it would damage the shell plate, so I sent him an email asking if this was correct. He answered back and said it was not and he would correct the directions on the site, which I don’t believe he ever did. The correct way is to just touch shell plate and back off a little. I would be concerned with the neck tension, if not enough, when that round hits that feed ramp if that bullet goes deeper pressure could raise, and you might have a big problem.
  12. Just got a reply from Troy, the grit tape is not allowed in production.
  13. That’s what I thought, thanks.
  14. That rule applies to grips and grip panels. SLIDES: You may replace the slide with an OFM or aftermarket slide of the same length, contour and caliber as the original slide for that model of gun. this is 21.3 adding the tape would not be same contour. in co division it stipulates that it is legal. im thinking because it’s not stated that it not legal. another rule states that the only milling allowed is for front sight installation only.
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