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  1. rooster

    G19 graduated to a G34, Striker question

    IDP, lightened steel striker. https://www.idptactical.com/store/p25/IDP_Custom_Lightweight_Striker_%2F_Firing_pin_Small_Frame_for_Glocks.html i tried a couple of others, they either broke or made trigger pull worse. Don’t get the Tin, get the stainless steel one.
  2. rooster

    Fitting rear dovetail sight plate

    I think that sanding the bottom flat would only work if the dimension of the bottom of the sight to the under side of sight was greater than the depth of the slide dovetail cut. Otherwise I think I would remove material from the sides of sight. It won’t take much so go slowly. When you can push sight about 1/3 of the way in that’s it push rest of way with a sight pusher.
  3. rooster

    Gun Cleaning Spray Alternative

    Used to use brake cleaner in the aerosol cans you can get them on sale sometimes for 1.99 , make sure you use non chlorinated. However lately I have been using a product called shooter lube solvent. It’s non hazardous and cleans just as good as the brake cleaner.
  4. rooster

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    Not many people shooting this game leave a stock trigger in a Glock, because they basically suck. The cheapest way to get a better trigger is the good old 25 cent trigger job. After that the sky is the limit from just changing parts to complete aftermarket triggers.
  5. rooster

    Failing to pass case gauge but unsure why

    This is a good article about crimp and how to set it. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=78873.0
  6. I’d get a new gunsmith.
  7. rooster

    Failing to pass case gauge but unsure why

    If they plunk in your barrel your good to go. If the rnds sit a little proud in the gauge but fit your barrel you now know that you can get away with that anomaly.
  8. rooster

    Sanding Glock Mags JP GMR-15

    Don’t know anything about your firearm, but do not sand Glock mags. I have an article somewhere and it was stated that sanding Glock mags raises little hairs on the mags as a result of the sanding process. I have used armor all, wax, etc.
  9. I believe it’s plus 3,4. Those base pads add 4 rounds in 9 mm and 3 rounds in 40. They are legal for production and fit the box. I have a 34 and with his sights and plus 4 pads and they fit the box. The zeros do not add capacity and they are the same size as the 3,4.
  10. I think you can set up any die that way. The die walls are keeping the case straight to accept the bullet. Just remember that when setting the flair if you under size it or oversized it and want to try again use a new piece of brass. Once you flair and try to resize the same piece again your measurements will never be the same.
  11. I really don’t know as I don’t think I have ever had that problem, and wouldn’t know how to test for it as all my ammo gauges correctly. The Redding micrometer die is also expensive and I would feel guilty if I lead you to believe it would help and didn’t. I bought it because I try different bullets and the micrometer function lets you change oal easy. My rounds still vary about + or - .002 but that’s because I don’t separate for headstamp. I don’t use a u die, all of my dies are Redding, I even have the micrometer crimp die, which I don’t think is necessary. Hope this helps, and watch the you tube video. Oh I also have the mr. Bullet feeder funnel, but all my ammo still worked with out it.
  12. I got that tip on a you tube channel the guy goes thru setting up a Redding competition micrometer seating die. The channel is “ knowledge to you”. The guys demonstration is excellent.
  13. Been in this game over 20 years. Started with a sig 226, then went to a ss colt commander, to a ss Springfield. Shot ss for about 10 years, got a deal on a sti 40 and shot that for about 3 years. Got tired of all the maintenance and keeping up with all the latest gizmos. Bought a Glock 17, liked production, got a 34 and never looked back. Eyes are going to s#!t so I got a slide for the 17 had it milled for co and been shooting that for about 6 months. I still like production because of the challenges, iron sights, accuracy and plenty of reloads, plus stage planning. Shooting co is almost cheating, if it wasn’t for my eyes I would stay with production and shooting a Glock. Easily maintained, runs great, lots of aftermarket support. Shoot what is fun unless, your in it to win, and then go with a 2011 platform and have plenty of money.
  14. Try this. At the flair station, flair a piece of brass to a greater size opening than your bullet seating die. Run that brass in your seating station and let the die size the flair. Measure that flair and set up your powder drop flair to a little over that. Now when you reload the bullet seating die holds that case in perfect alignment to the bullet. Example, powder drop flair .385, bullet seatiing die walls close it up to .383 to accept bullet, crimp sizes to .379. Do not use the same piece of brass to get your measurements, use a new piece each time because the brass get wonky if you try to use same piece over and over.
  15. rooster

    Base pads in Production?

    All the above reasons, and if you ever decide to shoot co, or limited minor you have the extra capacity that aftermarket base pads provide.