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  1. rooster

    mill glock slide for red dot services?

    Primary Machine
  2. rooster

    G17 - Trigger Reset Issue

    Don’t think it’s liner because I ran a 17 without one for a short while. I got my pistol back from having my slide milled for optic and black nitride. There is a step in the liner Chanel that looks like it was installed. The way I found out it was missing was the check where when you hold the back trigger the firing pin should rattle in slide. You can buy a tool or use a 5/16 lag bolt to remove. When I tried to remove nothing would come out so I tried to install one and it went right in. Like a few people said I would try bending the cruciform leg a tiny bit. But be careful they are extremely hard and easy to break.
  3. rooster

    Custom 2011 is doubling/tripling

    Confirm ot by holding trigger back and letting hammer down slowly if you feel a bump the hammer is hitting halfcock notch. Back off ot until it doesn’t and then go one turn more.
  4. rooster

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    Years ago I was at a match where on the draw a guy sent 230 grain round in his thigh it ran down his leg and came out his calf. He actually took it pretty good, probably in shock. After ambulance left we finished match but it was pretty somber.
  5. I have an old Ed Brown 1911 manual and the way he shaped an extractor was lay a straight edge along the back of the magwell, scribe a line on extractor and file to that, then file about a 45 angle on the right side. This worked for me and leaves room to eject a live round.
  6. rooster

    Opening/closing ports during make ready

    Ask the ro to show you the rule. To me if it’s not stated in the wsb then it’s a go. Not sure if it’s even in the rules and I’m a ro. I’ll see if I can find later.
  7. rooster

    Glock Trigger Problem

    When gun recoils there is a track on the slide that pushes connector over in order to let trigger bar pop up so the cruciform catches the lug on the firing pin. Your trigger bar is probably rubbing somewhere on frame. Check where it bends at a 90 degree angle. Install your old trigger and look for differences.
  8. rooster

    G34 Accuracy Issues

    I did try the locking block from LW, sent it back, it was worse than stock. Don’t know if it was just a fluke, but didn’t want to hassle with it.
  9. rooster

    G34 Accuracy Issues

    Get a new locking block pins should not walk out. If that doesn’t fix peen the ends of the pins. Shooting left is common among right handed shooters. Some people say practice pulling trigger straight back, or just move rear sight a little right. You can buy anti walk pins.
  10. I believe they issue paper books only to range officers at this point. Years ago all members got them. I guess the cost of printing doesn’t justify it any longer. Plus everyone has a phone so the rules are just a click away.
  11. rooster

    EGW chamber checker question

    The first thing to do is know exactly the max oal is for that barrel. Size a piece of brass and and make sure it fits barrel. I cut a slit down both sides with a dremel cut off wheel and debur, then make sure it fits barrel again. Also make sure it fits the gauge. Now you can seat bullet a little ways and press into chamber , do this a few times so you get an accurate measurement. That dimension is the max oal for that bullet in that chamber. Now back it off about .020 that will allow for any variations in the loading process. Now comes the EGW gauge. That gauge is the most precise gauge available that I know of. If that piece of brass fit the gauge to start with, then the only reason it would fail is because of the bullet. You would either have to load even shorter, or get a different profile bullet, and start the process all over again. Or just use your barrel as gauge. Or get a gauge that passes that bullet. The Hundo gauge should work as it doesn’t care about bullet profile.
  12. rooster

    G34 accuracy with light recoil springs

    Just because your resting on a bag doesn’t mean your doing it right. I have a g34 gen 3 and I suck at bagging a gun on rests. I’ve tried and tried and I actually shoot better freestyle. A 3 inch group at that close a distance doesn’t seem right especially off a rest. A lot of shooters run 11 lb springs but the majority 13. Don’t know if it would have an effect on accuracy but their cheap so try a 13 and see. Maybe get another shooter that’s good off a bench and see if your groups change. Could even be your load. Just too many variables to get a definitive answer.
  13. rooster

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    Wouldn’t that be the cats meow. A 2011 mag that costs 20 bucks.
  14. rooster

    MGW Sight Tool

    Same here. I like changing sights and trying different styles and the MGW makes it a snap. I’ve also lent it to friends. It’s also nice to be able to use at anytime you need to make an adjustment. There are 2 styles for glock sights one with straight and one for the angled sides, so don’t get the wrong one. Don’t know about the sight pro.
  15. rooster

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Saw TGO shooting ss the second day. At the end of day he was 3rd. He’s getting old, had both knees replaced, plus he’s a big boy. He’s doing pretty dam good. He never looks like he’s shooting fast compared to the others.