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  1. I’ve been in this game for 26 years. Started out with a sig 226, went to 1911’s then to a 2011. About 6 years ago switched to glock. I’ve never looked back. To keep my glock running I need a pin punch. For my 1911’s I needed a tackle box full of stuff. I watched Bob Vogel totally kick ass at the pro am. Shoot what your comfortable with , but a plastic gun if you put in the work will not hold you back.
  2. rooster

    Barrel the culprit

    Hood width should be the measurement across the little “ears” at top of barrel that goes into slide. Barrel lug should be measured from top of barell to bottom of barrel lug.
  3. rooster

    Problem Headstamps?

    Go over to the cz forum in the reloading section there’s a sticky that has an in depth study of brass. They list all the major headstamps what to use and discard and why.
  4. rooster

    Barrel the culprit

    The dimensions that matter are hood length, hood width, and barrel lug height, that is measured from the top of hood to bottom of lug. Hood length in your drawing is from point c to end of hood. Hood width is the part that fits into slide at the breach, and barell lug is measured from top of hood to bottom of lug. Drop in barrels have to fit every slide and frame made for that model, so accuracy is minimal over factory. The best barrel for improvement is a Barsto because you have to fit it to your frame and slide. The next best way for accuracy improvement is load development. Find a load that your barrel likes.
  5. rooster

    Problem Headstamps?

    I check brass before it goes into resize station. I check inside, then check headstamps. Brass with funny numbers, brass that I can’t read headstamp gets chucked. S&B, CBC, stepped brass, amerc. all get chucked.
  6. Go here and get this. https://www.geeplate.com/ It’s the bomb.
  7. rooster

    Drills for getting used to red dot

    It takes awhile but this helped me. Hold gun out in shooting position, find dot in middle of the glass, now feel what that is like and holster, then draw again and repeat. After a while you will get the hang of it.
  8. rooster

    No grease?

    Exactly! I posted those exactly those 2 links a few posts back. Also the Cherry Balmz website is an in depth resource of lubrication of firearms, well worth the read.
  9. rooster

    No grease?

    I was just on their site and I was able to add to a cart and able to pay using PayPal. I didn’t buy any because I still have some, but it looks as though there still in business. They have a Facebook page. I would call first to make sure.
  10. rooster

    No grease?

    Don’t really know, I bought some quite along time ago. I just referenced the site because of the articles on lubing firearms. If it don’t work here is another site that has a light viscosity grease. https://lubrikit.com/ This lube is the one mentioned in Grant Cunningham’s article on lubrication 101. Midway also sells the lubriplate grease in a 12 ounce tub that’s a lifetime supply.
  11. rooster

    No grease?

    Go back a couple of post where I gave the link to cherry balmz and read their lube article and they mention whale oil used as a lube. They give a little history of it.
  12. rooster

    No grease?

    I remember a few years ago on you tube a guy dropped the slide on an empty 1911 chamber I think it was like 100 times. Took gun apart and no damage to sear or hammer face. That’s the way I used to check light trigger jobs. I would drop the slide a few times with the trigger held back and with trigger in normal position. If the hammer didn’t follow trigger job passed. Although I wouldn’t make a habit of doing it. If I was troubleshooting someone’s gun I would always ask permission first before I would do it.
  13. rooster

    No grease?

    In a machine shop your flushing parts with oil as they rotate at high speeds to cool and lubricate that’s why grease won’t work. Wheel bearings are greased because it’s not really a closed system, most enclosed machines use pumps and filters to reduce friction, usually the system is pressurized. On open parts that slide grease stays put and forms a boundary. However the grease that should be used on firearms is not your standard #2 grease. It should be a #0 which is light viscosity grease. Go here for a good read on firearms lubrication. https://www.cherrybalmz.com/. http://www.grantcunningham.com/2006/05/lubrication-101/
  14. rooster

    No grease?

    Maybe oil on tight fitted guns. But I use the old adage of it it rotates oil, if it slides grease. You want to form a boundary between wear points and a light grease works well. You want a sflO grease. Go over to Grant Cunningham’s blog and read his lubrication 101, it’s a good read. Then go over to cherry balmz website and they have about 2 hours worth of reading on this very subject. I know that Adam knows his guns and he builds some really nice blasters, but I don’t think he is a lube specialist.
  15. rooster

    The never ending talk of Glock Sights

    Get the Taran Tactical glock sights. They are stainless steel with a dlc coating. Some people say they print a little high, but for me that’s ok. The front is .235 tall with a .135 wide rear notch.