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  1. rooster


    Thanks, found it.
  2. rooster


    Hello guys. Does anybody know if there is some kind of squad lists with the names of all the shooters shooting the nine days of nationals? I would like to go and watch the super squad shooting production.
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  4. rooster

    Glock 34 failure to feed during loading or reloading

    Put stock barrel back in, if problem goes away then your lone wolf barrel is the problem.
  5. rooster

    Glock 34 light strikes

    CCI changed their primers years ago. Something else is wrong. With a 4.5 spring you should be able to set off any primer made. I’ve shot thousands of CCI primers with a 4.5 spring and never a problem. What else have you done to the gun? Over travel adjusted correctly? Firing pin channel clean? Striker hitting firing pin block?
  6. I thought the same thing to. You got fully loaded stations, the bottom of case to the point where the seating stem hits the bullet should be the same or within a few thou. I guess all the little variables add up. Brass not same size, different bullet oal, case wall thickness, the way you pull the handle, all I know is it used to drive me nuts, so I did the sort thing and it made a huge difference especially with precision delta 124 Jhp’s. I sorted for awhile but what pita, really not needed for this game, plus I shoot a Glock so I don’t do it anymore.
  7. rooster

    Tungsten Guide Rod Durability

    I have a Glock store uncaptured tungsten rod in my 17 and the other day after cleaning I saw that the round end was unscrewing. I thought it was one solid piece. I don’t know why they would do that. You would think that turning threads male and female, and making the button would be more cost than just turning the whole piece. Anyway I put some red locktite on it so it should be good.
  8. rooster

    Base pads for production

    Really don’t know. I think over at Taran’s website he gives the dimensions of his pads. I don’t know anything about the gen5 pistols, or their mags. All my glocks are gen 3’s. I think I read somewhere that gen 5 mags are not compatible with any other gens, not-sure if Taran’s pads fit gen 5 guns. I think they only changed the lips because of the ambi mag catch.
  9. rooster

    550 9mm multiple bullet setup

    The Redding micro adjustable seating die is a top notch die. However if your looking for oal’s within a thou, forget it. It’s all about the bullets and brass. If you got the die because you change bullets a lot that’s where it shines. You just record your settings and you can always go back unless you remove the die, and or take it apart for cleaning. Depending on bullet and you will get variances of + or - .005. Jacket bullets give the best consistency. I can get within a thou and most are spot on. But you have to sort by headstamp. Go to you tube and check out this guy. He has the best instructions on how to set it up. Knowledge2you. You tube wouldn’t let me copy it.
  10. rooster

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    That’s pretty slick.
  11. rooster

    gen 5 glock 34 mos mounting for rmr

    Could you get an after market slide and have that milled for your optic?
  12. rooster

    Carry optics tips/advice?

    Mute point for either gun with dot. I have both the 17 and 34, I also shoot production too so I had the 17 done because the longer sight radius is better with the 34. Another thing i did was buy a slide from brownells and had it milled for the optic. That way I kept my original slide in case I ever wanted to sell or use as a backup for production.
  13. rooster

    Base pads for production

    The Taran’s zero add a little weight and no capacity. The +3+4 add capacity but don’t add as much weight. I have a g34 with his sights and pads and they fit the box. They both add about a half inch of length over stock. Very easy to take off and on.
  14. rooster

    Carry optics tips/advice?

    A couple of Front Sight issues back they did the equipment survey and the delta pro was the top choice. I also looked at quite a few you tube videos about the delta pro and based on all that I bought one. I’ve had it for about 6 months so far I made a good choice. Also if you scout around the price ain’t too bad.
  15. rooster

    25 Yard Groups????

    The gun is guaranteed to do it, but I’d like to see it done freestyle.