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  1. I need some opinion's for a light 9mm Steel Challenge load with Berry's 100 and 115 grain bullets out of a 5 inch barrel. Which would be better, Vihtavuori 310 or Vihtavuori 320? Also, would WST or WSF, or AA-2 be applicable with bullets this light? Thanks, Doug
  2. Wiland 5 inch barrel, 4.1 Sports Pistol with a Berry's 9mm 100 grain bullet gets me a 111PF.
  3. Right now I'm using Oakley Prizm Field. Enhances the white targets for me. Also tried Oakley T22 and T45 prizm. They work well too.
  4. Hi Todd, would you please add me to the list for a box of standard processed. Thank you, Doug Foster
  5. David Lee Roth- A Little Ain't Enough
  6. Probably nothing, but in my mind it lessens the resistance for the firing pin to travel forward, while still having plenty of power to retract.
  7. Whenever I bring a new Buckmark into the competition rotation, I make sure I change the extractor. If your trigger doesn't have one, an over travel screw. I also cut about 1/3rd of the coils off of the firing pin spring. Polish the firing pin til it's silky smooth. Red loctite on the front screw for whatever style sight/mount you use, and blue loctite on the rear screw.
  8. I run a Foxtrot Mike with Glock mags. It's been perfect.
  9. Can anyone point me towards a gunsmith that can cut a 16 inch MPX barrel to around 6 inches and permanently attach an aluminum sleeve so it will fall within Federal guidelines? Thanks, Doug
  10. I need to send my MPX back to Sig for a going over. My question is, do I need to remove my aftermarket race parts, or are they okay with it the way it is? I don't want to get "Rugered". I know they will tell me when I call them, but I'm wanting to know now, if anyone has experience with this. Thanks Doug
  11. My Sig MPX PCC Competition is about 5 months old and has probably 2000 rounds through it. I load 115 grain bullets over Win 231 powder. Here's my concern. I was shooting the other day and everything was going along smoothly for the first 2 magazines. On the 3rd magazine, I begin missing targets that I'm sure the C-more was on (Steel Challenge plates). I go back to the bench and re-zero the gun and procede to shoot more. Again I suffer questionable misses. I checked the gun over and didn't find anything loose or out of place. I examined the C-more for a loose lens or dot module, along w
  12. Ever since I handled a friends' CK Arms PCC carbine, I've lusted to own one. Problem is, they've been out of stock for a while now. I tried emailing the company, but got no response. Does anyone know when the PCC carbines will be back in stock? Thanks, Doug
  13. I'm looking for recommendations for 115 gr. Steel Challenge loads with Sports Pistol powder. I'll be shooting a Walther PPQ 5 inch polymer frame. Thank you, Doug
  14. It sounds like your rear screw is torqued down too tight and is restricting your slide movement. Try loosening it up a little and see if that helps.
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