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  1. Here's what happened! I have everything put back together, but I'm bothered by why it dislodged in the first place. When I re-installed the spring and hooked the long leg over the pin on the hand, the coiled part of the spring sort of twisted or rolled on it's side a little instead of staying straight up and down.
  2. Well, it turns out that the hand spring fell out of the trigger and jammed between the hammer and trigger. I put a little more tension on the spring and put everything back together. I'll take it out tomorrow and run some rounds through it. Thanks to everyone for the input and advice.
  3. I was out chronographing some loads and zeroing my 929 this afternoon. I fired 40 flawless shots. Then, I loaded a new moon to do some training. The 1st bullet fired, then all I got was click, click, click. I opened the cylinder and looked at the primers, not a mark on them. I loaded a new moon and the same thing happened, 1st round fired then nothing but clicks. I turned the strain screw a half turn in, but nothing changed. I loaded another moon and ran quickly through the cylinder. 3 rounds fired and 5 didn't, but on the last click, the trigger failed to return forward. I've tried to push it forward, but it's stuck. I can open the cylinder, and the trigger will pull back to the trigger stop, but it still wont go forward. The gun has an Apex hammer and a Miculek spring kit, although I believe I used the factory rebound spring because I didn't like the slow trigger return. I haven't taken it apart yet, but I'm obviously going to have to. What do you think I should be looking for? Thank you, Doug
  4. I've tried it before going 1-2-4-3-S, but I have a hard time passing up a plate and not shooting it, so I'm 1-2-3-4-S now.
  5. I'm gonna finish my 3rd cup of coffee then give it a try. Wish me luck!
  6. I chronoed some loads yesterday. 4.0gr of Sport Pistol under a 124gr Berry RN bullet averaged 1099 fps, SD 7, PF 136. 3.2gr of Sport Pistol under a 124gr Berry RN bullet averaged 950 fps, SD 17, PF117. Fired from a Colt Competition 9mm.
  7. I want to load some 160 gr. Black Bullets for my S+W 929 using Sport Pistol powder. These will be used for Steel Challenge and ICORE matches. I have in mind starting with 2.8 grs. and going up from there to meet PF. Should I start lower, or is this too low already? Also, what OAL should I load. Thanks, Doug
  8. I've been shooting Buckmarks for about 8 years. I find them to be very reliable without much tweaking or accessory investment. I don't know if you are aware, but Browning is producing a Buckmark with a light weight barrel that is threaded and comes with a muzzle brake that is removable/changeable. That's the way I would go if I were starting fresh.
  9. Gentlemen, thank you for the advice. I was completely confused about how this spring went in. I was trying to double it over, make the legs parallel to each other. The pictures and advice on technique saved the day for me. I read your responses and went to work on getting that spring in place. It wasn't that hard, once I understood what I was trying to do. I finished putting the revolver together and headed out to the range. After a couple of tweaks on the strain screw, the gun ran perfect. Thank you again for the help. Doug
  10. I took my 929 apart today to smooth some parts and install an Apex hammer. I removed the trigger/hand assembly. Somewhere during this process the hand came loose from the trigger and the hand spring fell out. I cannot figure out how to get the spring to go back into it's slot. I tried pushing it in with a punch, but it never catches on anything, it just flies out. Please, someone tell me how to get this tiny spring back in the revolver so I can finish this project. Thank you, Doug
  11. I need some opinion's for a light 9mm Steel Challenge load with Berry's 100 and 115 grain bullets out of a 5 inch barrel. Which would be better, Vihtavuori 310 or Vihtavuori 320? Also, would WST or WSF, or AA-2 be applicable with bullets this light? Thanks, Doug
  12. Wiland 5 inch barrel, 4.1 Sports Pistol with a Berry's 9mm 100 grain bullet gets me a 111PF.
  13. Right now I'm using Oakley Prizm Field. Enhances the white targets for me. Also tried Oakley T22 and T45 prizm. They work well too.
  14. Hi Todd, would you please add me to the list for a box of standard processed. Thank you, Doug Foster
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