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  1. Ever since I handled a friends' CK Arms PCC carbine, I've lusted to own one. Problem is, they've been out of stock for a while now. I tried emailing the company, but got no response. Does anyone know when the PCC carbines will be back in stock? Thanks, Doug
  2. I'm looking for recommendations for 115 gr. Steel Challenge loads with Sports Pistol powder. I'll be shooting a Walther PPQ 5 inch polymer frame. Thank you, Doug
  3. It sounds like your rear screw is torqued down too tight and is restricting your slide movement. Try loosening it up a little and see if that helps.
  4. I went to Academy yesterday and bought the Oakley M frame Ballistic SI with the Prism T22 lens. I need an RX insert, but so far they look good.
  5. I shoot Steel Challenge almost exclusively these days. Open guns, white targets against earth/dirt backgrounds. Any recommendations for this situation?
  6. Hi Todd, I'm interested in 5000 pieces of 9mm brass. Thanks, Doug
  7. I load 3.9 grs. of Titegroup with a 115 gr. plated bullet at about 134 PF.
  8. Thanks everyone. I was afraid it would be crimped. I live next to an Army base that is auctioning 1612 pounds of 9mm brass, and I was considering bidding on it. The fact that it has crimped primers is a deal breaker for me. I appreciate everyone's input. Doug
  9. Can anyone tell me if military WCC 9mm brass has a crimped primer, or does it reload like commercial brass? TIA, Doug
  10. Am I the only one curious about why you would remove your compensator?
  11. I wish you a speedy recovery! Can't wait to read your book.
  12. Is your new barrel configuration utilizing a Browning barrel cut 3 1/2 inches, or is that a Tac-Sol? what kind of barrel were you using before? I really enjoy you Front Sight articles. They have provided me a great deal of help on improving my game. Doug
  13. I agree. My 59 year old eyes don't see the tiny dots too well these days, but I can see 6-12 easily enough. I usually shoot a 12 in my C-more, while my adult daughter prefers an 8. I change to an 8 sometimes just to try it out again, and I always notice that even though the dot is smaller, it seems more precise, and just as bright as the 12 moa. Smaller works better for me on Pendulum and Outer Limits.
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