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  1. Practice a bit without the grips on. Also try this, overexaggerate the magazine release push with your thumb, push down as fast and as hard as you can. If it jams then it's because of the magazine release spring. If it's the grips then practicing without grips it won't happen. If it's the magazine release it will still happen.
  2. Auto electronic cleaners for the mass air flow sensors works fine as well.
  3. From what I understand, like their firearms their parts come in batches from overseas. With TEOTWAWKI ongoing many firearms and parts have been significantly delayed.
  4. Sorry that this happened, my question would be do you know why it happened to see if it can be avoided in the future. The primer follower rod might be in your crawlspace, or might be in low orbit. You also might want to call Dillon and see if they can walk you through the machine to check for other damaged parts. I'm sure they'd want to try to figure out how it happened, to see if it's a machine issue that might need to be corrected. They might be able to see a pattern. Hopefully you're still under warranty.
  5. Thank you, there are a lot of options available, and everyone's circumstances will be different. After handling both a dovetrail plate cz and one that was milled I can see the advantages. But then I go a steel shoot and everyone there was running a dovetail plate. Different people different priorities.
  6. The main thing I can think of after playing with both a czc's milled and a dovetail plate is the height of the red dot. This might make a difference if you've been training that draw to present the iron sights at the same level every time. You will likely be slightly low to find the red dot immediately and will have to adjust slightly down to pick it up. I think this is trainable, but then it becomes a question on if you want to do that, and will it throw your presentation on other firearms. There is also the argument of the red dot in association to bore axis (think very high scopes on a rifle or very high risers on a red dot on a rifle), but honestly that will vary based on the ranges that you are engaging. There are some people in this thread that are dead set against them, and that's fine. But there are options worth considering.
  7. There might be some confusion here. For the plate system where the slide is milled, no there doesn't appear to be a difference between the regular or the shadow. But the dovetail "plate" yes there is a difference between the regular and the shadow models.
  8. From what I can find thus far: Dovetail mounts: egw (multiple optic options), czcustom (plates appears to be pretty universal), leupold mount (only would fit jpoint, shield and dpp) Dovetail mounts do work, but they will be higher than milling the slide, also can be an issue as your sight will be a bit higher on bore axis. Also if you've trained a lot of irons they will be slightly higher on presentation. But cost wise, much less. Milling the slide: cgw, czc, primary machine, there are a lot that can do the work. Milling the slide would get you the lowest possible sight to bore axis. Many of the places milling have limited options for optics, and changing would take a bit of work. CZC has a plate system that can be replaced dependent on which optic you are using, they even have a plate that has a way to mount iron sights. Reading through the actual red dots, it looks like failures are fairly normal, and given the environment they are in, it's not entirely too surprising.
  9. Plain jane regular sp01 non shadow. Do you mean the milled plate system, or the dovetail system? I admit that is very cool, and likely the path I'd choose if I decide to go with a permanent mount. Thank you, I just found your post last night, I'll have to go through it. I am curious of the upper slide if you would direct message me. It looks like czcustom is quoting about 8 weeks for the work, and roughly $200 with one included plate.
  10. Thank you I'll have to stop in or pm.
  11. It's funny you mention dabblers who already have "some sight" sitting around, as I just realized I have a burris fast fire sitting around. I realize 4 mm difference can be huge, but likely trainable. I am very tempted to pick up the czc plate for now and put the burris on it for a few matches. The leupold mount fits the cz contour so it's actually pretty low, alas it only really fits the dpp or shield type red dots.
  12. Any thoughts on the two different mounting options?
  13. That's not a bad idea either, I might have to keep an eye out for extra slides.
  14. But But But, I on occasion will carry it...ok not often, only on the occasions where a rifle would look a bit out of place... CZCustom is local to be so I'd probably be going with their plate system. But the leupold dpp and their cz adapter plate does look tempting...
  15. I made the mistake of shooting a stage yesterday with a canik with a red dot last night, and though it was the first rounds through this configuration I shot better and faster with the red dot. I think triggerwise the cz is still better but that red dot... Much easier to focus on the target rather than the front sight with a blurry target, and as a added plus it was much easier to see the hits on steel rather than just listening for hits. So today I've been looking through my options. First direct mount versus a mounting plate. I understand the sight axis will be higher with the mounting plates, and this harder to pickup if you're used to irons. But its definately not as permanent. So the jury is still out on that. I maybe deluding myself but I am clinging to the hope that even my more competition orientated firearms are still suitable for self defense. Being that I'd like to keep some sort of BUIS. From what I can see vortex has some marks that could function as rear backups if the dot goes down, and leupold has an add on that could function as well. It doesnt appear that a mounting plate or even machine directed mounts would provide an option for BUIS, but curious what people have and have found to work. Thank you.
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