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  1. And you have picked me to tell this because? Well aware the two sports are different, I run matches in both formats. I was in a discussion responding to others. Well aware of the original post. What is or isn’t drug into a conversation you are far from the police of. If it doesn’t make sense to you, or you can’t keep up, or you went off half-cocked without having actually read the thread does not deem me having to hear your personal problems. You jumped in, blindly swinging, and now pointing at me that you take issue with others. Take a hike if you have nothing worthy to submit or decent reason to engage me. The conversation was actually quite educational to those not understanding the original issue, and furthermore the intricacies in differing sports with different rules they may participate in both of. That’s how threads work. Maybe next time go outside and yell at some clouds when you get confused. They will care equally of your attempted imposing of your standards upon others as I do.
  2. u obviously only read the first and last post. go read the thread. See where others interjected Steel challenge. Then understand the reason I answered the way I did and answer your own statement. Hell, even my quote you used was attached to the quote I used asked specifically about Steel Challenge. Yes, no chamber flag is needed when bagged for uspsa, that was already hashed out. Exactly where are you confused? Forums are evolving conversations that many, if not most of the time, can move away from the original post. Its polite, intelligent, courteous, and even customary to read a thread before jumping in at the end. Especially to attempt calling someone out for your belief they are at fault of your personal standards you hold the world to from your keyboard and screen.
  3. You made the right call in either sport. Rules state a flag must be used whether bagged or carted. However there is no rule making it a disqualification. As I mentioned above, I treat it like a magazine in a holstered gun. If unbagged at the stage with no flag, make sure unloaded and bring it to the competitor's attention. At the end of the stage, ensure a flag is used.
  4. Absolutely not. This is not a DQ event. I have to address this so much. I don't know why people are always looking for a DQ. I explain it to be the same as having a magazine in a holstered pistol. A RO must check it. If unloaded, no harm/no foul, leave the magazine out of it. If round present in chamber or magazine, DQ for loaded firearm. Same situation for PCC without a flag. If unloaded, insert a flag and carry on. Just because a rule states a flag must be used does not make it a DQ if not used. Disqualifying events are clearly laid out in the rules for both sports. This is not a DQ for USPSA nor Steel Challenge. The OP made the right call in the original post. PLEASE! If you don't know the rules, PLEASE do not interject yourself here nor ESPECIALLY on the range creating confusion and negativity. This is your second post just in this thread showing you do not know or understand the rules. Possibly a brush up is needed or at least more listening and less interjection. Let those trained/educated well enough to make these calls, make the calls without your lacking in knowledge input, or better put, interference. Especially if you are going to just make things up, and especially if you are making up things as serious as illegitimate competitor disqualification that unnecessarily causes disruption at a match and confusion anywhere else.
  5. I actually thought this exact same thing. Even thought maybe he was thinking of class peak times. I just went with it, being in a helpful mood at the time and all. But, yes, this is the correct answer.
  6. You have to consider anyone's overall peak time total is an evolution of all 8 stages individually over an unknown amount of time. For most, personal bests occur once or twice at a time, especially once established. Personally, I have a time on Speed Option I have yet to come close to duplicating. It was a very good Speed Option day that match. So all the stages are being improved upon as individuals, not as a whole. If our classifications were based on percentage of peak total for each stage shot as a whole in matches, most would be higher, or lower in classification. For instance, my personal peak time is around 64 total seconds for RFRO. However, I have yet to break 70 in an actual match. I have had individual good times on the stages as individuals, same as everyone else. That's just how it works. Classification peak time is based on your absolute best for each stage at different times, I have yet to shoot my absolute best on all stages in a match, be it 4, 5, 6, or 8 stages.
  7. that’s the million dollar question. At the crux of what you are asking is the mental game.
  8. All of it. HV ran for a while then didn’t. The cheek piece is Blackhawk. It’s a two piece, I only used the outside piece and screws.
  9. the accuracy is fantastic. One hole accuracy. As a matter of fact, I personally think he went to far to the accuracy side with a tight chamber. For steel challenge we need 100 percent reliability. At speed the barrels like to ftf every once in a while. Reamed the PCC barrel slightly. No loss in accuracy, 100 percent reliability in every match since. The .22 is going back to Todd for his sport chamber ream. Great products.
  10. The two sets of rules USPSA and Steel Challenge are stand alone by each other. Neither may be applied to the other. If its not in the Steel Challenge rules, it does not exist during Steel Challenge and visa versa. Many of the rules need to be clarified. In my opinion, this is one of them, for even more than the reason you ask. Situation: Shooter fires a shot while moving toward box two. The shot is outside 10 feet and not during a loading/reloading process and within the course of fire. DQ? Or is it just a foot fault? Does it matter if the shooter was pointing/aiming at a target? The rules in their current form support the foot fault, not the DQ. The shooter could say they were attempting to engage the targets, and could have been, and therefore allowed to have finger in trigger guard. How would you call it different for one shooter who unexpectedly fires a shot versus one doing the exact same thing who thought they were in the box but weren't? How do you call it if the shooter enters the second box, puts finger in trigger to engage, but continues two more steps? Yes, I have seen this, recently. Zack and Troy do an amazing job. The rules are slowly coming together. I have found if you simply apply Troy's number one rule, "Don't be a Dick," everything usually sorts itself out. At my matches we have an understanding on this rule, its not yet written completely and to apply common sense. If the RO believes the shooter is unsafe with gun movement, sure, call it. Otherwise, leave it alone. And don't even get me started on false start vs creeping!
  11. I now have Wilandusa barrels on both my .22 rifle and pcc. Both are amazing and super accurate. The weight difference is very present, even just dropping between 2 and 3 ounces going from the TacSol to the Wiland because of the weight coming off the end of the barrel. Very fast.
  12. The OP was asking about at the line with a cased firearm. Troy is answering a question about unbagging or uncarting and coming to the line this is a good conversation and could use some clarification. For anyone attending matches, all I have been to, most of the area matches and Worlds, its a DQ. So consider waiting for the make ready. Although it seems grey, its ultimately going to be a losing argument.
  13. Yes. There are several who get to high classifications shooting less than the full eight. Maybe 4. Maybe 6. One would need to be cognitive of it and do as you do, chase other matches.
  14. Ah, I see. Agreed. I am always chasing my own numbers. And congrats on the wife skill level. Bet that adds a different type of competitiveness.
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