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  1. Hammer002

    Rules Question

    I dont know exactly what you mean by an "array" of barrels, but I have had the conversation before that if a group of barrels is used as a wall, does the wall rule come into effect? Just like there are holes in snow fencing and you cant shoot through that, if a wall of barrels is used, can you shoot between them if there are gaps. Always makes for good conversation. We had a competitor in a very similar situation as posted shoot between where a wall met a barrel and avoided a third shooting position that also required a squat/kneel position. I level 2, if you can see it, you can shoot it. In level one, you actually can say what gets shot from where or in what order.
  2. Hammer002

    Virginia count xtra shot

    Yes, double penalty. Penalty for every shot fired over three while engaging target in question, AND penalty for every hit on target over three
  3. Been shooting open with a recently acquired Tanfoglio Gold Custom. Have several 20 round magazines that need grams upgrades, but only have one large capacity magazine. Don’t know the company, but looks similar to the others. Anyway, want another one. What’s the best high capacity 9mm magazine for the Tanfoglio? Was looking at the MBX 29 round. I know those have to be tuned to 2011s, same for Tanfoglios? thanks
  4. Hammer002

    Tactical Sport slide lock

    U may find this as weird as me, but I completely cut the nub off one of my slide locks. NO CHANGE. Now I have no idea what could be going on. Worried it’s something bad now like a problem with the barrel or lugs. Still, tried shooting it with thumbs completely away so I know that’s not it either. Lost. Nope. As I said above, same batch made a month ago that has 1000s ran through it. Same as 1000s before. Just started one day during practice.
  5. Hammer002

    Outer Limits disabled shooter penalty?

    I stand corrected. Thanks.
  6. Hammer002

    Tactical Sport slide lock

    I have considered that. But I think I do mind the hole and I believe that's tool grade metal with the idea of it not breaking. Concerns me what breaks next down the line if that no longer will. I like your idea. Fixes several possible issues. Recently ran across some discussion about how the bullets can catch the slide lock and nudge it up. Just interesting my started doing it abruptly without any change.
  7. Hammer002

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    Ahhh, now it makes sense. It seemed funny that got by so many people here that I know know the rules very well. Maybe its worth turning it into a PRO/NO AIWB carry topic. lol. I say its insanely unsafe to the shooter and even tactically at a disadvantage. GO! lol.
  8. Hammer002

    Tactical Sport slide lock

    That's actually a very good idea. Does it work its way out? I would be perfectly willing to do that as I never go to slide lock.
  9. Hammer002

    Music in earmuff

    I have thought about this many times. Always thought it would be a problem. Of course, I dont have wireless plugs either. Dry fire a lot with wired ear buds
  10. Hammer002

    Tactical Sport slide lock

    I could blindly replace them, and may benefit in other areas, but how would this cause the slide lock to move up? And why suddenly after working for so long, and all three mags at the exact same time? I wondered this too, and I looked for follower activation on the last round occurences, and didnt really see it was activating it, but wondering if/how this would occur on random or all rounds through the magazine? Hate just throwing $$$ at a problem...
  11. Hammer002

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    Although your post correctly addressed the post before it regarding USPSA, you saw this was Steel Challenge....right? Or am I screwed up?
  12. Hammer002

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    You did say Steel Challenge, right? If so, see my post above. Shooting 3 of the 5 stages isnt that surprising before someone caught it. Many steel challenge ROs are not certified with the USPSA. Technically, there isnt even yet a separate certification for it.
  13. Hammer002

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    Shooting from concealment is specifically not allowed in Steel Challenge. Uspsa = yes. Steel Challenge = no. There is a specific rule variation for Steel Challenge: 3.1.3 Due to the unique nature of the Steel Challenge, drawing from concealment is not allowed.
  14. Hammer002

    Tactical Sport slide lock

    Gun = Tactical Sport pistol. Heavily customized by a competent gunsmith. Had for few years now. Been running like a sewing machine until recently: Issue = Suddenly started having an issue with the slide locking back during normal fire at different times randomly throughout the 20 round magazines as well as fairly regularly on the last round. First, tried two new slide locks. Issue remains equally with all three. Next, replaced slide lock spring, as slide lock felt loose in its position. No change for better or worse. Next, closely inspected all three magazines. Assured feed lip width and if any parts worn. Issue occurs with all three magazines equally. Next, checked ammo. From same batch made a month ago. Same length that has worked for few years. Crimp is good (very little on a polymer bullet). Rounds plunk test in barrel perfectly. Next, checked extractor. (Dunno what else to check at this point...) Moves freely with tension enough to hold a round in place. Not sure what else could be the issue. Slide lock activates about halfway up during regular fire. Have tried shooting it with thumbs completely extended away from gun with nothing even touching side of slidelock with same results. Round is level and ready to go into chamber - meaning its not at an angle such as a malfunction caused by the round jamming. Sometimes, on the last round, even pulling back on the slide will not release it, such as when done after loading, etc - the slide lock itself must be pushed down. Nothing else is locking up or tight, its just that the slide lock is activating somehow. Many times it will do it after every round. Not sure what else to look at. Thoughts?
  15. Hammer002

    Outer Limits disabled shooter penalty?

    Well, as honorable, or whatever moral intention you were going for with this statement, assessing no penalty at all would be a SIGNIFICANT competitive advantage if the competitor is shooting all plates from one box. If you feel sorry for the impaired, maybe rightfully so, buy em dinner. The rule is if its shot from one box due to disability, a fair time differential is applied. Its only called a penalty because there is no other way to record it in the software. The only thing the MD/RM has discretion on is agreeing whether or not the competitor meets the criteria to shoot from one box. If so, the time differential is applied by use of the penalty addition because handicapped/impaired is not a division. The competitor is still shooting prod, SS, PCC, etc against the other competitors, and while we may be sorry the person is disabled, shooting Outer Limits from one box, again, is a SIGNIFICANT advantage. Enough to really, unfairly, screw with the field.