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  1. ok. Let’s get next level here. On #2. I’m gonna put this out there and you’re either going to be able to grasp it, or not. People will likely debate what I’m about to say, but they would be wrong. Modern steel challenge transitions, at the top level, are NOT done this way. This is how we are taught to do Gun transitions. It’s slow. It’s called ticking, or ratcheting, or chasing, or whatever. That method causes stopping and starting of the gun. Which is slow. And actually harder. The top shooters are using a method I personally call fluid motion. The eyes are staying with the gun, on sight. If irons, never leaving the front sight. If dot, never leaving the dot. Some minds just started to blow reading that. But it’s the truth. Moving the gun fluidly will feel slower, but produce faster, more reliable or repeatable times. Warning, this technique is NOT easy to learn. Not because it’s hard, but because it’s a change from the conventional. Either believe me, or don’t. Either way, this is how the top shooters are shooting. on #4, just note, it’s not always off the stop plate. Smoke = stop plate. Speed option might be plate 2. Pendulum might be plate 2 or 3 or stop depending on you. Roundabout and left showdown might be plate 3 or stop. 5 to go might be plate 4, some suggest stop plate, but I would advise against that. Accelerator might be plate 3, or the stop. Part of this technique is your comfortability factor. You will come to know these things change with your skill improvement. And that’s ok. Don’t try to think of things as being set in stone. I’ve shot with literally the best in the sport, and they do different things that work for them. I shot with Chris Barrett at area 5. Among several things, he shot pendulum right to left. Told me I should try it sometime. He was sub 2’s. I tried it in next practice. Wasn’t for me! Lol. Might be later. But not right now. Do what works for you as long as you are progressing.
  2. Ok, for reference, I am a GM in RFRO, PCCO, and RFPO, and a former scholastic team coach. I don't say that to toot any horn, but for knowledge reference because I would really like to see you get your son on the right direction. I started with a 15-22, and made GM with it with a cheap Bushnell TRS-25. The best thing about these rifles is, if you don't mess with them, they run near 100 percent. If you want by and shoot, this is definitely the way to go. Allchin makes a comp specifically for it so the timer picks up the shots correctly. This is a must. It will run most AR15 triggers, I had very good luck with a Geisslle. I ran a CMORE on mine at its peak. Maybe a Tandemcross extractor, but NOTHING ELSE. I have come to the opinion through extensive experience with others, these guns, likely due to being plastic, do not like being taken apart. Just shoot it and shoot it and shoot it. LOVED mine. Eventually had to go lighter. Whatever you do, DO NOT go Volquartsen barrel. I have NEVER seen one run the same after someone installing one, even if they go back to the original barrel. Hence, my opinion on the guns not being liked being taken apart. Being that you have a 10/22 barrel, you have a good start if you are familiar with putting them together. They are quite simple. First, you will want the Blackhawk axiom stock. This stock has taken the sport by storm due to its great economics, price and incredible light weight. As far as receiver and bolt, you could go with a stock one, just polish the bolt for reliability. Or go with something like Tandemkross. All my insides are KIDD and they are super smooth. The stock trigger is rough. I love my KIDD. Its hands down the lightest and best reset that exists. There are other companies with reputable products. Some you can send an existing trigger assembly and they will do a trigger job. I love the KIDD stuff. A stock 10/22 will not make him happy. They simply are not competition reliable, and very rough to shoot as far as trigger, bolt, etc. There are some other choices out there, but these two are by far and large the best. If you want to go out of the box higher end, check out Magnum research's Switchbolt. Maybe just the upper for the axiom. Up to you. The orange one is a wilandusa barrel. Lightest made. Whole rifle is super light. Forget the weight, but its lower than pic below, that one is with the Tacsol barrel A while back with the 15-22
  3. It was just a cute way of saying detail is enhanced. You are putting a ton more technical/engineering type thinking on it that I. I would say the plates are definitely enhanced.
  4. wow. That’s a lot. Well, I can say my first impression was a feels like I could see around the plates. I dunno how to explain it. There’s nothing like them. I don’t recall seeing much background when I shoot.
  5. Sorry everyone. I get bored and my sense of humor is different than everyone else’s. What I think is funny others don’t usually appreciate. I’ll go back to my corner.
  6. it’s amazing the direction you fuddy duddies will take something to stroke your own egos. I mean, that’s why every time I check in here when I’m bored it’s the exact same names arguing the exact same things calling each other the exact same names, right? How about we just make it easy......I’ll say.....WHITE! Who’s gonna be the fastest to rush in and say black?? You chucky? Don’t let someone with a lower post count beat ya!
  7. you the man chuck. So he told you nothing about uspsa partnering with practiscore to keep track of match dues per club, huh. Well it must not be true then. I’m glad
  8. like two years ago. When they started coming down on paying all the dues. Not a complete takeover, but they have merged and encompassed by USPSA. however you wanna say it.
  9. You are right, except my consideration was due to USPSA taking over practiscore. That was my could reference. If the payment was made over practiscore, USPSA is involved, somewhat
  10. There just seems like there's so much more to this. First, as a company/entity, you can explain the charge situation to a requesting bank. I have a feeling if it was just taken, no one responded to the inquiry. So the club has a treasurer problem. Or needs one. lol. Next, as competitors, we reap what we sew. So if this happens, its a small world, everyone gonna know about it and each match director will decide how they want to handle it for their matches. Yes, the USPSA could be involved, but its not likely they will want to be involved in the transaction responsibility between a club or match director and his customers. The USPSA's involvement is to get paid their fees, not involve themselves with civil business between other people. There could be an interesting interaction if using practiscore and stripe. There are new things with the "storefront" addition I just don't know yet. Sometimes, as a match director, in the theme of customer service, you look over some of these things from time to time. The variance in competitor personality is immense. If it became a repeat issue, I'm sure there are measures that could be taken. In this case, I am still convinced someone simply did not respond to the inquiry, or have contact information for the bank properly set. But that's an educated guess. I can tell you this though, a lot of you would have a tough time being a match director, stuff like this, better or worse is constant. Cant flip out over some of it.
  11. You are WAY overthinking it. And no it doesn't affect it. And no RO should EVER be that picky. Read my post on the first plate shooting, and it will make more sense, but anyone who knows Steel Challenge 101 isn't even directly aiming perfectly at any "aim point." They are using peripheral at best because they leave their eyes on the first plate and move the gun to the aim point semi-blindly. On it is good. And any RO requiring more needs a discussion from the match director. WAY overthinking it. If they aren't using anything at all, then that could probably be fixed. But outside of that, you got other things to concern yourself with
  12. Well, hes been doing it a while and kinda has it figured out. Thinking he pretty generous sending the frames. The lens is the expensive part. Let me know how that suggestion works out for ya.
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