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  1. Hammer002

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    Was still one of best run matches even with the blizzard. Maybe u get even more help if you advertised the staff shoots in 70 degree weather and match is shot in 9 degree wind chill? Lol. As for the rest of this, I think the difference in conversation is on the east and south east coasts steel challenge has exploded and level 2 matches are highly competitive. We have high level competition in our area, just not in the same numbers yet. You make a good point that the membership rule makes getting involved with more than a monthly match financially less appealing to new shooters who have yet to learn the “value” (as someone put it before) of uspsa membership. Most of the people you are talking to here can’t fathom a new shooter in a level 2 match, because that’s not what happens in areas trying to have enough spots for all the shooters where we are still looking for enough shooters for all the spots in our area. Your arguement makes perfect sense for our area, but is lost on the minds of people in other areas where competition is far more fierce. And then, of course, you are interacting with a few keyboard warriors here who I doubt actually even shoot ANYTHING, and if they did, I would love to have them on a squad. Show me the numbers you experts! Lol.
  2. Hammer002

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    nevermind. Forgot, I was trying to stay away from this place. Got bored.
  3. Hammer002

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    It may very well be in the bylaws, and it may very well be an uphill battle. As I understood it, the idea, in USPSA as well, was statistics based. What is being shot and by who to decide where focus/money is spent. I agree with Thomas, it was kind of a discouragement to new/casual shooters. Sounds like nothing more than a money grab on the surface, and that's bad PR. I think a simple solution would be a way to record the statistics without having to calculate competitor classifications, even if it was a submission of totals by the MD. As good as any idea can be, I think you are both right - it would be an uphil battle for change, likely for the reasons Thomas listed. Personally, at this time, I think there is a difference in level 2 on the west coast vs what we do in the midwest, where it hasnt yet exploded the same.
  4. Hammer002

    RO’s Stationary or Move With Squad

    This. Our local level II is run the same way. There are many benefits Thomas mentioned. Personally, the most appealing part is having each stage run the exact same way for each competitor. Having the other RO/scorekeeper stay with the squad gets him familiar with who is who and when they shoot. The communication is far superior this way for managing the squad. Communication also seems to go so much better between the squad and the stationary RO because the moving RO is usually who is communicating to the stage RO. Works very very well.
  5. Hammer002

    New Rules

    Point taken, and I also agreed with everything you said. I just like that there are a couple stages that tend to separate the field, even amoung top competitors. It would be easy to just replace it. Thanks for the replies though, its nice to know the people with some influence/input are involved so well. One of my favorite things about this particular sport
  6. Hammer002

    Using back of target to assist in scoring

    I understand the question and its actually a good point from a semantics point of view, but I was taught to do it and its almost always for the benefit of the shooter unless its a no shoot perf, but that usually doesnt need such a close look. I was taught/told, all forms of "investigation" or "review" are available to the RO to make a correct call.
  7. Hammer002

    New Rules

    Whatever the decision, I agree 110 percent with Thomas. There are FAR more people who would actually significantly improve their times by just shooting from the center box. No, not GM level people, but probably B and C, definitely D shooters. It’s also the reason the uspsa rule about RO not starting a shooter in the incorrect position needs to be added to steel challenge. This mainly applies to showdown. However, if the steel challenge rules are completely stand alone from uspsa, there is no 10 yard rule and it may benefit someone to take the foot fault penalty on a stage such as speed option and shoot it from anywhere on the range. Sounds silly, but that’s how much I think that rule needs changed/implemented in steel challenge. Outer limits separates the good from the mediocre, and the good from the better. I heard the uspsa had negative feedback, claiming prejudice against the disabled. If that’s actually the case, then a proper rule needs to be in place, but I don’t think it needs to be giving an advantage at low level shooting either where on C level shooter is beating another because even physically capable, he chose to shoot from the center box cause he could do it in 14 seconds rather than 24. As far as being a Dr on the range, yeah that’s an issue, but I’ll say this: I had a sensei who was asked in an interview once if the mentally challenged or disabled could acquire a black belt in his system with the implication a no answer meant discrimination. He simply answered. If they can pass the black belt test I administer to all my brown belts, they can acquire a black belt. and with absolute respect, Zack, the close fast stages are commented on and enjoyed by ALL because they are easy. I need serious work on speed option and outer limits, because that is where I am falling behind in a match to the really great shooters. I have yet to think the sport should be simplified so I can do better.
  8. Hammer002

    Using back of target to assist in scoring

    Sometimes stacked or close pasters make a call difficult and looking on the back side can be of some possible help. Situational and rare occasion.
  9. Hammer002


    Yeah, he seemed a little off guard. Prob should have stopped u for the reshoot when u made it up range from him.
  10. Hammer002


    That would be how I would think the rule would be correctly used to justify a reshoot. I had just heard so many people talk about it, I bought into it being interpreted as automatic. Has even bled into steel challenge. So many people referencing running into the RO on purpose if the run is bad. I was offered a once reshoot one time cause the RO touched me with the timer. Didn’t want it cause a good run. Several people on the squad said it HAD to be reshot. I declined and didn’t have to by RO decision. All they talked about the rest of the day was bad call by the RO. Even looked up the rule at the time and, because I was so new, I couldn’t make good sense of it. Guess it stuck with me until now.
  11. Hammer002


    What was in my mind was how many times I had heard competitors purposely running into the RO to force a reshoot after a bad run. Whats interesting is the conversation came from exactly what you mentioned, Memphis. A new RO did just that, put his hand on the shooter's shoulder and I offered the advice not to do it in the future because someone may demand a reshoot. My friend corrected me to say it was up to the RO.
  12. Hammer002


    8.6.4 In the event that inadvertent contact from the Range Officer or another external influence has interfered with the competitor during a course of fire, the Range Officer may offer the competitor a reshoot of the course of fire. The competitor must accept or decline the offer prior to seeing either the time or the score from the initial attempt. However, in the event that the competitor commits a safety infraction during any such interference, the provisions of Section 10.3 may still apply. My question is after a discussion with someone I hold to higher rule knowledge than myself who said not every RO touching the competitor during a course of fire is a reshoot. He said its up to RO discretion to offer it. I had always heard that was the interpretation of the rule. From looking at the rule again, I would say he was right, as usual. So why is it we have the situations where competitors are said to purposely run into the RO for a reshoot. Seems its up to the RO. Maybe everyone else knew this but me, however I had read it here many times attributing, humorously, the behavior as common with Open shooters.
  13. Hammer002

    Showdown penalty rule.

    Guess that means I haven’t seen it with my own 2 eyes...MULTIPLE times. And then then goes on to say..... Point proven. Nevermind, man. Again, asking myself, why do I come in here. Again telling myself, stop.
  14. Hammer002

    New PAR times for 2019

    I went the other route, RFPO build. Daaaannnngg it. lol. Will be a challenge for sure.