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In the beginning God created the 1911 and he saw that it was good and he was pleased. So, God gave it unto man and commanded that he should go forth and do good works. And man obeyed god and went forth unto all the nations and fought evil wherever god directed. God’s divine creation in the hands of righteous men never failed. But man being born in sin gave into his evil nature and brought forth from the earth iron which he formed into vile creations of his own, mocking God. These creations were mainly of the double action type and particularly the safe-action type. This plague spread throughout the earth leaving in its path devastation to fast and accurate trigger control like the world has never seen. God, while being disappointed with man brought forth an example to show the world the way back to his good graces. He sent forth scores and scores of M and GM’s to witness to the world by example the superiority of the 1911. But Satan in his evil way sent one man to do his bidding. Woe I say unto the beware of the man in the black shirt that cradles mans vile creation in his hands for he is a deceiver and will lull you to believe if he can do it so can you, but he is not of this earth and he will lead you to ruin. So, to all the sections across this righteous land embrace the divine creation and cast away this creation of man’s arrogance. Heed this warning and resist the temptation of the plastic abomination.

Rev. Tim

I wrote this to tease a glock shooter on our club bulletin board and thought I would share it with you all.


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<_< ON stage 11 ....Area 2 I had to go and start spewing lines from the movie Pulp Fiction = the ones Samuel L uses in the movie The RO never made a stutter and hit the timer. The error of my silly ways shows on the score-sheet. ... :blush: Speed Shooter slowed by his silly mouth. That should have been/could A been my best stage

I'm thinking <_< The Man With Plastic = will smite you down with your own words

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I have always believed this prayer.

Beware of the false prophet with tales of tenifer and no jams, They are false prophets and bear witness to all that is un-holy in the world

:cheers: Tenifer shmenifer.

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Had God meant for us to shoot plastic guns He would have had St. JMB design them. :D

Admin note: (before some Glock shooting GM Admin gets here)

"This book[forum] is directly geared to the practical pistol shooter who is interested in improving his shooting skills, whether he's defense-oriented or competition-oriented. We all shoot for different reasons, but when you get right down to it, the aspects of the shooting are no different. I am tired of all the friction between "martial artists" and "gamesmen" and trap shooters who don't talk to skeet shooters and IPSC guys who won't shoot steel-- because it is all so much fun. Every style of shooting is fun, and whether you enjoy it or not shouldn't hurt another persons enjoyment of it. I wrote this book[forum] for the real shooter who doesn't take away from anybody else and wants to improve his own skill." - Brian Enos

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"Flex is one of satan's minions."
Well, we kinda thought so, right...?

I only shoot the divinely-approved version of guns. The number of this fine beast being 45.

(or 1911, whichever number pleases thee more.)

Nice one to taunt the plastic guns with. I own a pair of them as well, so can't give out too much shizzle.

Oh yeah...steel frame, wooden grips... It just says brute all over it. I've always loved them, and didn't realize how much I missed them until I picked up one last week. All I could say to the targets last night at practice is "my, what large holes you have in your A zone". Very AUTHORITATIVE holes they were.

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