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  1. Eric, There is really no good defense for this match. The title sponsor is unhappy, the governors office is unhappy, and the majority of the shooters were unhappy. You may not agree with the tone of "owtlaw" s post but not a single one of his statements is false. Calling those who were dissatisfied out and pointing fingers will only cause more negative attention to be directed at CD and I can only imagine they would like this to die as quickly as possible.
  2. Another item to consider is the increased complexity of the manual of arms of the 1911/2011 platform. Although I have an incredible amount of time running 2011 GunStockPhotos I am very comfortable with them, I opted to stay with a striker fired platform when our agency decided to allow 1911's. when I honestly looked at all the things we may have to do while having a gun in hand I liked the idea of having a weapon system that allowed me more operational room in my thought process for all the extra situational bullshit when guns come out of holsters.
  3. Bingo....thats what I was thinking after looking at the schematics but I wanted to be sure. Perfect!
  4. So which of the three available KO parts from Brownells would be the correct one for the 1301......any insight???? http://www.brownells.com/search/index.htm?k=beretta+kick+off&ksubmit=y
  5. That's the difference in a good RO and a great RO. You can run a safe stage and enforce the rules at the same time as providing good service to the competitors. You're being compensated, most times fairly well, to help run the match. Part of that is to be friendly and answer questions. It's their 5 mins and it's there time to make ready, it doesn't matter if they ask you the same question 25 times you answer it. Don't be a dick. These two are spot on (nobody tell Chuck that I agree with him). While I agree that ultimately it is the shooters responsibility to read the posted match rules, we can only wish it was that simple. Let's not forget the matches that change rules a week/day before or during a match, or the number of RO's who at times don't know the rules or may confuse one ruleset with another. Multiply times 3, 4, 5 or 6 majors a year and its actually pretty damn easy to make mistakes.
  6. BRING BACK SLUGS! Shooters snivel because they aren't willing to put the work in to find what works and get the hits......reward those willing to do the work! Just sayin
  7. I don't think there is a better value out there than the Dawson CRP Spartans
  8. Somebody should tell Daniel, Kurt, Keith, Kalani, Jerry, Kelly, Clint, etc etc that there guns are too long and slow. If you want to build a short gun by all means build one. But to be honest there is very little gain that can be shown on the clock. If you are just starting out your money and time will be much better spent on .................. everyone say it with me PRACTICE!
  9. Montana Gold makes the best IMO 55gr FMJ in 223 They out shoot any other FMJ bullet I have tried.
  10. Anybody happen to know the match schedule so we can plan for a Sunday or Monday departure???? Any information about range condition/access for choice of rental car??? And lastly, any information for shipping ammo to the range??? Thanks
  11. To add to this, here are some pics of the pants while shooting. I love mine. Great flexibility and bomb proof construction.
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