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  1. GentlemanJim

    Which one?

    always forward found in range bag....magazines or rattlesnakes
  2. Just today I picked up a used RRA 9mm carbine, a rock upper and a rock 223 lower with a 9mm insert Ran a couple hundred rounds through it with no problems I Put a carbon fiber handguard and a Cmore on it, left the rest as is Paid $700.00 for it cant wait to start shooting PCC, our club has a few shooting now and many interested I picked up an RL1050 in 9mm to support my new habit as well
  3. three years and pushing 400 posts. Still looking for a solution to a problem that does not exist
  4. It was a great time shooting with you, And your attempt to kill us all with hot sauce, was intertaining as well
  5. People who complain about prize tables, irritate me in general, they seem like greedy little shallow people. Ones who complain, and were not even there....I rank them a little lower Old Jim, Who is getting a little grumpy in his old age
  6. I HATE thieves as well!!! And there are all kinds of them! I hope you get justice!!
  7. #370 posts and going strong Been flippin and catchin for 30 years not stoppin now jim
  8. Great match! I shot poorly ..as usual BUT..... Our squad was a blast....I am now way ahead in my drinking for the next couple of years Got to learn a new language, or an old one....Im not sure This is my only (must go match).....Denise and JJ work so hard at this ......I cant imagine the stress they have getting this to work!! Thanks to all who put SO much effort into this match!!!!! And to the Friends who come from far and wide, Its a Great Pleasue to know and shoot with you! Jim
  9. Some folks come to the party, and in two minutes think they know more than the folks that had been there for decades. Sad and arrogant.
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