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  1. I think it would be prudent for 818 to send a query to Amidon for an opinion on the HP cut. I think one is as cosmetic as front serrations but that's only my opinion. I didn't see the trough you mention. Were you referring to 818's pics? I only saw a flat top which is allowed (as are tri-tops) and normal serrations. I've seen an actual trough milled into the top of a slide using a ball end mill on limited guns. Regarding the trough, I was thinking of tpcdvc's pics. "Milling of the slide to insert sights, add or remove serrations, such as cocking or flat topping, tri-topping the slide, lower- ing ejection ports, cuts that are minor and cosmetic in nature are permitted. Duplicating features that are on a factory, mass produced slide available to the gen- eral public is permitted. Cuts that are designed to specifically or significantly lighten the slide, such as holes, or slots, are ruled as competitive advantage and prohibited." The ball cuts or "trough cuts" are only .015 deep and did not even register a difference on my postal scale before and after. I think that would be the very definition of "minor and cosmetic". I guess an ignorant RO could try to bump you to open, but that is an arbitration that I would pay for in a second.
  2. It's an Enco with a power feed and DRO. I'm pretty happy with it.
  3. Here is another SS that I am finishing. This one still needs the dust cover cut. The rear cocking serrations are the shooters initials. I'm excited about finishing this one.
  4. Akia custom build?? Looks like his work. No, I built it.
  5. I'm doubting you will get any takers.........
  6. New slide, barrel, ejector etc....
  7. These grips will give you the same index as a 2011. They are grips made by hogue and modified (by me) to the 2011 specs.
  8. Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you were getting the same issue after getting the top end back from STI, and in addition to that this "new" malf showed up. My bad......
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