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  1. I believe I wrote the foreword to Steve's first book. What you should get out of it: 1. Decide to do a thing. 2. Understand what that thing is. (clearly picture) 3. Practice that thing. Just my take on it. I'm pretty sure the price of a book or three will pay for itself in ammo not wasted.
  2. Just re-read this. Good stuff. RIP.
  3. People that don't know what the Friday Flame War is...
  4. Looks like a couple of you guys...combined...are at about my post count. I might have to jump back in. "Does it take Glock mags???"
  5. Your recent post on "springs" touched here.
  6. 6.5 is good. Usually, a bigger dot is quicker/easier to see at speed. A 6.5 size dot will appear to cover about an inch at 15y.
  7. Curious. Are you able to flush the crapper now without pain??
  8. Dwell time! Little bit of a running joke between me and an old shooting buddy, but Sierra Bullets had a blurb in their manual about building a bullet with "dwell time", which the theory was that it allowed it to transfer energy into the target.
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