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  1. Then there is this thing: https://uspsa.org/viewer/06-03.pdf
  2. Words of wisdom, from our host: http://brianenos.com/pages/words#tips The principles of the Index are: The shoulders should be square, or at least fairly square to the target. Both arms should be fairly straight without either extending or contracting the arms or elbows unnaturally. The grip, with each hand, should be as high on the pistol as possible. (There are many subtleties of the grip, however, since this is a stance/index discussion, we won’t go there here.) The head should be fairly straight up, without excessive tilting, and the shooting eye should be looking as squarely as possible out of the socket. This is paramount: Once this position is assumed, your entire upper body, including the head, arms, and grip—your Index—should never change in relationship to each other.
  3. Practice. Mostly proper grip. You will be shooting a gun that weighs a pound less and has a heavier trigger pull. It will show off your technique, be it good or bad.
  4. Mighty Tighty Whitey story:
  5. For when you need a boat anchor.
  6. I just saw this video from a band John played in. Funny.
  7. Dang. Looks like the link/video is nogo?
  8. Son of a... RIP John. Motorcylce accident. He had been in the hospital for a while. John was one of the originals here. Forum name = Singlestack. https://www.facebook.com/john.golson?__tn__=%2CdlC-RH-R-R&eid=ARBw_KIQsa24bP2f3junu2R0s2zyDAzv0La8OG75CT-MllBE7cd2FQkUW1d4NTq8xPPFtzPP18Vxrrnr&hc_ref=ART9v3BrKDuBdW5l0GBimMNHvnmdHeY4CCH7xqVX4ZmyJ3__WL0dT9wJXX7OwKMd7xg
  9. Whatever I carry, I have to run it in a match. It is a true test of whether I can actually hit with the gun or not, since it is almost always a smaller gun than I compete with (which are most always Glocks). Steel Challenge works great for that (locally, we can choose "no holster", so one can focus on just shootability). My daily for the last number of years is almost always a J-frame (642). It is just super convenient. Uncle Mikes #3 and Hip Grip @ 2 o'clock I have a Ruger LCR in 327mag that I like.... Better ballistics and 20% more ammo on board than the 642. I like it in a pocket holster, as I don't have it setup as nicely for carry as my 642. A G26 is often in the mix. Glock Sport Holster at 3:30, works pretty well. After shooting a G43 in a Steel match, I'm not quite comfortable with it yet. I'd need more work on it to feel good about being able to shoot it well for carry. Small guns carry well.
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