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  1. 6.5 is good. Usually, a bigger dot is quicker/easier to see at speed. A 6.5 size dot will appear to cover about an inch at 15y.
  2. Curious. Are you able to flush the crapper now without pain??
  3. Sounds like a great topic!
  4. Dwell time! Little bit of a running joke between me and an old shooting buddy, but Sierra Bullets had a blurb in their manual about building a bullet with "dwell time", which the theory was that it allowed it to transfer energy into the target.
  5. Full mag each string, right?
  6. Wow. Lots of good stuff in this old thread. Who knew?
  7. Panta Rei ... saw this on a license plate during my commute one day. Pretty cool. Then, a week later, I saw it in the parking lot where I work. Rheology (/riːˈɒlədʒi/; from Greek ῥέω rhéō, 'flow' and -λoγία, -logia, 'study of') is the study of the flow of matter, primarily in a liquid state, but also as "soft solids" or solids under conditions in which they respond with plastic flow rather than deforming elastically in response to an applied force.
  8. The gun, the ammo, and the shooter are all variables in the "shooting system/platform". Anytime you adjust the gun or ammo variable(s), then it is a good idea to reevaluate the shooter as well. This drill is pretty good for that.
  9. Everybody knows it isn't the gun, it's the shoes.
  10. Good questions. I used to put those type of questions on print outs when I gave people drills to do.
  11. Send me a PM and I will get you in touch with exactly what you are looking for, I think. Race ready. (don't want to make this into a classified thread and it is my buddy's guns, so I can't post them)
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