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  1. Hi I can't go. Anybody wanna buy my slot? I believe it's Sat afternoon Sun morning.
  2. So why can I not take a pistol with a chamber flag and do the same thing?
  3. People interested in being on Staff can email me now jake_martens@comcast.net I am setting up entry forms and online payment with Practiscore Staff will shoot Thurday all day, then complete Friday Morning (thinking 11 bays Thursday, then 4 Friday) I will cover Hotel Rooms (Hampton Inn Louisville North this year, more expensive, but breakfast included and closer to the range, and nicer!!) I will be working with Techwear on Shirts for Staff, covering at least one, hopefully 2 for all staff Shoot free, separate prize table, food...all the regular high end stuff you know. Seriously all of you RO's who have never worked a major this could be a great experience to take advantage of. I have worked quite a few majors and none as treated me better than Jake and the IN 400. It is very similar to working a Nationals/Area and could be closer in distance for you and requires less of a time commitment than Nationals.
  4. I'm in TN that weekend too and it looks to be a 2 day match so can't do both
  5. I agree dry clean bags present a VERY different accuracy challenge vs the no rain days, Slow stage reset at least 200% slower and people get free hits and screwed outta hits. There was a guy that tested all kinds of poly..varnish..paint and came up with a great way. used regular pastors and he could hit target with garden hose. Pretty sure he wrote a FS article but EVERYBODY ignored him cause he was an Horses Azz
  6. Just the fact that you ask is a sign of tension and tension ain't fast and accurate
  7. Yes chip/nick Watched a buddy drop Open on concrete right on the top of the C-more, No damage, no really it shattered the lens
  8. You don't sell it. You trade it for water, food, antibiotics, safe passage, movie passes..….. Man we gotta get your paranoid level up
  9. I would be ok scheduling a blanket party for the Open shooter that did this to the SS shooters
  10. Loaded for months especially every winter. You guys really empty every time? They got meds for that now. Local guy was a pretty avid IPSC shooter in 80/90's. Job took him out of country or something and he had become disenchanted with Raceguns, etc.so he left the sport, so fast forward ten years. He loaded up what sat in the press for a decade and now shoots IDPA somewhere. Said everything went bang fine and it was probably some weird powder like Bluedot or SuperLite, Lead bullets and WIn primers
  11. I think it might be your approach. The Bill Drill is not the end result, it is the means to get there. You should be seeing more, adjusting grip/stance/trigger and the end result is to shoot A's faster and more accurate
  12. Yes that is what a GM was supposed to be but people love being ranked higher than the next guy, so we have a lot more non-Pro GM's. What I hope never happens is Super GM (top1%) Back to the original post You compete in your division and class. Are you gonna beat Max Eric etc by just getting letters Uh no. So get that GM card if you want. GM's used to compete only for HOA til very recently. I notice some matches giving HOA 1st GM 2nd GM….. I guess the 1% Super GM is already slipping in there
  13. Been in this probably as long as you have been alive. Not going to tell you personally what to do but what I have seen. Most young " phenoms" or those that rise quick to M/GM disappear as quick. Life and wife take over. You are in a time of life where career growth, kids, houses, second cars....become a big issue and hurdle to shooting especially finances/time. Usually we see them back in their late 40's or so. Kids gone and better income equals they can afford the $3K guns and all the trimmings. They usually don't win a lot since that's not why they show up They are there for the fun and lot. Your choice to shoot less and compromise is not probably the right advice for a driven performer like you. That means much less winning competition and skill growth. Can you handle that? I personally would prefer a woman that shot with me but would never get involved with one that didn't like competition and its effect on our time and money together. A lot of woman feel the same about your work and that's a hard row to hoe too.
  14. Really neither. Just went and measured some well used brass. Got a some with bulge area at .386-.387. They still work and you do have tool and operator error Is that supposed to make me feel good or bad?
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