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  1. Solo 1000 has the least amount of smoke. WST is next. N320 is next least. They are all clean enough for what you are shooting. N310 and Clays have caused more untimely deaths of firearms than anything else I've ever seen. They have their place, but IMO, that isn't in 9mm or 40 cal loaded OEM OALs. For the info you are looking for, moly and lead are pretty much the same as test results go. There are a dozen or so threads on this in the reloading section. More than a few are mine. I tested this stuff a lot and posted the results.
  2. You ever notice the Cheshire Cat look Glenn gets when he shoots sometimes. Captured perfectly. Nice shots Stew.
  3. Uh... I would read more and type less. You have shooters here blastin mid range five figure numbers of reloaded rounds through 40 cals every year on this site. Shoot what you want, but most giving advice in this thread are way past the testing phase. Some of the above is off. WST is temp sensitive the most out of the above listed powders. All powders are temp sensitive to some extent or another. The question is are they sensitive enough to drastically alter your velocities. Of the ones above, WST is the only one that I've found to do this with my reloads. The rest will gain or lose a pf or two from 20 to 80, but not enough to worry about. TG can be touchy in the extremes if you load close to pf as some have found out the hard way. Clays and N310 can also be pretty touchy with the shorter OALs and bullet set-back. Read the older threads. The testing and data is already there.
  4. You can reshuffle this list for me, but it's still all the same powders for me too. I would add Universal Clays for the 5th in the list.
  5. Between Top Shot and 3-Gun Nation, the producers opinions are pretty clear. They want targets that react to the shot, period. They want to be able to relate the shooting visually and through the sound as the shooting is happening, not after it's over by looking for holes in the paper. Ultimately, I think this discussion is moot if we are talking about TV in any way. Neither target will appease the program's producers. Bane has talked about this here before in other threads. It's the same in watching poker on TV. How fricken boring would it be if we didn't know what everyone's cards were the whole time. Snooze fest... You want bigger sponsers, then get the TV coverage for the advertisement benefit. To get the TV coverage, expand the types of reactive targets used in USPSA, go super heavy with the steel in stage design, and sprinkle some paper target in there a little; go heavy on the shooter's movements for the stage, and cut down on vision barriers for filming. I'm not saying I have all the answers. I'm just thinking out loud a bit. What about a paper targets covered in that stuff that changes colors around the bullet hole? Could they make them in brown with stickies the same color to cover the previous shots? I think it would be doable. I know the above doesn't address the question if it SHOULD be tried. The impact to the sport if it went mainstream may or may not be the ultimate question in all of this. It's a debate I don't know where I stand on myself.
  6. N310 is the devil. It's super fast and very high pressure for a pistol powder. I know of some that reload it, but I've seen it do nasty nasty things to even experienced reloaders.
  7. A chrono is simply a measuring device. As with any measuring device, it should be calibrated to ensure accurate readings. I run a 10 round string of previously tested ammo over my chrono almost every use to ensure it's readings are not fast or slow.
  8. Shooting minor, you have two choices: cut some coils off or bump the load up. I recommend bumping the load up. Next best is cutting a few coils off. I used to do this with my G34, but now just load hotter. I don't recommend going to an 11 lb spring.
  9. Hmmm, according to what you have posted here, the targets are NOT legal. I bolded what seems relevant in making the presentation illegal.
  10. That right there kinda says something considering they've been around for years.
  11. Nope. Atlatl is spear throwing with a handle.
  12. Keep in mind you are stating reloading data without OALs. I would imagine the book specs is for a shorter OAL than you are loading and that will affect the chamber pressures reached. Also, TG throws extremely accurately. It isn't a fluffly flake powder and doesn't waiver at all after the powder throw is set. It meters extremely well and consistant. So the chances of the throw waivering too close to an overcharge is pretty low with TG in comparison to some other powders. I regularly say that TG is probably the best powder for pistol shooting on the market for jacketed bullets. It's really hard to go wrong with it short of the regular open division calibers.
  13. We have about 10 slots left. This match is coming up soon, so get your apps in as soon as possible, please. Stages and squads are posted on http://www.hpps.org/. Select Match Schedule on the left menu and it should go straight to the CO State Match links for squadding and stage diagrams. I suspect our CPA-guru will have an email out to everyone already signed up some time this week with match info. We have shooters coming from TX, NM, and AZ all on the list. It's gonna be good.
  14. Whoa, serious BE forum wierdness going on when I posted...
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