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  1. Yes they are/were. My open gun mags have not been touched since January,08
  2. I try to use once fired only because of easy access however I'll load and shoot virtually any shot 9mm brass.
  3. Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven't been a very good particpant lately. I have some projects that are consuming a lot of time. I love this forum, this great sport, and especially all my great friends. :cheers:
  4. First of all congrats to Tommy Second you may want to drop Sedro an email to make sure it counts.
  5. Congrats Ben Proof hard work pays off.
  6. Welcome to our sport Molly. You'll find Georgia provides plenty of opportunity to send some lead downrange.
  7. Unless it's steel or aluminum, I load it. 40 is a lot more forgiving than my 9 major stuff. I will say though I see more cracked cases in 40 than I do 9.
  8. Thanks to all the crew for the hard work work putting on this match. There was nice assortment of stages all with a different flavor to them. The 5-6 man squads, 30 minutes a stage deal was a first to me and I really enjoyed it. Thanks again
  9. Used Gunbroker many times over the years. Great place to at least grab a quick idea of value when you think you may have come across a "deal". As with any auction sight, common sense is a must.
  10. The initial classification will not change after the "full" classifiers are shot, unless of course they move you up.
  11. Happy Birthday my brother :cheers: Still just a pup though
  12. boz1911


    No such thing as a good divorce. Been through 3 and they all sucked.
  13. Sorry to be late to the party. I've never shot a steel match but surely you're not inferring that you could beat me??? Remember, smoking that stuff can be harmful to your health. SCORES?? Want to see who has been smoking what.............. Don't worry Randall, after emptying a big stick on the second steel plate of the match, Singlesmack removed his score sheet for open............. :roflol:
  14. Great match guys. First time shooting steel nut now I'm looking forward to doing that every month.
  15. boz1911

    My new car

    Sweet ride ! Did you drive one with a stock shifter? I installed a Hurst in my Challenger and wow what a difference.
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