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  1. Amazing to see a 7 year old thread resurrected from the past. I went to T&T and see that the price has more than doubled for Promo...ouch.
  2. While handling a Sig P229 at the last shop I was in, a local mom & pop: Owner: "Chris, you really don't want that" Me: "Huh? Why not?" Owner: "The .40 S&W has a very nasty recoil impulse and even you won't be able to control it after the first shot" {After 15K through my M&P .40 alone, nevermind the Taurus and Beretta} Me: "Thanks. I didn't know that...I was completely unaware." I then proceeded to put the pistol down on the counter rug with the slide open and wishing him a good day on the way out. This is why I internet shop and pick it up at a dealer by my work. No BS, show
  3. You're invited to: I am Ms.Iren Eastwood(insider) senior staff with Natwest bank accounts clearing By your host: Msiren Eastwood Date: Monday October 20, 2008 Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am (GMT +00:00) Location: I am Ms.Iren Eastwood(insider) senior staff with Natwest bank accounts clearing house London(UK).I resolved to stand you the next of kin beneift Usd$9.5m of late (Mr.Peter Long) who died of colon cancer without wife or any child for his claim. Pls send your private/mobile phone numbers,post address,bank account details for more advise.Regards,Ms.Iren Eastwood(Acc
  4. Amazing post...thanks for taking the time and emotional effort to put it together for the rest of us here. This forum is a special place, and I can't think of anywhere else on the web I'd rather be at this moment. We live, we learn, we laugh here, and sometimes we shed tears.. Your post was insightful and thoughtful and you chose to share it with us. That means something to me and quite a few others who roam here. You can bare your heart and offer hard earned advice and know we're listening. God bless and thanks again.
  5. I am a little shy about going the Duracoat route again, as I pay more in shipping than what the product costs. If I could afford to have it Ion-bonded, I would in a heartbeat. On a shoestring budget, so it will have to be a job done in the confines of my own garage. Is there anything that is remotely close in ease of application? I don't want my beloved .45 oxidizing, as it is a reliable ,accurate piece and a faithful trail companion to boot. Hogs beware, Chris is packing I had the slide coated in desert tan before, but it wore through pretty bad after a few thousand draws... the kydex monst
  6. Fellow Snobs, After a disastrous Duracoat effort on my trusty 1911 slide, I had it bead blasted, and now it's back to it's native state. The frame is done up in matte black, and looks good, but the slide is in need of some color and coating lest it begin to rust. Suggestions on appropriate colors and brand of coating are needed and would be most welcome. Chris
  7. 9MM - Universal Clays followed closely by Promo 40 - WSF followed at a distance by Zip 45 - WSF or Universal Clays .223 - 2230, hands down
  8. Aw Jim, you beat me to it! But yeah, or when there is always 50 or so rounds in the cup in the laundry because you are always pulling them out of your trousers before you wash them. Except I end up finding them in the dryer AFTER I wash them. And yes, there's probably at least a stage's worth of loose ammo on the nightstand and on top of the dresser.
  9. ChrisStock

    Which one?

    TL, for whatever it's worth from me. Scotch Bonnets or Yellow Habaneros for my garden this year?
  10. ChrisStock

    Which one?

    Easy.... a glass Lager or Pilsener?
  11. ChrisStock

    Which one?

    elk... lots of fine jerky to be made there White Tail or Mulies?
  12. ChrisStock

    Which one?

    Carta Blanca - As I put down a bit of it as young'un, as my best friend was from El Paso, and his dad bought cases and cases and left them stacked in the garage. Captain Black or Prince Albert?
  13. ChrisStock

    Which one?

    Bob Evans..not usually as crowded. Drinks at the range clubhouse after everything is put away or not?
  14. ChrisStock

    Which one?

    Maker's Mark in a heartbeat. Best on the rocks....Wild Turkey or my old buddy Jimmy Beam?
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