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  1. Amazing to see a 7 year old thread resurrected from the past. I went to T&T and see that the price has more than doubled for Promo...ouch.
  2. Impressive looking work! Good on you for taking the initiative and personal responsibility to make it happen.
  3. After getting bills in successive months for $700+, $900+, and $430+ for a flat $99/month service, I'll let you assume that Comcast isn't the only borked cable provider.
  4. So... I haven't been active on the boards for a longish while..almost a year. The other day I received a PM from a new shooter hitting me up for data for an obscure powder reference I made in a post over 2 years ago. Because of his due diligence in searching out and asking intelligent questions about my data, I was inspired to do some research for him. It's good to be wanted sometimes... I miss the community here, but my current extracurricular activities preclude my participation here lest I aggravate the mods if I let something slip accidentally. All it took was the one PM to draw me back into learning. That's all...back off to the dark side.
  5. I have followed Cliff shooting a stage...usually I just feel stupid. After watching that however, I just feel....well......speechless.
  6. I caught Francisco via DVR last night, and I'm impressed. His main website, S.O.N., is linked to off of Shooting USA's site. Well done, young man. Your initiative shall be rewarded. {with root beer, of course}
  7. sigh.....another season lost due to an opportunistic market...oh well....I went ahead and ordered one hundred bajillion BBs for my Red Ryder in case there's a run on those next.
  8. While handling a Sig P229 at the last shop I was in, a local mom & pop: Owner: "Chris, you really don't want that" Me: "Huh? Why not?" Owner: "The .40 S&W has a very nasty recoil impulse and even you won't be able to control it after the first shot" {After 15K through my M&P .40 alone, nevermind the Taurus and Beretta} Me: "Thanks. I didn't know that...I was completely unaware." I then proceeded to put the pistol down on the counter rug with the slide open and wishing him a good day on the way out. This is why I internet shop and pick it up at a dealer by my work. No BS, show them my CCW, sign off, walk out.
  9. ok...in game name?...fellow witch crowner here.
  10. That does suck...sorry to hear it You worked here once too?
  11. There are no words that make it easier, I know. However, you do have our condolences and prayers for a healing of your heart. Remember the good times, they are what makes up good memories and bring smiles instead of tears in the future.
  12. muahahaha That's excellent news indeed. Have fun
  13. Helmet - "Unsung" gets the blood pumping through the veins and arteries at optimal pressure.
  14. Just another reason I can no longer compete.... I can't justify a few thousand rounds a month going into the berm at these prices.
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