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What Is Your Absolute Single Favorite Movie?

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If you leave out all the "series" of movies like Godfather, etc, these are my favorites over the test of time:

#1 is "Bladerunner". Amazing movie.

Close 2nd would be "The Untouchables".

Followed by "The Princess Bride".  

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I'm still working... It's difficult to not attempt to establish some sort of criteria. For example - would your single most favorite movie be the one you'd take to an island with for the rest of your life? (So, you would necessarily enjoy watching it frequently.) Or would it be a movie that impacted you greatly, but you might not want to watch it forever?

A couple friends, using the criteria of "the island," unanimously agreed on Conan the Barbarian. Now I know them well, and believe me this was a surprising choice.

Myself, I'm still waiting for "the answer," but until then I do really dig Bladerunner. But I don't know if I'd want to watch it forever. I know I'm threadrifting here, but my favorite action movie of all time is Terminator II. I get the chills every time I plug it in. (And am right now.) And call me sensitive, but Harold and Maude's right up there, probably in a tie with Last Night at the Alamo.


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Have to admit that blade runner hooked me too.  

I've bored more people to tears with 1776 than I care to think about.  I love it.  It's a corny musical about the signing, but when I watch it its like I'm there.  No way to explain.  

I'm a huge movie fan.  I can usually find something of merit in all movies.  Case in point,  I actually liked 'Vanilla Sky'.  (Of course Penelope Cruise is a goddess of mine. ) .  

That said I only OWN a few movies.  


                       Young guns I and II

                        Heavy metal

                        The last detail

                         Full metal jacket.

I do own other tapes ( kids stuff and general).  But I consider those mine.  There are others I would like to get, still looking for some.

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For the moment, after much deliberation, I'm going with Harold and Maude. For me, it raises the widest range of human emotions associated with this experience we call life. And the sound track could be the best ever... If you like Cat Stevens of course.


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What about "Jaws", no rainy sunday afternoon would be complete without that one. For a real test of manhood try getting through "Rudy" or "Brian's Song" without a sniffle or for that matter a good episode of little house on the prairie....man I am sharing way too much here

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As a lifeless freak of nature I have no option but to defend my out of date horribly misquided virtues.

I demand that this 'touchy feely' aura cease immediately!!!   I have WAY too many voices in my head to start thinking about my shooting idols getting 'feely'.  

If this continues I will be force to 'hack' into your internet connections and spam your desk tops with absolutly vulgar exerpts of the MANLY classic 'Full Metal Jacket'.  Of course the boot camp scenes will be emphasised!!!

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