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  1. For sure Paul. Amazing stories... "..Southern Utahns were told the clouds passing overhead were harmless, so families would take their vehicles out to vantage points in Snow Canyon, into the west desert, or onto ridges along Cedar Mountain to watch the flash from the blast and the ensuing clouds. As they drove home from their outing to watch the blast and passing clouds, they were often stopped by government researchers clad in HAZMAT suits who would run Geiger Counters over their vehicles, recording the amounts of fallout..." "..Frank Butrico was an AEC monitor stationed at St, George. He reported receiving high readings of radiation. He was ordered to recheck his equipment and get another reading, which he did and reported the same readings. He was ordered to check his equipment again and get a third set of readings. By the time he reported getting the same readings for a third time a full fifteen minutes had passed. He was ordered to advise the residents to go in doors. Unfortunately there was no plan on how to do this. Butrico was unaware if St. George even had a radio station, let alone where it was located. His only idea was to go to the mayor's office. Luckily the mayor was there. He called the nearest radio station, KSUB, which was 50 miles north of St. George. The announcement to go in doors and remain there was made at 10:15, a full hour after the radiation had been detected..." toxipedia.org/display/wanmec/Radioactive+Fallout+to+St.+George%2C+UT
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Conqueror_(film)
  3. Here and... ...here Any pics of you winning the kareoke contest?
  4. Great photos Kit. Thank you. I didn't bring a camera and your scenery shots are perfect for relaying the beauty of the area to my family. If you want to identify me (Tom Dean) the photos are: 7147595191_0cd63f97f4_m.jpg 7001505364_c0fa3a1ac1_m.jpg
  5. Well then that settles it - there is no special treatment for certain shooters in USPSA. In all seriousness Chuck, I just hope everyone on the waitlist got in before the pros. All, sorry for hijacking your thread. I should have posted to the hate forum.
  6. Hi Chuck. Man the text of the email notification I got prior you your edit has a much different tone than what I see here. We'll just go with this. I was going to include in my post that I mean no offense to match staff as the demands of running a match require support from sponsors and certain "accommodations" must be made to allow the sponsors to best promote their product - including saving slots for sponsored shooters? I've watched the squad list and wait list from the inception and none of these 3 shooters you mention were on these lists when they were full. I therefore deduce that slots are saved for sponsored shooters. Cool. I'm down with that. What rubs me the wrong way (I must be the only person that feels this way?) is USPSA enabling the elitism associated with certain shooters. I won't pretend to know the hectic schedules associated with being a pro shooter, hell I don't even own a NASCAR colored shirt, but I don't see other major matches scheduled that weekend and everyone knows this supersquad shoot'n scoot dance happens all the time. In an offline discussion on this subject a friend made the comment: "I still don't understand how a sponsor gets any benefit from their guys shooting and scooting? If I sponsored a shooter, I would insist that he shoot a regular match schedule, squadded with the people to whom I'm trying to sell my product" If I offended you Chuck, I'm sorry, however many people perceive this to be a problem. You don't see that? See you in a couple weeks. Tom
  7. Even though match was full and the waitlist long it's great to see 3 of the best shooters in the world were able to enter the match and shoot on the same squad prior to the general population ariving....again.
  8. 1)Unfamiliar ammunituion 2)Round wouldn't chamber 3)Round "stuck" in chamber Sounds like the overall length of the cartridge was too long. Have you had your bbl reamed to accept long loaded 40? It sounds like the bullet engaged (and stuck to) the rifling prematurely. What was the OAL of the ammo? With the long ammo, it's possible the nose of the cartridge wasn't able to rotate out of the ejection port. The nose (bullet) may have bounced off the inside of the ejection port, screwing up normal ejection rotation and causing the primer to align itself with the ejector. BANG!.
  9. Ok. Thanks Bob. ;-) I appreciate the discussion gents.
  10. Exactly Bob. Overcenter for sure. When you say it shouldn't be an issue during live fire are you saying: 1) Ignore it. The mainsprings resistance will keep the hammer's momentum from reaching the point of overcentering. or 2) There's a problem. Thanks, Tom
  11. Interesting...are you thinking the sear is dragging on the hammer? I'll give it a shot.
  12. I can manually push it fwd from overcenter to engage the sear, yes.
  13. Odd that I never noticed that before. Maybe the Koenig hammer is shorter (in the 25/32 dimension) than traditional hammers.
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