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  1. A solid choice. On the short list for The Best Western Ever Made. The only other realistic choices would be Red River and Once Upon a Time in the West.
  2. Nope. Mark at Dillon saves stuff under issue dates, but not article titles.
  3. Just got this email from a reader: "Did you write an article for Blue Press, 4-5 Year’s ago, where you talked about wasting 20 Year’s shooting slow but accurate? But then you had to teach yourself how to shoot fast, and not slow down, and the hits gradually came and kept coming more frequently? I had that posted on my refrigerator and read it twice a week, but don’t have it and wanted to show my shooting buddy. Can you direct me to a link for it? Please? " A year or two ago I got hit with a piece of ransomware called Zepto. #1 on the list of things I lost that I regret was my record of all the articles I've had published over the decades, and where. Does anyone out there in the great Benosverse group mind happen to know in which issue of The Blue Press I had an article titled something along the lines of "Fast or Accurate...Or Both?"
  4. I've been in every issue of The Blue Press. Also the occasional thing in S.W.A.T. I just published my third book.
  5. I did. You have made me curious about My Darling Clementine. I'll be checking it out.
  6. Duane Thomas


    So, do you still have a singlestack from back in the day, or has this been an experience of re-gunning? Myself, I've been spending a lot of time with the Wilson EDC X9 lately; in fact, I have an article in the current Blue Press about how much I love this gun. Having said that, I do have to admit that lately I've been hearing the siren song of the singlestack 1911 .45 calling me back.
  7. I didn't really care for the RFT-2 - no offense, all power to those who do love it. For me that treatment was just way too grippy, it interfered both with sliding my hand into place on the draw and moving my hand on the grip during a speedload. But again, if someone else loves it and it works well for them, by all means have at it.
  8. I'm not sure the fish gills work better than the standard serrations, aside from not chewing up some folks' hands. Really, if the standard serrations work perfectly, as far as allowing enough purchase on the slide, anything beyond that is kind of superfluous, yes?
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