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  1. Relax!! I was replying to Belus, but failed to hit the quote button. As far as your assertion "Nobody wants to show up to a major and only have a handful of people to shoot against" That is your personal preference and it certainly is not everyone else's. The only person I shoot against is myself. If I do better at a match than I did last time, GREAT! If I didn't, well, time to practice more. Not everyone is at the match to 'beat someone', or is trying to be the "Champ", some just enjoy the shooting, others do enjoy the competition. More competitors does not automatically equate to increasing the competitiveness, it just increases the number of shooters. I would like to try shooting all 13 divisions sometime and if I was younger maybe try doing all 13 in one match. Having too many divisions (classes) is not a problem for the NHRA, if it has wheels, the NHRA has a class (200+) for it and at some events it doesn't even have to have wheels (snowmobiles). NHRA Sportsman events sell out with huge numbers of competitors. The Steel Challenge should be the same way, if it shoots bullets, we have a division for it that doesn't require you to compete against a Top Fuel Dragster with your box stock Hyundai Hi-Point. OKAY, I kid, I'm not sure we should have a division for Hi-Points! LOL! Shooting a 1911/2011 versus shooting a striker fired Production gun is considerably different for me because I start prepping (pulling) the trigger on a Production gun much earlier in the transition than I do with the much shorter and lighter 1911/2011 trigger pull. The grip is also considerably different for me, on a Limited gun, my hand is much closer to the bore axis, my strong hand thumb rides the safety with heavy pressure and since I have big hands, the magwell wedges my hand between it and the beavertail solidly. On a Production gun like a Glock or Springfield XD, not so much....no thumb safety to ride, and no magwell.
  2. LOL! After you have some real experience shooting Steel Challenge (a couple of matches is NOT real experience) you may find your uninformed opinions were incorrect.....or not. Why consolidate divisions? Dilution of Prize Tables? If you compete based on Prize Tables you're in the wrong sport. At the higher levels there may not be a large difference in overall times between divisions such as Limited and Production, but there is a considerable difference in the mechanics of shooting (grip, trigger manipulation, transitions). Nolan
  3. Hmm, after 30 years of doing it manually, I may have to get one of these and see how much I have to tweak it to make the stripes look as good as my manual markers do.
  4. I use Wilsons .625 extended polymer basepads on my Buckmark magazines. Drill and tap the Magazine base with a good carbide drill bit because they are surface hardened, once past the surface hardening they are pretty soft. I use two 4-40 x .25 panhead screws to mount the Wilson basepads. You will have to shave off the raised 'toe' of the polymer Wilson basepads. There's a couple threads over on Rimfire Central just search for "BM competition modifications" Nolan
  5. This is what that will eventually look like. Mine started out just oozing the white stuff which I think if flux from where the barrel and barrel extension are silver soldered together, eventually it started leaking gas badly. I bought a second barrel since Mossberg wanted 6 to 8 weeks to repair the complete shotgun. Within a couple of weeks the second barrel was oozing flux as well. Mossberg to their credit sent me a third barrel free, but it's oozing crap as well. Nolan
  6. Jim, great match! Meimei and I had great time....OK my time was a couple seconds slower than yours! Congratulations on winning the Senior catagory, but there is just something wrong with the fastest old man being named o'YOUNG..... I hope we'll see you in Florida. Nolan
  7. A California shooter, the late Ray Echols, had an upside down C-More mount on his open gun in late 1999, early 2000. We called his mount the "Enterprise" because it resembled the starship Enterprise in Star Trek. Nolan
  8. My compliments to all the USPSA staff who produced an excellent pair of national events. I certainly picked the wrong matches to attend completely unprepared! As to the prize table complaints, having the results posted to the web so quickly really helped during the chaos. I was able to access the results via my cell phone and only had to watch/listen for the shooters who had finished just ahead of me which helped since I could hardly hear anything over the general hubbub. I would suggest the prize table crews use a pair of smart phones, a pair of laptops, or a combination of both to notify the competitors when it is their turn at the table. At match sign up each competitor provides their cell phone number which then can be entered into the smart phone. Then using a prerecorded message, the prize table crew uses the phone list to call each competitor, one or two at a time, when its their turn. As they enter the prize room the next competitor is called. Taking a page from Phil Strader (the GM of prize table organization) each prize bundle is numbered and it's details posted to the web plus handed out in hardcopy. Then as each competitor picks a prize, they check out at the exit and the number of their prize is removed from the list which is then immediately updated to the web or projected on the wall using a digital projector. Nolan
  9. OK, so where's the link? Nolan ps I'm just kidding I really don't want to see any more results of stupidity, I saw plenty on my drive into work this morning. This forum is a breath of fresh air !
  10. Ray loved hiking and frequently walked a different path than others even when he wasn't hiking (upside down C-More, raggedy open topped soccer shoes for shooting, thelastGM email address, etc...) I will dearly miss him & his offbeat sense of humor. Nolan
  11. Nolan

    History Lesson

    I think they have about the same factual content as the letters to Penthouse. Nolan
  12. Then in that case I want the 3 Alphas and 1 Charlie I shot on one target at the last match! Nolan
  13. I wonder how many of those who argue for the elimation of the 'budget' divisions do so from the standpoint that they don't want 'budget' people involved in the sport? "If you can't afford $5,000 worth of gear, we don't want you in the sport." Check the attitudes of some people on the sporting clays fields when you break more birds with your $300 Wal-Mart Mossberg pump than they do with their $$$$$$$ over & under. Most of them would be happiest if riff-raff like you weren't allowed to play. Nolan
  14. Thanks for putting my sentiments into words! I also think most of the threads on "hiding" in other divisions are just another issue with divisions with 10 round limits. I've said it before and I keep saying it. The NHRA has hundreds of classes and is quite successfull. SASS has many more divisions than USPSA and they seem to be doing pretty well! More divisions = more participation both by new shooters and burnt out shooters wanting a change. Nolan
  15. Like the first 2 Mission Impossibles, they re-wrote the script on a daily basis Nolan
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