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  1. Search the forum for 'CORNMEAL' and you'll see this has been an ongoing issue with several powders, primarily AA7, Vit 3n37 & 3n38, and since it's introduction SWMP (not to be confused with SWMBO). Nolan
  2. I'm using the standard KNS AR Gen 2 pin set in mine, with a Hiperfire 24C. I've been using them for a couple of years in my Gen 2 MPX. Nolan
  3. The short answer for breaking in a new VR80. Completely break it down and clean ALL of the shipping goop off of evertything. While it's apart deburr and ream the gas ports to .112" diameter. I think most of the break in process most people have to go through is burning away all the burrs and junk in the gas ports. check the extractor fit. Mine would not hold the case rim while hand cycling the action. The shell would just fall off the extractor before it got to the ejector. I got a spare from Advanced Tactical and filed the inside pad until it would actually touch the rim of the shell. Polish and break the sharp edges of the lower receiver feed ramp with a Cratex pointed bit. Carefully polish and break the sharp edges around the extractor cut in the barrel with the Cratex bit, but don't get too aggressive. Lube the action slides and moving bolt surfaces with a light gun oil like Lucas red or Mobil One. Zero lube on any part of the gas system. Use the Light piston. Go shoot a couple boxes of heavy trap loads, anything one ounce and 1/8th over 1300 fps, and under 1450 fps. That should be all the break in necessary. Nolan
  4. Generally speaking in aviation and aerospace, it's actually the engineering dept, not the marketing dept. that produce the dimensions and weight. I suspect in the AR market, the published weights are rounded down, because light weight is a selling point. Nolan
  5. LOL!!!!!! Have you read anything in the Rules forums? And that's just the tiny little group who post on this forum... Can you imagine what it would devolve into if every yahoo had a vote. Remember Majority rules = Mob rules and the Mob gets ugly fast. Nolan
  6. When you have to ask "where are the USPSA Multigun Nationals, this year?", it pretty much means low attendance. Nolan
  7. Nolan

    inside a MRD

    It's an accountant thing. If it costs you $1 extra and you only sell 100 units, it only costs you $100 more for a better product. If you sell 1 million units..... We understand that it makes for a better product, the accountants only understand it costs them X number of dollars more, the marketing dept. thinks, "ehh, it's good enough." Nolan
  8. Nolan

    inside a MRD

    It's not hard to get them built right, it's just more expensive. you mean like Trijicon? Nolan
  9. What would their motivation be to control the stock? If they aren't selling it, they aren't making money. ATI isn't a manufacturer as fas as I know, they are just a distributor. I suspect getting a consistent supply from Derya is the real bottleneck. They finally got a small supply of consumable parts like the extractor, firing pin, and a few springs. The MK12 and VR80 seem to be very popular so all of the parts at Derya are going into the production of guns ($$$). The sale of parts and accessories ($). Nolan
  10. I stole it too, it's 98% right out of Brian Enos book. Nolan
  11. She loads her Buckmark mags with a McFadden Ultimate Clip loader. We have the MagLula for the 10/22 magazines, but it isn't really much better than just loading them by hand. The Unloader on the other hand works great. Nolan
  12. The first magazine was Wally World Winchester 1255fps 1-1/8oz 7.5 shot. The other magazines were Winchester AA (brass) 1145fps 1-1/8oz 7.5 shot. I've never shot it without the brake, so I probably should try without, and see if it's actually doing anything other than looking cool. Nolan
  13. Most of the local clubs in Northern Calunicornia let anyone who is shooting 2 guns shoot back to back. Most 2 gun shooters don't insist on painting between guns, so generally that really speeds up the match. When it's 105 in the shade, I'm happy to finish early. As far as loading mags, my wife and I both shoot, generally two guns. Rimfire Pistol and Rifle for her and most of the time same for me, but I sometimes I'll shoot Centerfire Pistol and PCC, so then it's a scramble for me to keep mags loaded because my wife hates loading 10/22 mags and doesn't have the hand strength to load the Centerfire Pistol or PCC mags, so my thumb gets a lot of exercise. Nolan
  14. Find some colored duct tape that is either a close match to your jersey or a good contrasting/complimenting color and apply a nice evenly cut/sized patch over that portion of the jersey. Replace as necessary. Bob Munden used to do this to keep cylinder gap blast from ruining his shirts. LOL!!!! I used to use white duct tape to keep the sight black from ruining my white Van Heusen dress shirts. Now I just use the white paint for steel. Nolan
  15. Generally speaking, it's the Marketing department that makes promises that the Design and Manufacturing departments can't meet. Nolan
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