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  1. If you do any fishing, insert a small piece of lightweight monofilament fishing line into the hole vertically, with the tail of the line hanging out of the hole and thread the screw into the hole, trapping the fishing line. Instant thread lock, no messy residue to clean up when you remove the screw. Insert a new piece of line when you replace the screw. Nolan
  2. I'm not sure I'm seeing a demise in this case. It just appears they have moved away from competition only guns to pursue other markets, namely the TacTimmy crowd and LEO. That certainly is a much larger market and in most cases a much less demanding market. Guns sold to the majority of that market will not be shot nearly as much as in the competition market. Nolan
  3. LOL! You do know that happened 25 years ago, right? Nolan
  4. An earlier post brought up commercial ammo in the M1 Garand, but was closed before I could post this information. There are 2 excellent, and somewhat funny videos from InRangeTV (Forgotten Weapons guys) on youtube about commercial ammo in the M1 and how to change the gas plug to an adjustable one for use with ammo other than M2 Ball. Nolan
  5. LOL! I wish I only had 10K in my Tac Optics 3 gun gear and now I'm getting the itch to try Open in 3 Gun. Nolan
  6. This! I haven't tried any of the knock-offs, but I've seen this with other types of equipment. Basically, you will be wasting the $50-75 for the cheap knock-off, that will either never work, work poorly, or only work for a very short time and then you will have to buy the more expensive chronograph you should have bought the first time. I've used several brands over the years (Shooting Chrony, CED, Pact) and had very few problems with them other than self (or friend) inflicted DOH! Now I use a Lab Radar and that pretty much eliminates the 'shooting it because the sights were off' problems. Nolan
  7. Save your money and buy a real chronograph from a reputable name brand company. Nolan
  8. LOL! The patents have expired so they are free to copy the design. Several of the companies you listed made significant enough changes to the design they would not have been required to pay royalties even before the patent expired. And before you ask, ditto for the 1911, 2011, AR15, and AK47. Nolan
  9. No I have not adopted the action shooter uniform, mostly because I don't want people thinking I'm pretending to be a professional shooter. I do consistently dress with what works for me in USPSA, 3-Gun, and Steel Challenge and have for 20+ years. Top down: A white or very light colored Dri-Fit jogging/baseball cap. A couple of years ago I finally switched to a pair of dedicated performance shooting glasses and realized I should have done it a long time ago. I wear a loose fitting white short sleeve wicking type performance type tee shirt under a long sleeved white dress shirt, usually a Van Heusen or Arrow. The long sleeved white shirt gives me good sun protection and the wicking tee shirt underneath keeps me cool even on very hot days and is replaceable nation wide in less than an hour for $12.99 at any Ross, or similar clothing store. No tighty whiteys for me, again I wear wicking performance boxer/briefs. If I'm shooting a pistol only match I generally wear a pair of Dickies loose fit Khaki work pants. If I'm shooting a 3-Gun match I wear a pair of loose fitting Khaki cargo pants for the side pockets. A pair of cotton high top tube socks and a pairof gray or black Solomon Speed Cross shoes. If I'm feeling especially sporty I will occasionally wear a bowtie, just for a little added color. Nolan
  10. How much does it let the buffer tube move back in recoil? Does the movement cause any loss of alignment with the sight and your eye? Nolan
  11. Contact Guncat in the posts above. Nolan
  12. Your link seems to be spam. Not this kind, the other kind. Nolan
  13. When properly set up, most guns are relatively insensitive to magazine tolerances, ie. feed lips, springs and followers. If every mag you're putting in the gun exhibits the same failures, it's not the magazines. Have you tried the same magazines in another gun? If possible try them with your ammo. If they run in different guns, the problem is with your gun. I would suspect, in order of likely hood: The ejector is too long or too low The edge of the breachface is too sharp, and is dragging the second round forward The magazine catch is holding the magazine too high The feed ramp is too far back or too low The extractor is too tight or has a sharp edge that digs into the case Nolan
  14. No, you will not need to re-lube. Follow the instructions that come with the die to set the M die to just slightly flare the case mouth. Nolan
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