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  1. How are you overlapping the inner belt in relation to the outer belt? ie. inner belt overlaps in the front and outer belt overlaps in the rear. If so try moving the inner belt overlap 90 degrees to one side or the other. Nolan
  2. https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-dumpster-divers-selling-trash-wsj-report-2019-12 Nolan
  3. I'd worry more about him getting whiplash from all the threat scanning after the shooting. Nolan
  4. I lined the inside of the handguard with two layers of aluminum foil duct tape because I didn't like getting hit in the face with all of the excess gas. I just cut a long piece of tape to a slightly longer than handguard length, peeled the backing paper off and slid it into the handguard without touching anything until both ends were sticking out of the handguard, then carefully stuck it into place. I used a long round bristle brush shoved through the handguard to make sure the tape was firmly stuck. I repeated with two more pieces of tape, overlapping by about 1/3 width of the tape. Then repeated for a second layer. When I had all the tape in place, I trimmed the ends with an X-Acto knife to clear the handguard nut and receiver. No more gas in the face. I also put the ATI heat wrap around the outside. It has held up well for about 400 rounds of everything from heavy buckshot and slugs to light 1 oz birdshot. Nolan
  5. Save your money, the PC version isn't worth the extra cost. It has a 'slightly' tighter chamber and slightly different furniture. I couldn't tell the difference between the triggers on the ones I've shot. The Umarex/Walther/Hammerli TAC R1 .22 AR is not a true AR, almost no parts interchange. There are a whole series of these look-alike rifles constructed like an airsoft rifle, with an aluminum body that looks like a AR/UZI/Sig/HK/M16/M4/whatever, with a Zamac pot metal cartridge inside that contains the trigger, and bolt. The small diameter steel barrel fits inside the look-alike barrel and is tensioned by the flash hider. They were originally made to be sold in countries that don't allow military weapons or guns that contain military weapon parts. Nolan
  6. Supposedly the RPR is based off the Ruger American bolt, so you might try a guide for the 6.5 Creedmore American? Nolan
  7. Really Yodelling? I read more than just the first line.....I read all of the posts? Did you? Nolan
  8. The only thing I've found is if you run your rifle with adjustable gas turned way down, it may be necessary to turn the gas adjustment up one or two clicks for it to be reliable in cold weather. Well, as cold as it gets here in CommieUnicornia. 52 degrees today, BRRRRRRR. Nolan
  9. Doesn't sound to me like he said to run the rifle overgassed? Nolan
  10. DOH! I won one of the Hogue heated toilet seats at one of the West Coast Steel Championship matches years ago. They are great! Super comfy and pretty durable, mine is still going strong. Nolan
  11. I did the same thing, just mounted the bucket to the tumbler with the bowl in place. I used a momentary foot pedal that the tumbler just plugs into. https://www.amazon.com/HFT-96619-Momentary-Power-Switch/dp/B004LJ6KUK/ref=sr_1_16?keywords=ac+cord+momentary+foot+pedal&qid=1576114150&s=hi&sr=1-16 Nolan
  12. LOL! Say that after you're able to shoot a 32 round field course in under 11 seconds. Nolan
  13. I think when the hammer goes all the way back, the booster spring mechanism goes over-center and with the heavier springs (lighter trigger pull) the hammer then hits the disconnector & spring harder. With the lighter springs, the booster spring mechanism isn't pulled over-center as hard and so doesn't hit the disconnector as hard. I've been experimenting with a piece of butyl rubber inside the disconnector spring similar to the piece of rubber in an AR extractor spring. So far (800 rounds) the disconnector spring looks like new. Too soon to tell, but generally by now the spring would have been slightly deformed. Nolan
  14. Thanks! I've never had a problem with the original latch either. Nolan
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