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  1. I watched the video. Right at the start and in some later close-ups, there is way more tool head flex than the my old 1050's. I don't have a Super 1050 to compare to, but it looks like a lot of flex and they even talk about how important it is to have a blank die installed in any unused positions to counteract the flex. Nolan
  2. I would disagree with you about drag racing being a participation sport. Have you been an NHRA competitor? I've helped wrench a couple of my friends cars and motorcycle. One to a division championship. I guarantee you, it is a tooth and nail competition, even for the unsponsored, two car home garage effort of my friends. Nolan
  3. This! My rifle was dropped from about waist high onto concrete directly onto the elevation scope cap. Even though I had a Scope Coat on my Vortex Razor scope, it made the most sickening aluminum pipe dropped on the floor sound. The elevation cap had a good sized ding in the top and knurled edge, but unscrewed and the elevation knob inside appeared OKAY. I shot the rest of the match with no problems and when I had a chance to check the zero on a 200 yard range it hadn't changed. The scope was mounted in a Warne one piece mount. Nolan
  4. My wife and I have an agreement: When she cooks, she washes the dishes. When I cook, she washes the dishes. When her laundry needs washing, she does the laundry. When my laundry needs washing including my stinky socks, she does the laundry. When her laundry is done and needs ironing, she does the ironing. When my laundry is done and needs ironing, she does the ironing. When my guns are dirty, I clean them. When her guns are dirty, I clean them. When I need or want a new gun, I buy or build one. When she needs or wants a new gun, I buy or build one. When I'm out of ammo, I load more ammo. When she's out of ammo, I load more ammo. Etc... This has worked very well for us, give it a try. Nolan
  5. I think some of the CO growth is because it is something new. After a couple decades of competing with pistols almost exclusively, I was pretty burnt out and started shooting 3 Gun, then started shooting PCC. Now I'm starting to miss shooting pistol matches and may try CO, but I may just go shoot my Open and Limited guns again, if I can remember where my old belt and other gear is. Nolan
  6. Odd how well having lots of divisions works so well in NHRA drag racing? Although they call them classes (over 200) and (15) eliminators. Same with many other motorsports. Nolan
  7. It's so bad here in Commifornia I may have to go back to reloading shotshells.....shudder. I've still got a couple MEC presses somewhere, and components, but damn I HATE reloading shotshells. Nolan
  8. Not a judgement, BUT.....when someone offers the advice that you asked for, it doesn't hurt to say "Thank You!" even if it is something you already know. You didn't post anything about having identified and fixed the problem until after you got your tighty whiteys in a bunch after someone offered sound advice. Nolan
  9. I agree to dis-agree! I've taught many women and kids to shoot and have found the best progression to start with a red dot. Trying to teach a beginner to line up 4 things, (eye, rear sight, front sight, target) while keeping the correct part in focus on the right part of the target AND learning grip, and trigger control at the same time, is not as easy as it sounds. You are correct, it is MUCH harder to start, but it is MUCH easer to learn iron sights after they have learned all the other stuff like stance, grip, trigger control, etc... Also with kids, near instant success at putting bullets on target gets a very positive reaction. Nolan
  10. I think he got tired of all the guys who don't shoot Steel Challenge telling him how Steel Challenge had to change to make it better. Nolan
  11. Norma makes 9mm Makarov which is larger diameter than 9mm Luger, case mouth diameter of 9.91mm (.39") vs 9.65mm (.38) and base diameter of 9.95mm (.392") vs 9.93mm (.391"). Measure the length, Mak is 18mm (.709"). I have no idea how loose a Mak chamber is, but it's probably pretty loose so the case mouth diameter would probably be even larger than 9.91mm. Nolan
  12. Typically a Glock's extractor will hold the rim of the 9mm round enough to actually fire the round, but no recoil to cycle the slide. I've seen this at the range when a wise acre handed his buddy a magazine loaded with 9mm for his Glock "40", much hilarity ensued. I still have one of the empties. Nolan
  13. The Steel Challenge had a board of directors before USPSA bought it, of course it was a board of 2. Mike Dalton and Mike Fichman. I second Moto's question: "what problems are you trying to solve?" I shoot both USPSA and SCSA and voted "NO." I think SCSA is doing just fine. Nolan
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