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  1. Awesome. I just put the book in my reading list. About 15 years ago I got the chance to ride in a WWII Beechcraft Model 18 AT-11 Kansan twin engine bomber that was built in Wichita, Kansas while my Grandmother was a 'Rosie the Riveter' at Beechcraft. I have no idea whether my Grandmother worked on that particular plane, but it was definitely a possibility. We got to do a fly-by of the Oakland airport control tower and a couple of practice bombing runs on ships in the Bay. Those were some brave men who flew that era of bombers into combat. Nolan
  2. No DQ, just no start because 8.2.2 they are not in the correct starting position and if the RO lets them start after moving the chair, it's a reshoot. Nolan
  3. Not really. USPSA originally had it's roots in real life practical shooting, and in real life targets move at unknown speeds at unknown distances. Deal with it. Moving targets change speed for a multitude of reasons, wind, lubrication, wear, heat, cold, etc... Judging target speed and distance is a skill, get better at it. Nolan
  4. Somebody mentioned Phil Strader in an earlier post. I think you really need to have a long talk with Phil, last I heard he was still working for Sig Sauer. Phil started a series of big matches called the Pro-Am. The first couple of years the matches were big, great prize tables and well organized. Then they tapered off. You really also need to talk to Mike Foley. Mike has a lot of industry and marketing experience. You are making a lot of assumptions about USPSA without really having any knowledge of just how the Org actually operates. Have a conversation with both Phil and Mike and for a change, listen to what they have to say rather than start off by telling them what they are doing wrong in your very limited experience. Nolan
  5. LOL! How many times did he do the "picking his nose" routine? Merle is always fun to shoot with, but don't ever ask him if he's a touch typist! Nolan
  6. Love the Socks! Nolan
  7. Just curious as to how many major matches you've built, done the prize table for, and run? If you're only waiting for an invitation to start doing all of the above for Nationals consider this an invitation. Nolan
  8. Thanks! That camera has good audio for shooting, so many of the cameras over-clip the audio making the sound muddy.. The exposure adjustment from dark to light isn't as fast as the more expensive cameras, but the image quality is more than adequate. I think I'll pick one up. I've been using a Sony AZR-1 which I like, but it's not as easy to turn on and I've missed more than a couple of stages because of that. Nolan
  9. I've been in the sport for 30+ years and have been fortunate to have shot many, many major matches, and countless local matches. I've been fortunate enough to squad with many Eno's sphere posters, with World Champions and with complete newbies at majors and locals. I've shot on squads that were "We've got that band back together!" and squads where I didn't know a soul. There have been squads with many shenanigans (whoopie cushions, I kid you not!, trash talking between friends and enemies, embarrassing wagers, Astro-Glide sample packets, tampons, you name it) and squads where you thought open heart surgery was being performed. Though it all, my main take away has been, just like in life outside the range, peoples behavior and reactions to me are a mirror of my attitude and expectations. Nolan
  10. I think they've already attained orbital velocity! Nolan
  11. Truer words!!! And if you really want a reality check, enter a local match early and pick an empty squad, then see how fast it fills up. Nolan
  12. Yes, but if the diode dies, you can replace it yourself. A new one is $49 and you have to re-zero most of the time. The biggest failure I've had was the housing splitting at the windage lock screw. Then the windage would wander. I did a quick & dirty short term fix with some epoxy, then sent it back to C-More for a rebuild 4 or 5 years later. They fixed it for free, I just had to pay for the shipping. I can't remember if it was Dave Re or Shred who posted about fixing the wandering windage. Nolan
  13. It works the same as the previous generation 1301's, you just pull up on the front of the release instead of pushing down on the back. Confuses the heck out of RO's trying to unload the shotgun though. I may switch back to the old release. I've never had the dread "bump the release, get 2 shells jammed into the receiver" jam. Nolan
  14. On the Tactical like the new 1301 Comp Pro, you have to pull up the front of the Bolt Release. There is no 'back' of the Bolt Release anymore. Nolan
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