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  1. I'm in the bay area too, have been a regular here since <cough nevermind>. Which club did you join?
  2. Hi <3 Looks like I'll be going to Richmond Hot Shots match this Saturday. First time back, since... oh I dunno, maybe 2011? QUICK, tell me what's changed - LOL!
  3. As of Friday March 25, 2011 - I am officially unemployed, again. This is the 7th time in my career! AEROSPACE SUX AZZ!
  4. You can see "real" pictures of the happy couple here: http://picasaweb.google.com/Shooter.Grrl/S...LizzieAnderson# Yup - I was there
  5. I always thought that was cool, but now that I've bought one - there ain't no way I'd put that many miles on it to get it home
  6. This car will not be going to the range - but the bags do fit
  7. Thanks to GM Employee Pricing for everyone we are now the "proud parents" of a smoking hot 2008 Corvette Z06 z06.bmp
  8. I WANNA GO.... Y'all be sure to have a few cold ones in my "memory"!
  9. Buy the open gun. Buy the open gun. Buy the open gun. My rat bastard husband made me shoot iron sights for almost 10 years - I damn near killed him when he gave me an open gun for torturing me for so long!
  10. I found a new love - it's called Lava cake!!!!
  11. Shooter Grrl


    SHAMELESS FAMILY PLUG Be sure to use Vegas Weddings if you do get married in Vegas. RB's sister runs the place - tell her we sent ya
  12. Lots has changed in 2.5 weeks Dale - Fomeister declined the Deputy job - I TOLD YOU to do it for a reason As for the state match - there's a Kentucky State Match May 30 & 31 ya know - get your fix there!
  13. Mr Shooter Grrl wants me to point out that it's his birthday, not Dan's He doesn't like being just an other guy!
  14. Records schmecords! The Littmans are on the move again June 4 2008 I pack up my cats in the Cadillac and head BACK TO LALA LAND!!! Yes folks, I've been tempted by the weather and am moving to Southern California. The absolute bestest part though is that the new jobs involve ZERO TRAVEL. No more will I have to answer as to the wherabouts of the RB husband! See y'all at a match soon.
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