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  1. I've always wished I knew just the right thing in this situation! In this case, let me just be heartfelt - Debi was one helluva woman and she is going to be greatly missed. John - my prayers are with you - this is just so devastating!
  2. Kat - you've paid me the highest compliment. I can only THANK YOU!!! - You are a tremendous asset to this forum. I appreciate everything you've done to help me shooting (which is more than you know!!)

  3. Shooter Grrl


    I have a HUGE problem with trust and confidence. Jack - you've helped me more with this diary than any other teacher I've ever had. THANK YOU
  4. You did tape it! I got witnesses man, I got witnesses!
  5. OH.MY.GAWD - You guys, Anderson BURNED this baby up yesterday! String 1 was 2.87 and String 2 was 2.74. That's 10 shots with a reload in under 3 secs. I wish y'all could have seen it. Unfortunately, we think he hit one of the truly perfect doubles, but without even a glimmer of a second crease, he got a miss. Still, his HF was 13 something!
  6. Alright youse guys - I set up a password protected directory for you to store your videos. You'll need your own transfer software and you'll need to know how to set it up (they vary greatly). Once you've made it that far, pm me for the site name and password.
  7. That's exactly why we're building ours in the basement and the next thing to get done is the bathroom
  8. f*ck you jones - don't even jinx me like that. Thankfully, they haven't come up with enough money yet to tempt him, but they are trying dammit!
  9. Hi Kevin! We are not going to fortify the walls... we have to keep resale value in the back of our brains - IF we leave this house, then we'll need to sell that space as a bedroom. Megan was worried about changing her wedding date - I just laughed at her. Y'all shoulda seen our list of "must haves" in the house we bought here. Not only was location on the top of the list (as in proximity to ranges), but so was an unfinished basement that we could build with a full walk out and easy access to the street. My poor agent had no idea why we were so set on that We have big plans for the rest of the basement too... eventually it will have a home theater, bar and full bathroom along with a HUGE party room!
  10. We're getting close to that (well in our dreams anyways!) We're out of money now, so it'll be a little while before we get the sheet rock up, but the wiring is done - lots of power in that room!
  11. Luca sent me the file, and I can't open it, so I've got no further ideas on this one guys
  12. Luca is sending me the file, once I get it I can whip us out a usable file. I was going to contact the company that makes the nats pins to see how much a nice plastic tag costs.
  13. I tried everything I have and can not get a good clean copy of the image. Sky - can you send me the original .psp file?
  14. You GUYS may not have to worry about this... but do you have any idea how difficult it is to hold a red dot steady while giggling! It's a whole new set of skills to practice
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