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  1. I would, but the hole in the end isn't big enough!
  2. That's it! The next convention that comes to Indy, BigDave and I are going. He's going to be Spock, and I, of course, will be James T. Kirk. It will be ... GLORIOUS!
  3. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. The idea of a bolt-rifle equivalent of sporting clays is very appealing. Sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon relaxing! Good luck!
  4. I hate the click! The click is not my friend. I've been hearing it lately when shooting my 9mm with .38 super mags ... I run dry, but it does not lock back ... then the dreaded "Click!"
  5. Envy! I have low-power variable scope envy!
  6. I'm sorry if I offended you Rhino, I won't post in this thread anymore...I could be that you dislike the European input, so I'm thinking of resigning this forum. Intent and written messages sometimes differ... CU all, maybe sometimes. 1K not for me, it's not so humorous..anyways. Henny!! You didn't offend me. Why do you think you offended me? Dude ... my loss of enthusiasm has absolutely nothing to do with what you write. I think you're k00l! Please stay!
  7. I hope everyone is sitting down and nobody has any cardiac problems ... if you do, skip this message. I sort of cleaned two ARs and an 1100 today. The ARs have had at least a couple of thousand rounds through them together since the last time I cleaned the bolt/carrier group. The 1100 ... it's the second time I've done a spray'n'wipe on it since I've owned it. I brushed the hell out of the AR chambers, ran a bore snake through three times, wiped out the goop I could see with a paper towel, dismantled the bolt carriers and scraped/wiped the bolt, wiped the firing pin, and the rest of the carrier and parts, then relubed with FP-10 and put 'em back together. With the 1100, I sprayed a LOT of BreakFree CLP pretty much everwhere I could see crud. Worked the bolt a few dozen times, wiping excess crud as necessary, ran a bore snake through a few times, and sprayed more CLP into the little holes I had drilled in the fore end. Three gun match tomorrow. I hope they still work after all of that abuse!
  8. Envy! I have STI envy! I still believe that the Tojan is the best value for a factory single stack 1911 on the market.
  9. I really like the "retro" look of all of their technology. Almost everything is analog! It's a very clever touch, fits in well with Earth people being the lost tribe of humans, and is a nice homage to the original Star Trek!
  10. They are not the same character. James West wouldn't get kicked out of bed for eating crackers. Kirk wouldn't make it through the front gate. I believe you are basing your opinion on the actors who played the roles. The characters themselves are the same!
  11. Please, please, please tell me that Nemo did not list one of the Williams "sisters," with the implication that she is 1) actually female, and 2) attractive.
  12. I'm losing my taste for this, actually.
  13. I think it's moronic to be on a shooting range (especially by yourself), without an immediately accessible loaded weapon.
  14. That is inspired. It makes me want to do a Stargate: SG-1 Elvis. And a Star Trek Elvis. And ...
  15. rhino

    45ACP Edge

    Unless it's going to be a carry gun too, I think you'd be a lot happier with a .40. There's no point in putting that much $$$ into a gun for playing games, then handicap yourself with more muzzle flip and slower cycling slide.
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